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Are you an Introverted and/or HSP Coach, Consultant, or Trainer looking to leverage your work online to Increase your Impact with Less Energy Drain? Do you have an established business with raving ... more

1 @ $4,000.00 / Package

Necklace 8 strand  $100 Necklace Mother of Pearl 140.00 ... more


Search Engine Optimization Search engine optimization (SEO) is the practice of making your website ready to be indexed by Google, Bing, Yahoo, and others, as well as improving the visibility and ... more


Wine slushes
Hudson, WI
Are you looking for a fun drink, something to serve at a party, or a fun gift? How about a wine slushie drink mix? Just add a bottle of wine and water, and freeze. You will have a delicious wine slush ... more

1 @ $12.00 / each

Advertise in Sales & Marketing Management magazine - in print or online - using 100% ITEX Sales & Marketing Management (SMM) is a leading media brand reaching senior management in sales ... more

many @ $2,800.00 : link to specifications pageManufacturer: Pitney Bowes/Secap Model FD 40This current up-to-date product will greatly increase folding productivity and ... more

1 @ $1,900.00 / all

1225 Automatic Electronic Mail Opener   Mail opener for incoming mail, automatically opening 125 envelopes a minute with unmatched precision The 1225 is fast and accurate. It automatically fee ... more

1 @ $595.00 / ea

Neopost Mailing Solutions IJ-80 Digital Mailing System Powerful mailing performance and modular efficiency   Increase mail center output and keep costs in check with the high performance Neo ... more

1 @ Varies per all

Bell & Howell Phillipsburg Four Station Inserter Model, Phillipsburg PF-1722 Folder IN   please visit the website for more info ... more

1 @ $5,500.00 / all

Pitney Bowes U570 Mailing Machine PM ... more

1 @ $1,495.00 / all

 70 pound capacity counting scale; designed for counting business cards, envelopes, all kinds of paper stocks, all kinds of items.   $725 ITEX  $25 shipping ... more

1 @ $725.00

This is a popular tabber to apply a circular sticker called a “tab” to close open mail pieces.It is easy to use by any employee.New price is $4850.Reconditioned price is $2850. ... more

1 @ $2,850.00

 Baum Model 714 Production Folder.Folds paper from minimum size of 3 x 5 inches up to 14 x 22 inches.Considered a production folder without the size of a floor model production folder.$2200 ITEX ... more

1 @ $2,200.00

Automatic Paper Folders
These are two automatic paper folders for sale.They are for sale at approximately one-third of new prices with new waranties of 90 days labor and one year parts. The Pitney Bowes Model 1861-1863 is $ ... more

2 @ $1,295.00 / ea

30# Paper Counting Scale
This is a Paper counting scale. It is available in 30 # capacity (equivalent to 6 reams of 20# paper or 3000 sheets) Count business cards, mail pieces, paper, envelopes, labels all kinds of paper. Eas ... more

4 @ $795.00 / ea

Beautiful hand knitted multi-colored circular scarf and leg warmers.   Keep warm this winter with these. ... more

1 @ $24.95 / set

13 Pair Earrings
13 pairs of earrings.  Various colors, designs. ... more

1 @ $19.95 / package

Beautiful hand knitted red hat with red, white, and blue ruffle.  Knit gloves with matching ruffles.  Great set for a gift.  One size fits most. ... more

1 @ $14.95 / set

Headband & Gloves
Black knit gloves with black/gray/silver ruffle; two matching headbands that keep ears warm. ... more

1 @ $9.95 / set

Beautiful hand knitted scarf and hat set in turquoise, blue, and green tones.   Makes a great gift.  One size fits most. ... more

1 @ $19.95 / set

Blue Scarf & Hat
Beautiful hand knitted scarf and matching hat in blue tones.   Great for a gift.  One size fits most. ... more

1 @ $19.95 / set

Beautiful and knitted scarf and matching boot toppers.  This set is a thicker yarn, great for the cold weather.  One size fits most. ... more

1 @ $24.95 / set

Pink Scarf and Hat
Beautiful hand knitted scarf and hat in pink tones.  One size fits most.  Great for a gift. ... more

1 @ $19.95 / set

Hand knitted blue and brown circular scarf and leg warmers.  One size fits most. ... more

1 @ $16.95 / set

Multi Colored Legwarmers
Beautiful multicolored leg warmers.  This pair fits the girl/woman with a larger calf. ... more

1 @ $7.95 / pair

Beautiful hand knitted poncho in beige, tan, taupe tones.  Fits the small to average woman. ... more

1 @ $39.95 / each

Hat, Gloves, Boot Toppers
Beautiful white hand knitted hat with red, white, and blue ruffle.  Matching white knit gloves with matching ruffle.  Matching boot toppers.  One size fits most.   Beautiful g ... more

1 @ $24.95 / set

Beautiful light purple (purple/lavender) white, gray hand knitted poncho.  Comes to a longer point on one side; arms are kept free.   Great worm over a long-sleeve tee.    ... more

1 @ $34.95 / each

Beautiful hand knit red, white, and blue hat with ruffle.    Fits most women.  Makes a great gift.  Beautiful worm with white, red, or blue. ... more

1 @ $19.95 / each

Beautiful burgundy hand knitted hat with ruffle, and matching boot toppers with ruffle.  One size fits most. ... more

1 @ $29.95 / set

Twist jewelry sets include necklace, bracelet and ring.   Just twist o close.  Can be twisted into various designs.   Twist bracelet or necklace to tie, make a horseshoe ... more

1 @ $34.95 / package

Beautiful hand knitted scarf and leg warmer set in blue tones.  Makes a great gift. One size fits most. ... more

1 @ $19.95 / set

Beautiful hand knitted scarf, hat, and boot topper set.  Makes a great gift.  One size fits most. ... more

1 @ $24.95 / set

Pink Scarf and Hat Set
Beautiful hand knitted scarf and hat set in pink tones.  Makes a great gift.  One size fits most. ... more

1 @ $19.95 / set

Beautiful hand knitted poncho in blue, gray, white, comes to a point on one side.   One size fits most. ... more

1 @ $34.95 / each

Twist Jewelry.   15 necklace and bracelet sets.  Just twist to close. Twist bracelet to tie, make a horseshoe lop. or use to tie hair back. Just twist, and the jewelry stays closed, a ... more

1 @ $29.95

Beautiful hand knitted scarf and hat in blue, brown, and yellow tones.   Makes a great gift.  One size fits most. ... more

2 @ $19.95 / set

Beautiful hand knitted blue and gray lace-like shawl.   FIts  small - average woman. ... more

1 @ $24.95 / each

Beautiful hand knitted blue, brown tweed-like scarf and hat.   One size fits most older children and adults. ... more

1 @ $19.95 / set

3 Fringed Shawls
3 Fringed Hand Knitted Shawls.  One is cream colored, one burgundy, and one teal/burgundy/brown.   Beautiful over a spaghetti strap top or dress, but can be worn over other garments as ... more

1 @ $29.95 / set

Dayspring Window Cleaning
Golden Valley, MN
Dayspring Window Cleaning serves the entire Minneapolis and St. Paul, MN metro area. Our experienced team of skilled professionals provides expert window cleaning of homes and businesses. Dayspring Wi ... more


Brave New Workshop Theater
Come join us as we return home to our historic theater at 2605 Hennepin Ave. S in Uptown Mpls! Our current production is "We moved our cheese! (and everything else...or, Hindsight is 2605 Hennepin!)" ... more

unlimited @ $15-22

We install Security Alarm Systems 100% ITEX and locally monitored from Minneapolis, MN. We are looking for trade. We also sell and install closed circuit television systems. ... more


100% Natural Turquoise
Minneapolis, MN
Natural High Quality Gem Turquoise Natural Gem QualityTurquoise was one of the very first gemstones founded by mankind over 7,500 years ago. Less than 1% of all Real Turquoise found today is ... more

1 @ $150.00 / 1/4 pound

Business Attorney with 29 years experience can help you with Business Commercial Collections, Contracts and other legal issues.Call or email for consultation.Flat fee or hourly available on ITEX ... more


Business Attorney
Eden Prairie, MN
Can you use the advice and advocacy of a Business Attorney with 33 years of experience? I can help you with : Commercial Collections Business Disputes & Litigation Contracts Non-Competes Business ... more


Business Legal Services
Eden Prairie, MN
ITEX Member with 28 years experience helping Business Owners with contracts, commercial collections, litigation, deals and buying/selling businesses. Call for free telephone consultation today. David ... more


Call or email for business advice or help with collection of commerical accounts. 26 years experience. 10 Years ITEX member. David Anderson 952.200.2460 ... more

Varies per service

Business Attorney
Business Attorney with 23 years experience.I will help you collect commercial accounts receivable, write contracts in YOUR legal interest, assist with business disputes, employment law issues. ... more


Commercial Collections
Business Attorney w/ 23 years experience will help you get paid on outstanding Accounts Receivable or commercial claims. Call or e-mail today for fast action. ... more


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