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Eugene Schwartz Rare Ad Copywriting Collection

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Date posted: 16-Sep-2017



Eugene Schwartz Rare Ad Collection

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Listen to this full 90 minute Eugene Schwartz speech, study and modify his print ads, learn from the other copywriting masters and you'll gain an understanding about the one of the most powerful money making secret known to man.



Eugene Schwartz Rare Ad Collection Detailed Product Descriptions Below:

You'll have and be able to immediately download all these Eugene Schwartz Ads Below . . .

1. Eugene Schwartz Copywriting Seminar Audio mp3 files

On October 8th, 1993, Eugene Schwartz gave a 90 minute seminar for the direct mail giant Philips publishing.

In this talk, Eugene revealed his best kept secrets of writing - secrets he used to produce the most powerful copy the world has ever seen - time after time he smashed controls.

Maybe Eugene knew he wouldn't be around too much longer or maybe he was feeling outrageously generous. But in just 90 minutes he revealed more trade secrets than most writers will ever learn in a lifetime including...

* How the simple secret revealed by a horse thief can help you power up your marketing and writing...

* The small, cheap everyday device Eugene Schwartz carried with him everywhere and would never be without. Understanding how to use this device in YOUR business and your writing can explode your profits...

* What you MUST do for two hours every week if you want to multiply your response from every sales letter and marketing promotion. If you don't do this you WILL crash and burn...

* Eugene's 8 rules of writing blockbusting copy. This is the FIRST time he ever revealed his secret, control-busting writing rules to the public...

* Why you should never be creative with copy and what you should do instead...

* The "chimpanzee" secret of writing killer copy...

* How you can use other people's ideas, conversations and language to create powerful copy that pulls in hundreds of thousands of dollars in sales...

* Why relying on your own creativity can kill your copy and the secret to getting more real hand-to-your-wallet selling ideas than you could ever use...

* Listening to this seminar you'll be joining the writing "giants" who've studied Eugene Schwartz and achieved astonishing results.

And finally you'll discover...

* Why producing "ugly" layouts in your copy can increase your sales by 20% to 30% and Eugene's secrets to designing an "ugly" layout that sells...

* Two powers you can use to get your prospects to read your ad and to prove the claims in your ad are true...

* Why if you want to be a GREAT writer you need to to aim for MASSIVE success with your ads...

* The almost hypnotic method you can use to let your prospects experience an "instant benefit" from your product while they're still reading the ad. Giving this "instant benefit" to your prospects will make them eager to pay you real cash to buy it..

2) Eugene Schwartz Swipe Files of Eugene Schwartz's Ads in PDF format.

* How to Avoid Lawyers
* Wonder Sprayer For Farm and Home
* The British Miracle That Creates SUPER PLANTS in the Garden!
* You Can Lose 20, 40, 80 EVEN 100 pounds and never gain an ounce of it back
* Has this man developed the power to control his own destiny?
* Builds You A Memory In 4 Short Weeks That is Beyond Your Wildest Dreams
* At Last! A Plastic Surgeon's Diet!
* How to Make Up to 13 1/2 % or More on Your Savings -- All Fully Insured
* Turns up your "Digestive Furnace" and burns flab right off your body!
* World's First Spot-Reducing Diet!
* I found a crazy, lazy way to reduce!
* World's Easiest Yoga
* How To Buy Money...Cheap!
* Secrets of Eastern Super-Men Revealed To West At Last!
* At Last! Instant Relaxation!
* How to Stay Young Till 90
* She Sells Youth!
* Don't Pay A Penny Till This Course Turns Your Mind Into A Metal Magnet
* Throw Away Your Pillow
* The Seven Deadliest Crimes Against Yourself
* How To Stroke Wrinkles Right Out Of Your Face!
* The Springtime Of A Woman's Life Should Begin At 55
* "Miracle Fat-Burning Foods"
* Your Nerves Can Cure Themselves
* Take Food, Not Medicine, If You Suffer from Any One of These Ills!
* Why Models Stay Young Till Sixty!
* Begin Your "Middle Years" at 70, 80, Even 90!
* Don't Pay 1 Cent More For Gas this Year Than You Did Last!
* Now! Turn Your Mind Into A Mental Magnet
* Turn Yourself Into A Learning Machine
* How To Turn Your Child Into A Classroom Wizard
* Your Body Is Twice As Young As You Think!
* How To Live To Be A Hundred!
* At Last! Natural Face Lifting By Exercise!
* Learn How to Rinse Away Your Blackheads!
* Use Your Newspaper to Boost Your Child's Grades
* Break All the Rules, and Win a 35-Year-Old Body at 50-60-70- and Beyond!
* How To Eat Your Way Out Of Fatigue!
* World's First Effortless Exerciser!
* How to Defend Yourself Against the HUMAN PARASITES Who Want to Rule Your Life!
* Food Is Your Best Medicine
* Now! Stretch Your Way To A Beautiful Body in exactly TWO utterly delicious minutes a day!
* If You're Over Thirty -- This Is The Best Exercise You Can Do For Your Face, Your Body And Your Heart
* You Will Lose Up To 100 Pounds Per Year and Never Gain an Ounce of it Back!
* Is it true the amazing secret of TELECULT POWER Automatically Brings You Anything You Desire...
* Are The Foods You Are Eating Today Starving Your Brain?
* 37 ingenious Spare-Time Businesses that require almost no investment, and net you up to $200 Extra Income Every Week!
* "I lost 85 lbs. of ugly fat in only 2 short months!"
* Don't Pay A Penny Till This Course Turns Your Mind Into A Human Computer!
* 'You Can Get Almost Immediate Relief from Aches and Pains All Over the Body!'
* Doctors in Sweden say there IS a Cure for Arthritis
* You Are Twice As Smart As You Think!
* Any one of these "smart-money secrets" may make you $20,000, $50,000, even $100,000 this year alone
* I'll Make You A Mental Wizard In One Evening!
* Now! Automatic Learning With: "The Information Machine"
* Now! Run Your Car Without Spark Plugs!
* Fantastic New $5 Rose Never Seen Before
* Now -- Run Your Car Without Spark Plus -- Get Up to 31 More Horse-Power, 8 more Miles per Gallon Using Only Regular Gas
* "You May Suffer From This SECRET SICKNESS That Makes Millions Of People Weak And Weary All Their Lives."
* An Automatic Income for Life of $20,000...$50,000...$100,000 a Year...Without Working...from a Business That Runs Itself!
* Every cell of your face has a "clock" in it! Here's how to wind those clocks backwards!
* Are You Ready To Use SELF-HYPNOTISM To Make Life Give YOU What You Want!
* You Can Manage Almost All The Most But The Most Grievous Illnesses Entirely By Yourself
* INSTANT LEARNING...Courses That Turn Your Cassette Tape Recorder Into An Automatic Learning Machine!
* Now! The World's Greatest Minds Force-Feed Their Knowledge Into Your Brain -- Automatically!
* You can make your face look as though time was running backwards!
* New Inflatable Air Shorts (tm) provide pneumatic support plus massage to help you slenderize where you need it most!
* Builds You A Memory In 4 Short Weeks So Powerful It Is Beyond Your Wildest Dreams Today!

Your collection of rare Eugene Schwartz Ads will be delivered to you in a downloadable file containing all 68 ads in PDF format. You'll be able download each ad to study and to zoom in with the ability to read each word.

You'll use these ads to generate breakthrough ideas for your own advertising.

3) Rare Bonus Ad Swipe Files

A collection of Mell Martin Ads. Mell was the copywriter no one knew about that Boardroom used to help explode their newsletter subscription. This is the same Boardroom founded by Marty Edelson that Eugene Schwartz helped launch when he wrote a sales letter that helped the company reach 50 million in sales per year..

* What Airlines Won't Tell You
* Free For Readers of the New York Times
* Free Know It All...Now you can be an expert on everything
* What the IRS Doesn't Tell You
* Free! How I turned a simple idea into a $100 million business...
* The Real Dope...Free
* The Secrets of Great Business in Bad Times

This is a zip file containing 7 PDF files of display ads created by Mell Martin.

Rare collection of Ads from the late Bud Weckesser, the founder of Green Tree Press, a very famous direct mail firm originating from the 1970s. Bud was a true pioneer in the mail order business. He is no longer living but his great ads live on. And you'll tap into three of this best winning ads.

* If you're creative, here's a "money hobby" that might make you rich
* Almost Everyone Has a $10,000 Idea. Here's How To Make It Pay
* How To Make Your Co0mputer As Easy To Use As Your Telephone

This is a zip file containing 3 PDF files of the display ads by Bud Weckesser.

A rare collection of Ads from the Ben Suarez. Ben is the Author of 7 Steps to Freedom - How To Get Out Of The American Rat Race. Ben was and is still an incredible copywriter. He was a student of Gary Halbert and has sold Millions and Millions worth of products from his ads. Ben's expertise was selling product using space ads in Newspaper. You simply cannot find a collection this complete anywhere.

* How Your Horoscope Can Bring You Wealth, Love, Success and Happiness
* Ohio Man Discovers The Secret of How to Escape The American Rat Race
* Housewife in Ohio Accidentally Invents a Bread That Miraculously Stops Your Appetite and Hunger
* The Secret Of Having Good Luck
* The Machine That Peels Off Pounds While You Sit Back and Enjoy It
* Why People In Vermont Are Healthier, Less Overweight, Live Longer Than People Of Any Other State In the Union
* How I Finally Lost All My Excess Weight - After Being Over Weight All My Life and Failing At Every Diet In Existence
* Fountain of Youth Discovered By Little Known Civilization Over 2300 Years Ago
* Public to get FREE U.S. Coins
* Famed Physicist Proves That Sitting In A Pyramid Causes Unexplainable Good Things To Happen
* Unclaimed valuable State Quarters available for only the price of protective capsule no matter what their value
* The Only Dignified, Meaningful And Lasting Memento Of Elvis Presley
* Notice of U.S. Mint Release
* It's The Necklace Inspired By The Movie Titanic
* Crackdown on sweepstakes focuses on abuse of the elderly
* New advanced portable heater can cut your heating bill up to 50%
* New Space Age Technology Proven to Give Immediate Relief to Pain in Feet, Knees, Legs and Lower Back

This is a zip file containing 17 PDF files of display ads by Ben Suarez.

4) Selected Eugene Schwartz HTML files

HTML files of selected Eugene Schwartz ads:

How to live to be 100
Turn yourself into a learning machine
Turn your mind into a mental magnet

5) The "5 Greatest Sales Letters" Swipe File (PDF)

Here's five of the greatest sales letters and ads ever written in PDF format

One Legged Golfer
Lazy Man's Way to Riches
Do You Make These Mistakes in English?
Face Lift in a Jar
Gym in a Can

You can find all of these and hundreds more with your bonus membership to

6) The "5 Greatest Sales Letters" Swipe File (Word Files Documents)

Five of the greatest sales letters and ads ever written in Microsoft Word file format.

I like to over deliver so instead of just 5 of the word transcripts, here are almost 500 Microsoft Word Files to my best ads on including...

One Legged Golfer
Lazy Man's Way to Riches
Do You Make These Mistakes in English?
Face Lift in a Jar
Gym in a Can

10) Copywriter's Resource Tool Box - A Valuable Collection of Links!

Gary Halbert Coat Of Arms Letter

Amazing story of a sales letter so successful Gary Halbert had to hire 40 women to bank the checks coming in. Includes the audio and a PDF of the actual letter.

Gary Halbert Audio "Eat Shit And Die"

Copywriting legend Gary Halbert shares powerful copywriting secrets with Michel Fortin. The link to this fabulous audio is not guaranteed so download this while you can.

Eat Shit And Die Audio
Eat Shit And Die Audio Part 2

Gary Halbert Newsletter - How To Write Copy

Gary explains step-by-step how to write an effective sales letter...

Gary Halbert Letter Archives

Packed with simple and profound marketing and copywriting secrets from the "world's best copywriter"...

John Carlton Interview With Michel Fortin

Excellent audio of an interview with copywriting great John Carlton...

John Carlton Teleseminar With Perry Marshall

This is one of the most practical, brilliant seminars on copywriting. You can literally steal straight off the swipe file after listening to John's instructions. Highly recommended...

Jay Abraham On Copywriting

* How Good Headlines Can Build Your Business
* 37 Million Dollar Headlines
* 100 Greatest Headlines Ever Written
* A Model Sales Letter For Someone Who's Never Written One

Gary Bencivenga

A great series of tips from the legendary copywriter...

Clayton Makepeace Total Package Newsletter

Archives of one of the best newsletters you'll ever read on copywriting. Clayton makes over $2 million dollars a year writing copy...

Daniel Levis Total Web Marketing Advisor

Archives of a powerful newsletter about online copywriting and marketing...

Declan Dunn - Email Marketing Video

Passionate and hilarious video presentation on email marketing from one of the internet's true pioneers...

The second I get your order...

I'll e-mail you your download link where you can download and play everything.

If you have any questions at all, feel free to call me at 858-274-7851.



100% 90 Day RISK-FREE

"You have a FULL 90 days to use this incredible system for yourself and prove that it does EXACTLY what I say it does.

NO fine print, NO weasel clauses, if YOU are not happy I am not happy. I'm sticking my neck out here because I know this works...period!"

Don't delay, this price is for a limited time only! Your Eugene Schwartz Rare Ad Collection will be sent instantly after your order is placed.




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