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Sales Foundations
Grand Rapids, MI
Are your Sales Strategies Working Against You? Growing sales can be a challenging undertaking, especially in todays global market with highly self educated buyers.  Whether you are charged ... more

1 @ $1,900.00

If a Salesperon or Business Owner doesn't have their own selling system, they will likely get pulled into the Buyer's system.  What does that mean?  Usually it means the Salesperson or Busin ... more

1 @ $29.00 / 1 General Admission

Double-sided adhesive/tape ‘rectangles’… Extremely aggressive adhesive. 3 5/8” x 2”…about the size of a standard business card—and only 1/32” thick. Thousands of commercial and residential uses. ... more

Many @ Varies

Indoor Restroom Advertising Uview Media’s “Restroom Advertising” is an Edgy, Captivating, Modern Medium that is Effective & Affordable. We Have Advertising Packages for both large and small bus ... more

Many @ Varies

Ear Buds
Premium Classic White Stereo Ear Buds with a 40 Inch Cord. They can be used with cell phones, tablets, MP3 players, laptops, etc. They have a 3.5 mm jack. $9.00 ITEX Each ... more

50 @ $9.00 / each