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How To Get A Flood Of Clients For Your Service Biz

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Date posted: 16-Sep-2017

"The Founding Fathers"

Of Client Generation Master-Training Package - $297

How To Get A Flood Of Clients For Your Service Biz

Affordable Pricing

Simple one time $297 fee, no per-month charges, no extra costs, no nickel-and-diming or download fees.

Here's your ultimate client getting resource. You'll own scripts of what to say by phone and in person, a proven "bumpy" mail letter and post card that works to get interested prospects hungry for more without the pain of face to face prospecting and a step by step client interview question sheet that has proven it's client getting power for over two decades.

Plus, you'll own 21 of my top client getting star mp3 audio interviews with the word for word transcripts plus bonus resources to help you get a paying client fast.

It does not matter if you're selling marketing services, copywriting, web page design, SEO, key word optimization, financial planning and more. Even if you have no selling, coaching, marketing or business experience, this information will fast track and make you different from competitors.


The Founding Fathers Of Client Generation Audio Interview Series Detailed Interview Descriptions Below:

You'll be able to immediately download the Founding Fathers Of Client Generation Audio Interview Series which includes:


1. Strategies of Sam, a Successful Nashville Marketing Consultant Who Turned $120 into Making $20,000 a Month

Sam Bowman's a successful marketing consultant from Nashville, Tennessee.

Based upon his experience with real face-to face selling and all the planning that goes with it, Sam explains what it takes to be successful as a marketing consultant.

The purpose of this interview is to share Sam Bowman's key strategies for starting and operating a successful consulting business and how he applied a sales and marketing system that works.

In this interview, you'll learn about . . .

  • Required traits of a successful consultant
  • How to get started and how much you can make
  • How to get clients to appointments
  • How to identify the right client
  • How to pre-qualify an appointment
  • What to say in the first meeting
  • How to quote your fees and get paid up front

When it comes to value, you should always try to think outside the box - and the same holds true when it comes to listing an item on eBay or Craigslist.

Once you listen to Sam's consulting experience, you'll be able to apply these methods to your own consulting biz and reap the rewards of owning this type of business.

- Part One: 31-minute audio, Part Two: 22-minute audio, 29-page transcript containing both parts

2. New HMA Star Consultant Sells $90,000 In Marketing Consulting Contracts In One Day

This new HMA Marketing Consultant already had a business-coaching practice when she signed on as an HMA Consultant, but when she combined the two -- she couldn't believe she sold over $90,000 in just one day.

In This Interview, You'll Learn . . .

  • How she made the initial contact.
  • What she sent in the mail that instantly establishes her credibility
  • What to say on the phone after they got the "special package."
  • Hear how she found her clients (or rather, how they found her)
  • What she said to close these two deals
  • How she set client expectations before she started
  • The terms of her consulting contracts
  • Why you should never charges for an opportunity analysis
  • Exactly what to say and do during yours
  • The simple phrase she uses when a prospect says they don't think they can afford her $50,000 fees that seals the deal
  • A closing tactic she used to get a nonrefundable deposit the same day
  • Why you should never talk about the hours you are going to spend on each step and what you say instead
  • A word-for-word script you can use to show prospects why they need to schedule an Opportunity Analysis/Strategy Session
  • The payment structure that works
  • Why it's so important to make sure your action plan and goals are clearly defined and the most advantageous time to explain it all.

This HMA Star marketing consultant has a team of people working her coaching business so she can focus on being the expert, getting clients, and making money.

It's a business model that seems to go hand-in-hand with the HMA System, and in this audio, you'll hear all about it.

- 26-minute audio with 15-page transcript

3. "How I Went From $70,000 In Debt To Making More Than $300,000 In Just A Year And A Half"

18 short months ago, Sam was $70,000 in debt. He'd suffered through so many failed business opportunities that he says he couldn't even talk to his friends and family anymore because he'd "exhausted all his good will."

Then he took the blue slide and invested in the HMA Marketing Consulting System and has made $330,000 since. He's paid off his debt, can talk to his friends and family again, and just got back from a month-long trip to Costa Rica.

He's living the successful HMA life. But according to Sam, the best part about it isn't what he's doing for himself - it's what he's been able to do for his clients.

When he got back from his vacation, one of his HMA clients threw him a surprise thank-you party (complete with confetti, a cake, and all her family members) because Sam helped her go from being a struggling small business owner barely bringing in $2,000 a week to suddenly making $9,000 a week, easy.

And in this audio, you'll hear how he's been making it all happen.

You'll Also Hear . . .

  • 5 quick-start steps for landing 20 appointments a week using nothing but cold calls - finding a list, getting in the right mindset, knowing the real purpose of your call, determining how many prospects to contact a day, and a word-for-word look at the phone script Sam uses
  • The incredibly effective (and maybe even sneaky) way Sam gets gatekeepers to send him through to the decision maker almost every time
  • The one thing you should never say when you're on the phone with a prospect
  • A step-by-step look at how Sam seals his deals - and the one best trick he learned from negotiating expert Jim Camp that he says helps him do it
  • How to posture yourself in the initial meeting with a prospect - and all about Sam's "why me, why now" approach that he says is the one thing you should always do before the opportunity analysis
  • "Real-life" insight into growing and managing your HMA practice - how many clients Sam says he comfortably handles at one time, why he only concentrates on the Core Four, and the timeline he gives his clients
  • The biggest future goal Sam has for his consulting practice that will make him even more money (with much less time and effort) down the road

There's no doubt - marketing can have a life-changing effect on a business, especially in today's economy. That's why Sam says he never tries to sell prospects on his consulting; he just sells them on their transformation.

So whether you're a new consultant or a seasoned vet, this audio is full of innovative tips and tricks that will help you transform every business - including your own.

- 41-minute audio, 24-page transcript

4. Sales And Marketing Legend Ben Gay III Reveals . The Secret Of The Close

Ben Gay III is a marketing legend. When he was working alongside Zig Ziglar, Earl Nightingale and Napoleon Hill way back when, Ben was the "young guy." Now, he's the last living link to that era of marketing genius.

And in this interview, he shows new marketing consultants powerful techniques they can use on every deal.

According to Ben, the most important thing you need to remember when you go out there is that you're just as smart as 90% of the people who come through the door, if not more.

You have a proven system that works and scripts to use along the way. But, he says, in order to close, you've got to know what your last sentence is going to be before you start talking, and then naturally direct the conversation to that sentence.

He also suggests that you start seeing people as new friends instead of prospects. Ben's had clients for 20, 30, even 40 years because he considers each one a friend. And in this audio, you'll hear how to make those kinds of relationships too, along with the exact sentence Ben uses to close on a new friend.

You'll Also Hear . . .


  • The art of the referral fee - and a quick story that illustrates why it's so important to either do it the right way or just forget it altogether
  • The one person in your town you should always try to think about if you want to do cold calling the easiest (and most efficient) way possible
  • The difference between "sales coaching" and "marketing consulting" and how to add the relatively new field of coaching to your consulting practice (along with 5 other income streams you may be able to add too)
  • Ben's polite way of turning a free call into a paying client by basically announcing, "Sorry, but the freebie is over"
  • How charging for his advice actually made Ben's life easier (and more prosperous) and the no-nonsense way Ben gets paid for his time before he sends out the bill
  • A trick for getting prospects to cold call you
  • How charging for his advice actually made Ben's life easier (and more prosperous) and the no-nonsense way Ben gets paid for his time before he sends out the bill 3 ways you can project credibility without saying a word
  • A little story about the man who built his thriving business of 40 years off referrals generated from one cold call

Clear and straight-forward advice for anyone worried about landing their first client

So meet Ben Gay III...the person with the unique ability to explain consultative selling in down-to-earth terms you can easily apply.

- 60-minute audio, 27-page transcript

5. How To Grow Your Small Businesses The Verizon Wireless Way (Hint: You're Probably Already Doing It)

Before he became an HMA consultant a year and a half ago, Frank Swiatek worked for Verizon Wireless as a performance consultant.

He even co-authored a book in 2011 called Managers, Can You Hear Me Now with Denny Strigl (Verizon's former CEO who took the wireless company from $192 million to a staggering $62 billion).

According to Frank, Denny grew Verizon to its incredible heights by sticking to the same four principles the HMA System uses to build up small businesses: Grow revenue, get new customers, keep the customers you already have, and cut costs.

Frank also shows us how he talked his local Chamber of Commerce director into letting him run a 3-hour program (that Frank got paid for as a speaking engagement) and how he used that program to sell $55,000 in consulting fees afterward to just one client.

You'll Also Hear. . .

  • Why it's so important to search out "non-sales-oriented" businesses when you're prospecting for clients and the 3 best kinds of small businesses that fit that bill
  • The 4 projects Frank starts his clients with before he even thinks about doing an opportunity analysis - establishing metrics, discovering weaknesses, redefining roles, and getting everybody onboard (and what he charges for each)
  • The one tactic Frank uses to get around traditional cold calling - that makes it almost a no-brainer for prospects to give him the green light
  • Everything you need to know about setting up a program at the Chamber of Commerce - from how to "pitch" your program to the agreement you need to have the director sign off on
  • The two "magic" buzzwords to drop during a meeting with a Chamber director that instantly shows them you not only know your stuff but you know how to present it to their members
  • All the details about Frank's three-hour program - where it was conducted, what the Chamber provided for him, what materials he brought - and the two exercises he included in his agenda that subtly sold prospects using "a-ha" moments he had them discover themselves
  • How to find hidden "pockets of sales and income opportunities" that exist with every client, so you can do more projects - and make more money

According to Frank, small businesses are the marketing opportunity of the future. There are 23 million of them in the United States alone, and they make up 54% of the sales here.

So the market is huge, and there's a lot of opportunity if you know how to find it. And in this audio, Frank tells you exactly how to do that by applying the four Verizon Wireless (and HMA) principles of success to your practice and your clients'.

- 43-minute audio, 26-page transcript

6. How To Use Bumps In Your Mail As A Client-Generating Machine . . .

~ Say Good-Bye to Cold Calling Forever ~

Ed became an HMA Consultant six months ago, and he's already generated more than $50,000 in HMA consulting client fees - and he didn't do it cold calling.

If you've never heard of bumpy mail before, it's when you add something fun and bumpy to your letters (like a small doll, packet of aspirin, tow lobster or pack a of matches) that ties into your sales message and makes your envelopes impossible to stack flat letters on top of.

Doing this puts Ed's bumpy mail at the top of his prospect's mail and almost always get it opened.

Ed's making $10,000 in marketing consulting fees for every $100 he spends on his bumpy mail letters.

And in this audio, you'll hear how he's doing it and all about the 7-week series of Bumpy letters he wrote specifically for the HMA System.

You'll Also Hear.

  • A free and easy way to create a targeted local list of direct-mail prospects - and how to use your research (along with a bright red pen) in your first mailing
  • A step-by-step look at creating your Bumpy mail campaign - it's easier than you probably think
  • The minor tweak Ed made to the HMA guarantee - that gets his clients to sign on for all four of the core steps right away
  • An exclusive look at Ed's first clients - what kinds of businesses they were and exactly what he did to help them
  • All about the prospect from hell that Ed decided not to work with - but why you might have a different take on the situation
  • The four things Ed takes to an opportunity analysis - and nothing else
  • The weird reason why your credibility actually goes up the more times you mail to the same prospect
  • The many marketing opportunities you can sell to clients - beyond the core four
  • The one trick to incorporate into your bumpy mailings that Ed says could bring your response rate up even higher than what he's getting
  • Why Ed never sends letters addressed to "Dear Owner" - and the one website that'll find most owners' names and info for you
  • The two contingency deals Ed is in the process of setting up - the amazing cut he's getting and how he plans to stay in control of them
  • The limousine marketing product Ed also sells - and how he used audio interviews to take his cost per lead from $50 to $1-$6!

Ed says the goal of a bumpy mail campaign is to sell prospects on a free opportunity analysis, e-book, or CD.

You can't expect to sell a consulting package through direct mail, but you can look forward to get noticed and get responded to.

And in this audio, you'll hear how it all works.

- 37-minute audio, 24-page transcript

7. $190,000 a Month Doing Workshops - How To Turn 35% Of Your Audience Into Clients. And Make Thousands A Month For Your Consulting Practice

After the company David worked for went under and he lost his high-paying sales job, he knew he couldn't start at the bottom all over again with another company - working 70 hours a week for peanuts just to prove himself. So even though he had a family to support and a huge mortgage to pay, he decided to go the marketing consultant route. No one thought he would make it.

But he did. In fact, at his peak, David was making $190,000 a month. Now he teaches others how to do it too. And in this audio, you'll hear all about it. David says he finds most of his clients running educational workshops on Internet marketing. And because he out-sources most of the work, he can concentrate his time on landing customers and up-selling them on services.

So in this audio, you'll hear how he runs his workshops, how he always has a full house - and how he lands clients to make thousands of dollars a month.

You'll Also Hear . . .

  • All about the untapped markets hungry for consulting services, how to market your workshops to them and an approach for landing 35% of your audience
  • Exactly how David runs his seminars, from the quiz at the beginning to the closer at the end - and why he says you should never try to pitch anything during your workshops
  • A word-for-word script on how David follows up with his prospects and turns them into clients
  • The services you'll want to up-sell your clients to, how to outsource the work, how much you can expect to pay for the outsourcing, and how to keep your clients oblivious to the process
  • What you need to do to prepare for a successful seminar
  • How to set up JV deals for your workshops - and where to find the kind of endorsements that really work
    If done right, running workshops can be a great way to make a lot of money for your consulting practice. And David has it down to a science.
  • By using an approach that stresses education above sales pitches, he finds he's landing more eager, qualified clients. And because he can outsource much of the work, he makes a lot more money than he ever did at his old sales job. And in this audio, you'll hear how you can do it too.

So sit back and listen to how this Internet coaching business expert works his coaching magic and find out how you can leverage off of his expertise.

- 62-minute audio, 41-page transcript

8. Making It - An Interview With HMA #1 Client Getter

Dave Flannery has so many clients; he's booked for the year - with one of them paying a retainer of 30,000 euro. And in this update, you'll hear all about Dave's confidence and the real deals that have come from it.

Since he first started with the HMA system, Dave's been one of the busiest consultants around. Seven months later, he's busier than ever and says if he can do it, anyone can. And because he's been in such high demand this year, next year he's increasing his fees to $12,000 with a 15% retainer.

And you'll get to hear all the details of his latest clients and his latest works (believe it or not, Dave has somehow found the time to write a book as well).

You'll Also Hear . . .

  • What two things you should always have your clients agree to do if you want your consulting business to grow like Dave's
  • More about Dave's cost-reduction step and how it's been working out for him
  • Where Dave finds the easiest and most effective areas to reduce costs for his clients so they see immediate results
  • Details of his 30,000-euro deal where he'll be taking a company international - he's also receiving 15% of the gross sales as part of that agreement
  • Dave's advice for new consultants on how to deal with rejection and "fake it 'till you make it"

Even though Dave has always made it look easy, he says his consulting business has only gotten a lot easier for him recently. Now, he can walk into any situation, size it up and answer 99.9% of the questions.

So sit back and enjoy this quick, half-hour update on how Dave's been increasing his business and his confidence - and learn how you can do it too. Enjoy.

- 60-minute audio, 16-page transcript

9. Details On How To Get More Clients Than You Can Handle In Your First Three Days Of HMA Consulting

Kory had tried marketing consulting on his own, and although he had a lot of skills and was great at landing $30,000 contracts, he wasn't making any real money because he was essentially promising "endless work" to his clients.

Without concrete steps to outline an exact process, it's easy to end up like Kory, with great intentions but little real income or structure. So in this audio, you'll hear all about Kory's story and how he used the HMA System to land more clients, spend less time on their marketing, and make a lot more money.

You'll Also Hear. . .

  • How Kory positions himself to land high-paying clients willing to sign onto $30,000 contracts
  • Exactly how Kory got more HMA clients than he could handle in his first three days
  • How to leverage off the relationships of others - and get 10 times the response with half the effort!
  • Why it's critical to get money up front and why Kory never does contingency deals
  • How to set expectations from the get-go, make sure every promise is clearly spelled out in writing, and take control of the projects and priorities
  • How to deal with the inevitable "failures" that come up when dealing with clients so that you come across as professional and confident - and without ever taking the blame

Kory says that before he got the HMA System, he used to become emotionally attached to his clients and felt responsible for their results. Now he realizes he needs clearly defined projects, structure, and limits. A nd in this audio, you'll hear his story along with all the lessons, tips, and tricks he's learned along the way.

- 52-minute audio, 37-page transcript

10. How To Set Your HMA Consulting Practice Apart From The Rest.Using This One Word

Cheree received her HMA System a couple weeks ago and has already landed her first client (who signed on for all 8 steps at $3,000 a step). And with two more ready to sign up as well, she's well on her way to becoming the female HMA Star. But the most amazing part of her story is that she's doing it in an area where consultants are a dime a dozen. And in this audio, you'll hear exactly how she separates herself from the rest.

Because the "marketing" seat was taken at her BNI chapter, Cheree decided to go by "the implementer." But it' s how she's defined that role that has made her an overnight success. With her definition, prospects instantly get how the HMA system is different and why they'll want to be a part of it. In fact, Cheree has asked 7 qualified business owners for an opportunity analysis - and all but one said YES!

And in this audio, you'll hear exactly how she's doing it.

You'll Also Hear. . .

  • The single most important thing she's learned from other consultants that's helped propel her to a fast start HMA success
  • What to say to prospects to let them know you stand by your guarantee
  • How Cheree bartered a deal with her printer to get $9,000 worth of commercial printing services
  • Exactly what Cheree did to beat her fears and land her first client
  • The amazing networking channel Cheree uses to get a list of qualified prospects
  • The number one thing Cheree recommends you do for one hour a day that'll instantly impress prospects

Cheree says the one thing she loves best about the HMA system is that she knows she's not alone. Although she doesn't see any problems, it's comforting to know if any do come up, she's got the whole HMA community behind her to solve them.

Cheree's solved a problem consultants are facing today - how to differentiate themselves so that prospects "get it." And in this audio, you'll hear why you might want to go by the "implementer" too.

- 32-minute audio, 29-page transcript

11. The Psychology of Buying Behavior: How to Use People's Unconscious Decision Making Process to Make the Sale

Ken Ellsworth is an expert in Buying Behavior expert. He is a master at detecting people's psychological motivation for buying a product or service.

And in this interview, he tells you how to use the underlying psychological needs to create potent sales messages that appeal to the target and produce changes in Buying Behavior. I guarantee that you will be as amazed by the power of subtle sales messages as I was.

Discover how Ken's experience as a prison guard, stockbroker, hypno-therapist, and keen observer of human behavior helped him unlock the secrets of unconscious decision-making strategies. Ken discovered that a prospect is like a safe: to unlock the sale, you have to know not just the numbers but also their order, their importance.

These proven techniques sound like magic, but they actually work: many of Ken's clients have gone from the bottom rung of sales in their offices to the top in only a month! Some have increased sales five-fold. Learn how you, too, can uncover and capitalize upon the unconscious decision making process we all use.

You will learn out how to:

  • Tap into peoples natural Buying Behavior decision making process by eliciting step-by-step psychological, decision-making strategies
  • Establish rapport instantly with customers by matching and mirroring their gestures, language, tonality, even their breathing patterns
  • Avoid the biggest mistake salesmen make when they use their own unconscious strategy instead of that of the customers
  • Determine and employ the prospect's code words, their precise, personal meaning, and most importantly, their priority
  • Refine code words into emotionally charged hot buttons and covertly incorporate them in your opportunity analysis to create motivational keys
  • Cut down the sales cycle dramatically by focusing on your client's subtle cues
  • And much, much more!

Once you've learned to map their unconscious, you can throw away your scripts and traditional selling closes.

All your reasons for buying scripts become unnecessary and obsolete.

Listen and learn how you can tap the power of the unconscious. I dig deep trying to get as much step by step information from him for you to try his method in your consulting practice without having to buy his course.

So get ready, this is something, that you'll want try at once in your next opportunity analysis. Let me know if it works for you. Enjoy the interview.

- 55-minute audio

12. How To Make A Sales Presentation That Consistently Closes The Deal

Many people resist sales scripting scripts because they think it'll sound canned or rehearsed. But according to expert sales trainer, Eric Lofholm, even if you're winging it, you're still using a "script." Studies show that most great sales presenters open and close in the same way. So if you take your current scripts and add a few powerful techniques to them, you'll have unstoppable sales presentations. And in this audio, you'll hear some of those techniques.

Eric Lofholm, wasn't always a sales scripting scripts expert. In fact, he started out flipping burgers and drifting through community college. And at one point, he even found himself bankrupt and homeless. So in this interview, you'll hear his incredible story of how he rose to the top and how he currently helps others get there too.

More Key Information You'll Get From The Interview

  • How to make sure you're not bringing a "negative view" of sales with you into your presentations - you may not even know you're doing it, but you could be costing yourself serious money
  • Ways to make sure your sales scripting scripts build enough value - so you can charge more for your products, and easily get it
  • How having "comfort zones" could be hindering you from making the profit you deserve - and what to do about it
  • What a master script-book looks like and how to compile the kind you'll be able to rely on for years to come
  • All about Eric's "sales mountain" and his simple steps for climbing to the top
  • Several examples of successful sales scripting scripts and stories - you'll be amazed at the difference a little tweaking can make
  • What you can learn from the way children negotiate their deals - it's no surprise why parents usually give in to these natural little salespeople
  • A few of Eric's open-ended closing lines that seal the deal without being too pushy

According to Eric, it's important to keep a positive outlook on sales scripting scripts in order to be successful at it.

And it's also important to have the kind of scripts that will allow you to know what to say in any situation and to any objection.

But if you follow Eric's techniques, it won't be long before you're making the kinds of sales presentations that consistently bring in the big money. I hope you benefit from this interview. Enjoy.

- 69-minute audio, 29-page transcript

13. Real Secrets to Selling: An interview with Tom Hopkins

Tom Hopkins is a legend. More than three million people around the world have attended his seminars on selling, and more than 35,000 corporations are using his sales training materials. But believe it or not, when Tom first started out in sales he couldn't even bring in $50 a month in salary.

So in this interview, you'll hear how Tom Hopkins went from being that sales-weakling to having a sales empire. You'll hear why he believes that people who say they can't sell are usually the best salespeople. And you'll hear how developing trust and personality, along with having the right attitude, is the "real secret to selling."

You'll also hear. . .

  • How adding personal touches to your sales techniques can turn your prospects into loyal clients
  • How to overcome the fear of rejection and develop that thick skin for success
  • What "NEADS" stands for and why you'll need to know it before your next sales meeting
  • How to use the phrase "Not to be personal" to relax prospects and get personal
  • Phone tips that'll help you slide through to the decision maker more times than not
  • All about the hardest challenges in sales and practical ways to overcome them
  • How going after the old customer is just as valuable as going after the new one - and ways to do that
  • Phone tips that'll help you slide through to the decision maker more times than not
  • All about the hardest challenges in sales and practical ways to overcome them
  • How going after the old customer is just as valuable as going after the new one - and ways to do that
  • Ways to improve your presentations so that you're making the most of the words you choose without sounding scripted or corny

The best thing about Tom Hopkins is that he lives by what he teaches and believes in what he sells. You'll never catch him pushing hyped-up flashy gimmicks. He simply gives out the kind of solid advice that people trust. And it's those tried-and-true methods in life that will stand the test of time, every time. So sit back and listen to the real secrets of selling from the man who knows - the one and only Tom Hopkins. Enjoy.

62-minute audio, 27-page transcript

14. The Secrets Millionaires Spill At A Jay Abraham Seminar. And More From Legendary Marketing Expert Glenn Osborn

Sometime ago, while Glenn Osborn was at a $15,000 Jay Abraham seminar chock-full of successful marketing millionaires, he noticed a trend. Millionaire after millionaire would get up in front of the crowd and say things like, "Thank you, Jay, I just made 400 million by incorporating thank-you cards into my marketing."

Everyone would applaud, and the guy would sit back down. This happened time and time again, and drove Glenn crazy because Glenn wasn't there to applaud - he was there to get information.

So while everyone else moved on with their day, Glenn would go to the back of the seminar and interview millionaires for specifics on the things they were bragging about - he wanted to know how they made that 400 million using thank-you cards, or how they got a 70% response rate after the fifth direct mailing. And they usually told him.

So in this four-part interview, you'll hear all about t he secrets Glenn learned at those seminars along with more tips and tricks from this legend including sneaky ways you can incorporate NLP into your marketing, how to use your best clients as a "bank," the only effective way to do telemarketing -- and even how to do a handwriting analysis. Now let's get started.

Part One:

$15,000 Seminar Seats And The Secrets Behind Them

Glenn sold seats at Jay Abraham seminars, and he was good at it. With his approach, he could sell seats to just about anyone because he realized prospects were already sold on the seminar; they just didn't have the money to go. So he would look for ways to make them the money. And in Part One of this audio, you'll not only hear how he did that, but you'll also get a behind-the-scenes look at the hidden secrets only the insiders at a Jay Abraham seminar know including:

  • The one secret Jay Abraham said he would keep if he had to give away all of his marketing secrets. except for one
  • How to barter your way into a $15,000 seminar - and actually have them pay you to go
  • The one clumsy mistake Jay Abraham says 98% of all people make when creating an ad - see if you're falling into this credibility-killing pitfall\
  • The secret way Ben Gay closed his sales - you'd never catch Ben just asking for the money
  • Marketing lessons you can learn from an ugly tongue contest
  • The one clumsy mistake Jay Abraham says 98% of all people make when creating an ad - see if you're falling into this credibility-killing pitfall
  • The secret way Ben Gay closed his sales - you'd never catch Ben just asking for the money
  • Marketing lessons you can learn from an ugly tongue contest
  • The newsletter that made Glenn $50,000 a year -- the easy (almost therapeutic) way he compiled each issue and how he sold them
  • The hidden "bank" Glenn discovered gurus could use with their best clients - believe it or not, there's a way you can borrow money and pay it back using products and discounts
  • The number one rule you should keep in mind when telemarketing that sells prospects on their own problems and wish lists

- Part One: 38-minute audio, 57-page transcript includes both all Three Parts

Part Two:

Your Quick-Start Guide To The Sneaky Psychological Tactic Known As NLP (Neuro-Linguistic Programming)

When Glenn's friend was in a poker tournament, Glenn taught him a few NLP tricks to take to the table. In the middle of the game, Glenn had his friend ask the other players about the good times in their poker careers. By anchoring those good feelings to a gesture, Glenn's friend easily won the tournament - and his opponents never figured out they were simply playing "looser" when they were subconsciously instructed to. And in Part Two of this audio, you'll hear exactly how he did it.

You'll also hear. . .

  • The basics of NLP including examples of how to create an anchor without anyone knowing it
  • The weird (but effective) way Glenn used a Fredericks of Hollywood catalogue to get into a $15,000 Jay Abraham seminar for free
  • A little story about the "Frankenstein Hypno Handshake" - use this handshake and Glenn says you'll have about a minute and a half to pretty much persuade your subject to do. anything
  • The Jay Abraham trick that made one gas station $800,000 more a year - by reducing their gas prices
  • Why it's so important to screen everyone (without them knowing it) and all about the quick personality test Glenn does before he'll work with anyone
  • The Jay Abraham trick that made one gas station $800,000 more a year - by reducing their gas prices
  • Why it's so important to screen everyone (without them knowing it) and all about the quick personality test Glenn does before he'll work with anyone
  • The real "inside" truth about Jay Abraham's Mr. X Book

- Part Two: 42-minute audio, 57-page transcript includes all Three Parts

Part Three:

Why You Should Never Try To Sell Prospects On Anything But What They're Already Buying

According to Glenn, whenever you call a prospect on the phone and try to sell them on anything except what they're already buying, they'll just hang up on you. Everyone wants to stay in their comfort zone, and they'll instantly tune anything out that asks them to do otherwise. So if you're selling consulting services, tell them you can double or triple what they're already doing. Then when you're in there, you can approach them with something new. And in Part Three of this interview, you'll hear how to do that along with.

  • The hidden psychological trap you fall into every time you use the word "proposal" and the only phrase you should use with clients instead
  • A step-by-step look at how one millionaire got a 73% response rate on his fifth direct mailing - after only getting a 1-2 percent rate the other four times!
  • The fastest known way to get prospects to part with their money. by feeding them their own pain and frustration
  • Exactly how Glenn sold his $500 newsletter subscriptions and a quick look at the elements that made them so sought-after
  • The easiest way to sell the phases of an action plan - Do this and your clients will practically beg to pay you for the next step
  • The two absolutely critical things you should look for in someone else's handwriting - that may help you weed out back-stabbers before they can pick up their knives
  • The one book that has made Glenn more money than any other - and the one moneymaking idea you'll be able to use from it right away
  • Simple ways to troubleshoot a fail: Depressing response to a postcard campaign? Prospects not showing up for their appointments? -They can be fixed

- Part Three: 39-minute audio, 57-page transcript includes all Three Parts

15. How Do I Convince Clients To Try My Coaching When I Don't Have ANY Experience At All?

In this audio, coaching students from all over the world ask Richard their most pressing questions, and even an experienced marketing consultant could learn a thing or two from the answers. As always, Richard delivers the kind of advice and guidance you can't get from some generic marketing book. And the thing about Richard is: he really cares about every question, so you know he's giving you the most relevant answer possible

Here are some of the questions you'll hear:

  • How can I market my business with little or no money?
  • How do I convince potential clients that I can get the job done?
  • What's the number-one expectation clients have when they employ you as a consultant?
  • I have a contingency contract and I've done the work but they're failing to implement my advice.and how do I get paid?
  • How do you tell an ego-driven business owner that he's the problem?
  • What is the quickest way to get to the decision maker and capture corporate clients?
  • How do you divide your time between prospecting clients and servicing existing ones?
  • How to expand your services globally and much, much more

Richard also goes over the three things you can do that will position you as an expert in your field. And if you're not sure how to price yourself so that you stay competitive in the marketplace, Part Two of the audio includes tips on that.

In fact, this session has something for everyone -- from the novice to the expert. Honestly, you can only gain from listening to these Q-and-A sessions with Richard. He has a wealth of information. So sit back and listen as Richard fields some pretty tough questions about HMA consulting.

- Part One: 5-minute audio, Part Two: 34-minute audio, 25-page transcript containing both Parts.

16. 25 Years Of Marketing Coaching Experience Bottled Into One Short Hour

This is one of my favorite interviews. In it, you'll hear from a 25-year sales and marketing veteran named Richard who also happens to be the founder of the HMA marketing consulting system. As soon as I met Richard, I knew the wealth of information he held was different than anything I'd heard before. And after you listen to this audio, you'll know exactly what I mean.

The best thing about Richard is: he's never stingy with information. He shares knowledge that most marketing consultants would keep under lock and key. So what you are about to hear is a detailed interview full of useful tips, techniques and secrets that were collected for more than 25 years.

Here are just a few of the topics discussed:

  • What kinds of businesses are the easiest to close deals with
  • What exactly to say when cold calling that will pique interest, qualify prospects and save you time
  • How to form and use alliances to promote your consulting business -- without ever touching your wallet
  • What the number one killer of the consulting business is -- and how avoiding it can make you thousands of dollars every year
  • The steps you should take in the first 30 days as a consultant to successfully launch your career with no money at all
  • The problems with contingency agreements and why you should always charge a fee upfront
  • And much more

A little bit about Richard. Back in 1990, Richard was one of Jay Abraham's protégés. And since then, he's taken that experience and expanded on it to form a consulting system that works for everyone - even people with NO money or experience. You see, his HMA system approaches consulting from a different angle, using practical methods and step-by-step modules.

It takes courage to go from listening to a moneymaking idea to implementing one. And in this interview, you'll hear all the practical steps necessary to get started living your dream today.

So before you jump into the field of consulting, you'll want to listen to this audio at least once because it will arm you with a complete plan for success. And Richard is the best person to provide it. So sit back and listen to his many years of experience. This is an hour-long interview, broken into 20-minute segments. And at the end of the last segment, I'll have a special offer you won't want to miss. Enjoy.

- Part One Audio: 27-minutes, Part Two Audio: 22-minutes, Part Three Audio: 23 minutes, 33-page transcript containing both Parts.

BONUS: My First Client Interviews: Part One Audio: 28-minutes, Part Two Audio: 24 minutes, 45-page transcript containing both Parts.

17. If You Want A Consulting Client For Your Marketing Consulting Business, Here's What To Do...

If you want to get into the consulting business helping businesses make more money with less effort, then do it. Don't let the cost of my HMA system stop you. You have everything you need to go and find a paying client right now on this page of audio recordings and downloads. Yes, it's easier with the system. But some people like Robert Spiller don't have the money right now. But that is not going to stop Robert for grabbing his dream. In this recording you'll hear his story and what he has done to get his first five clients. And Robert is not even an HMA Consultant. He's an inspiration to us all. Just listen to his passion. His story is one that will inspire you to GO FOR IT! Whatever you decide to do. If you want something bad enough, you know you'll find a way to get it. We as people always do. Enjoy.

- 47-minute audio, 17-page transcript

18. Famous Speaker Reveals Five Ways To Get Coaching Clients By Helping Others Get What They Want

For fifteen years, Douglas Clof has been at the forefront in creating profit-based marketing strategies for companies across North America. Each year he spends up to 35 weeks traveling across the United States and Canada helping companies implement his powerful marketing strategies. He is a highly sought after speaker, presenting hundreds of seminars to entrepreneurs and members of the media each year. His unique marketing consulting and sales seminars have helped thousands of businesses achieve new levels of sales and profitability. He has a Masters Degree in Business Administration and experience in almost every market in North America. His publications include: Power Marketing for the 90's, Marketing for Profit, Return on Investments Selling, and the eight volume training series, "Maximum Money Marketing". Doug was instrumental in developing part of the HMA training. I called Doug and did an additional interview with him on the subject of marketing consulting. Listen in and see how a marketing system transformed his life and his business.

- 18-minute audio, 11-page transcript

19. Bonus #1 - Opportunity Analysis Worksheet

The first and most important thing you must do before talking to anyone about consulting either in person or by phone is to study this opportunity analysis worksheet.

The Opportunity Analysis Worksheet that you will take prospects through when you meet with them. It's designed to uncover HMA Hidden Marketing Assets. This is an incredible magic tool that positions you as the expert. It's he's got prospect to open up in ways that you never thought were possible. It's what puts you into the "Trusted Consulting Column", not the salesman trying to pitch consulting projects.

With your order, you'll be able to download it and use it in with your potential clients. Have you ever heard the saying that questions are the answer? These are the questions that you need to get them to say YES!

- Opportunity Analysis Worksheet

20. Bonus #2 - Telemarketing Workshop Audio with Scripted Sayings For Setting Appointments

Warning! Getting clients using telemarketing methods yourself can be the hard and a frustrating way to build a consulting practice. However, if you know what to say from the time they say hello to setting the appointment, it can be a gold mine. Over the years we've had consultants submit various scripts on how they used telemarketing to generate client acquisition and appointment setting. This recording and transcript bonus is the best and most effective out of all of them.

You'll have word a for word exactly what to say from the time the other side picks up and say's hello.

- Magic Cold Calling Script, Phrases, Comebacks and Objection Blockers

- Telemarketing Audio Workshop - 54 Minutes

21. Bonus #3 - Direct Mail Letter and Post Cards That Really Work

You may want to consider direct mail to get prospects calling you first. Having the call come to you puts you in a much stronger position for selling consulting work. You get two of seven direct mail letters that are being used very successfully in generating client work for one of our HMA consultants. The idea is to use a bumpy mail grabbers inside your mailing to grab the attention of the recipient and get your mail opened. Make sure you test small and mail as you need more clients. This bumpy mail campaign can totally eliminate the use of cold call prospecting for client work when executed properly.

You can outsource this type of mailing to fulfillment houses or you can do it on your own at first. Some consultants will look at this type of mailing as too expensive compared to a regular flat mailing. But remember, the return on your investment is what this consulting business is all about. You can test, modify and mail these two direct mail tools for a potentially killer HMA getting client strategy.

- Mailing #1: Postcard Consultation #1 - Postcard

This is a professionally designed postcard in MS Word that offers a Free Marketing Audit to help you discover the hidden marketing assets in your business and brainstorm with you to develop strategies to leverage those assets into profits. You will use to generate a phone call.

- Mailing #2 - Bumpy Mail Aspirin Letter #1 - Letter.

This is a professionally written three three-pages designed in MS Word

Imagine getting a letter with a package of aspirin in the mail. Would that get your attention? I am sure it would. Wait till you open and read the letter that comes with it. With your order you, ill have the letter in MS Word to use to get your first clients too.



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