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Obscene Profits Selling Police Pens

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Date posted: 16-Sep-2017

$3900 ID Pen Business System $297

Sensible Pricing

We have a simple one time $297 fee. Easy to afford, no per-month charges, no extra costs, no nickel-and-diming or download fees. So, order now! It won't cost any extra.

I Repeat -- $297 is all you pay. There is nothing more to buy from this training and there are no monthly fees of any kind.




ID Pen Business System Descriptions Below:

The ID Pen Business System Product includes everything below. And there is NOTHING more to buy for your training and no monthly payment. You get all of this for $297.

1) Your Invisible Ink Marketing System - 16 Secrets To Get You More ID Pen Customers In a Month Than You Can Handel

A 173-Page PDF Document That Includes:

* 3 Certificates Worth $200 EACH to have your questions about the ID Pen System Product Answered

* 8 Certificates Worth $200 EACH to have your own ID Pen Marketing Material Critiqued

* MODULE 1 - Why 99% Of Most Advertising & Marketing Doesn't Work...And What Does Work! - 9 pages

* MODULE 2 - The Lifetime Value Of A Customer - Your "Marketing Edge" - 5 pages

* MODULE 3 - The Master Success Formula How To Grow Your Pen Business Exponentially - 4 pages

* MODULE 4 - Your Marketing Message" The Unique Selling Proposition - 7 pages

* MODULE 5 - Your Plan of Action - 4 pages


* Secret #1 - Create A Cash Flow Surge With Customer Reactivation - 7 pages

* Secret #2 - How To Use Two-Step Classified & Small Display Ads - 10 pages

* Secret #3 - How To Make A Fortune With Free Recorded Messages - 6 pages

* Secret #4 - How To Use FREE Reports To Get Prospects Calling You! - 30 pages

* Secret #5 - The Little Known Secret Of The Direct Marketing Masters - The Multi-Step Follow Up Sequence - 14 pages

* Secret #6 - How To Use Attention "Grabbers" To Make Your Letters Virtually Jump Out And Grab Your Prospect's Attention - 3 pages

* Secret #7 - Mock Checks And Vouchers - 3 pages

* Secret #8 - How To Use Yellow Stick-On Notes To Personalize Your Promotions And Boost Response - 2 pages

* Secret #9 - The Little Known Direct Marketing Secret That Increases Response From Untested Mailing Lists While Reducing Costs - 8 pages

* Secret #10 - The Simple Way To Get Referrals, Leads and a Boatload of Customers With Template Letters - 1 page

* Secret #11 - The Secret Of Getting Publicity To Position You As An Expert And Generate Hot Qualified Leads - 9 pages

* Secret #12 - The New Customer Welcome Kit - 3 pages

* Secret #13 - Maximizing Your Back End - 2 pages

* Secret #14 - Joint Ventures, Invisible Inks & Black Lights - 9 pages

* Secret #15 - How To Milk Reverse Joint Ventures Like A Cash Cow - 2 pages

* Secret #16 - TEST, TEST, TEST! - 2 pages

* BONUS - The 17 Universal Principles Of Achievement By Napoleon Hill

2) Your Question-And-Answer Guide To Making Money At Home With Your Own Specialty Pen Business

Because ID pens are cheap and easy to make, the profit margins are huge and so are the possibilities. That's why I still make and sell them today - with recurring clients, the money can be ongoing and easy.

So in this three-part audio, you'll hear an interview I did with a couple of entrepreneurs who currently own their own cleaning business but are looking into other opportunities as well.

They like the idea of making pens because it's a quick, easy, and profitable business you can do in your spare time. But they have a lot of questions about the best ways to get started, and this 96-minute audio and accompanying 31-page PDF Transcript explains it all.

Part One: How The Business Works:

There are basically four different pens I've promoted - invisible ink, redeye reduction and vanishing ink. I've always run my pen business from home using just the Internet, a telephone, fax machine and the mail, and I can help you do that too.

So in Part One, you'll hear a layout of the entire process - from sending out press releases to preparing your product samples.

You'll also hear. . .

* The often-overlooked ways to find clients
* What it means to become a licensee of the program - what you get
* The best ways to collect your prospects' contact information
* Key strategies for mailing product samples what envelope works best and what to include with every sample

Part Two: The Ins And Outs (And Ups And Downs)

Every business has its headaches, even the ones where you're the boss, setting your own hours and working from home. And the pen business is no different. It's a cinch to do, but you'll still have to pack, ship and make the pens. So in Part two, you'll hear what to expect in a typical workday.

You'll also hear.

* The almost fool-proof areas for marketing the pens
* Exactly what to expect when your orders come in
* The "insider Secrets" of how I keep all my different pens organized
* What size point-tip works best for each pen, and what color I use for the plug and barrel too

Part Three: Sales And Marketing

I've used many different pen promotions and press releases over the years, and I've made copies of the ones that have worked the best. So in Part Three, you'll learn . . .

* A "can't miss" way for displaying and packaging your pens
* The most important things to know when ordering parts
* The "real life" sales and marketing support you'll receive
* All about importing to Canada

Selling pens from your own home is an easy way to make extra cash, and is probably one of the most attractive smaller business opportunities around.

They're simple to make and to market. But the best part about them is: they're a consumable product, so you'll get reorders without even trying. And because this audio answers just about every question you could possibly have about the business, it's your perfect first step.

3) Question and Answer Session With Mr. Scott Nickerson

Here it is a 14-minute recorded conversation and accompanying 9-page transcript with Scott Nickerson. Its called

Incredibly Easy Ways To Make Money In The Pen Business

When it comes to business, there's no right or wrong way to make money. What works for one person may not work for someone else, so it's a good idea to keep an open mind, think creatively and just have fun with it.

This is an interview I did with a new pen licensee named Scott. Scott works in the insurance industry and is looking for ways to merge his pen business with his existing one to make twice the money. He's got a lot of ideas, so we explore some of those, and also a few he hasn't thought of yet.

One area that always seems to work for the pen business is joint venturing. So we go over some of the key strategies and benefits of building those kinds of alliances. But I don't want you to feel like you're limited to my ways alone. In fact, I encourage you to think about your own interests and options, and in this audio you'll hear how to do that.

You'll Also Hear.

* Almost fool-proof ways for marketing to convenience stores, police stations, and insurance agencies
* The number one rule you must follow when selling pens to children
* A special way to fold the flaps of your pen packaging that makes displaying the pens easy and attractive
* Exploding the myth about liability insurance
* All the details about using the pens to generate leads and make money on the back-end

From promotional products to joint ventures, there's a huge market for pens, so you should be able to find an area that interests you, and run with it. And in this audio, we explore many of those possibilities.

4) Your Step-By-Step Training Module For Making Money In The Pen Business

Here is a detailed 74-minute sales training audio session with Wayne on how to sell id pens by phone. If you're like most people, you're probably worried you won't be able to find prospects or create accounts very easily when you first start out in the pen business. But it's actually a pretty simple process that can be done right from home. All you need is a little training, and that's where this audio comes in.

In it, you'll hear me walk a new licensee named Wayne through all the steps in real time. We look up clients using nothing but a simple Internet search. Then we call contacts, hook prospects, and go over preparing samples all in just a couple of minutes each.

And when Wayne followed up with the prospects we called, he ended up landing two out of four of them - with the other two still being possibilities. And you'll hear exactly how he did it.

You'll Also Hear .

* A word-for-word script for selling pens in under 2 minutes
* The "big lie" about telling the truth - learn how being honest and upfront with prospects may actually work to your advantage
* A simple 3-second trick for packaging your samples that will leave your prospects instantly impressed
* The one best way to keep track of all your accounts in a database
* How to find overlooked markets for selling ID pens
* The almost-automatic way to get called back whenever you leave a message

The best part about this audio is that once you hear how simple it is to sell pens, you'll realize you can easily train someone else to do it for you. This is exactly how I've ran my red eye pen business for years - and I've sold more than 500,000 pens. I think you'll be pretty surprised at how simple it is to land solid accounts right away.

5) Like It Or Not. Your Pen Business Is Going To Grow Without You Even Trying Coaching Call With Gene Parker

Gene Parker called me wanting to know what I felt was the best way for him to market his id pens.

29-minute audio interview and accompanying 14-page transcript,

With ID pens, you'll never just be selling the pens themselves (unless you choose to do that) because this business includes many other streams of income that will naturally pop up as you progress along - such as pen manufacturing, ink fulfillment, and UV light sales. So in this 40-minute audio with a potential pen licensee named Gene, we go over those streams of additional income and how to make the most of them.

Although Gene is very interested in becoming a licensee, he still has a lot of questions before taking the plunge. So you'll hear me go over those questions along with a breakdown of the profit margins for each aspect of the pen business and the best ways to get started as soon as possible.

You'll Also Hear.

* The most certain way to pick a market for selling your pens
* An look into the courses you'll receive in the ID Pen University
* 2 overlooked elements to consider before pricing your pens
* Key strategies for selling both wholesale and retail
* The one best way to monitor appointment setters in real time - and know for sure they're really working
* Secret techniques for tailoring your pens to a specific niche market

The reason this business works so well is because the profit margins are huge - you can literally make the pens for pennies and sell them, at wholesale, for 10 times that amount. So even if you're not interested in any other streams of income, the pens are enough to make it worth your while. But this interview will give you plenty of ideas and options to think about.

6) How To Market Your Invisible Ink Pens To The Fundraising And Museum Industries

The best thing about the pen business is that it's flexible and easy. Mix that with a little creativity, and your possibilities are almost endless. And in this interview you'll hear a lot of creative ideas from a new pen licensee named Judy. Judy's listened to many of the interviews and has decided she'd like to market her pens to children's museums and a local chapter of the Lions Club, but isn't sure how to go about doing it.

So in this quick consultation, you'll hear my advice to her about ways she can combine the Lions Club with police stations and a local bank to make a crime-preventing, fundraising, pen-selling package. You'll also hear ways to easily create a marketing plan for selling the pens to children's museums and science centers nationwide.

You'll Also Hear...

* Examples of when to give out the "preferred vendor rate," what that usually is - and what that might mean for you
* The easiest (and cheapest) way to get a mailing list of stores, museums or science centers that would probably be interested in the pens
* The very first thing you should do before contacting any store
* All about the pricing, incentives, and discounts to consider for your pens
 The win-win combinations you can make when mixing the pens with a fundraising effort - that will give people a feel-good incentive for every purchase
* Ways to take the sting out of shipping with a simple deal you can make with UPS

Although the pen business is yours to play around and have fun with, it's always a good idea to learn as many marketing opportunities as possible. And there are a lot of great ideas outlined in this audio that will help you make the most of your business today.


7) How To Jumpstart Your Pen Business With A Few Reachable Goals And A Marketing Plan

Although the pen business is yours to craft into whatever you want to make of it, there are some key strategies that might help you turn it into a lucrative income stream right from the start, and in this audio you'll hear all about them.

This is a 20-minute consultation I did with a new pen licensee named Laura. Laura currently works as an office assistant in a school district and is hoping to make $2,000 a month with her new pen business. That's a completely realistic goal, if you have a plan and stick to it. So you'll hear some key strategies and ideas on the best ways to do that.

You'll Also Hear.

* The best (and easiest) way to sell pens in large quantities
* A realistic look at what you can expect to spend on marketing - you'll be surprised at how little it takes
* Why it might be worth it to hire someone to set up accounts for you
* A word-for-word script you can use to land accounts
* An almost fool-proof way to track any telemarketer you hire in real time - -and know if they're really making calls and how well they're doing
* Examples of how Laura (or anyone) can market the pens to schools all over the nation - so they can mark expensive equipment without the hassles of an engraver

Invisible pens usually retail for $5-$8 each, but don't cost nearly that much to produce. So with a little know-how and a good plan in place, you should be able to build a nice business for yourself right away. And in this audio, you'll hear how to do that.

8) The ID Pen Rolodex Master - Resources to Operate Your ID Pen Business

A 17-page PDF Document That Includes More Than 80 Resources In The Following Categories:

* Copywriters Who Do A Good Job

* Mailing Lists -

* Researching Mailing Lists On The Internet

* Mailing Lists, Card Decks and Good Advice

* Good International Lists

* Letter Shops

* Personalized Mailing

* Order Taking Services

* Fulfillment Houses

* Shipping Services

* Express Mail Look-A-Like Envelopes

* Merchant Account Services

* Checks By Phone and Fax

* Check Guarantee

* Funding/Factoring of Accounts Receivable

* Package Inserts

* Billing Inserts

* Customized Post It Notes

* Realistic Million Dollar Bills

* Million Dollar Business Cards

* Classified Advertising Placement Services

* Graphic Artists

* Cover Designs

* Book Printers

* Printers

* Ink, Pen, Parts, UV Lights Suppliers

9) ID Pen Letters and Mailings Swipe File Master

A 63-page PDF Document That Includes:

* 20 ID Pen Sales / Product Information Letters With Titles Like:

1) Order ID Pens before August 3rd and get FREE SHIPPING.....
2) Now You Can Get ID Pens at Cost!
2) 975 ID Pens @ 89 cents each One Time Offer Won't Last Long
4) Order Counterfeit Money Detector Pens before August 30th
5) Cops, Strike Pay-dirt!
6) FREE UV Lights For Your Station - ID Pens - Only .87 Cents
7) Why Is This "Crazy' California Man Giving Away Pens--FREE?
8) Get Your Police ID Pens For Your National Night Out Promotion!

* A Joint Venture Proposal Offering Percentage

* Testimonial Request Letter

* A Customer Service Support Letter

* Set-up Instructions

* 9 Press Releases With Titles Like These

"A Business In A Box: Unique Writing Pens Offer Profit Opportunity"
"Unique Pen Fights Crime: Donated To Local Community Groups"
"Low-Tech Specialty Pens Sell Well in High-Tech Economy"

* 3 Radio Advertisement Scripts

* 1-inch Ads for Distributors, Stores, and Retail:

"Fight crime & make money!"
"Sell 'Branding Pens' & fight crime!"
"'Brand' your valuables with invisible ink!"

* Story Memo:

"A Recipe For Success: Pen Manufacturer Monico Products"

* Company Background

* Company Fact Sheet

* Principal Background

* Product Fact Sheet

* Five (5) 2-Sided Advertisement Post Cards

10) ID Pen Artwork and Letter Swipe File

A 32-page PDF Document That Includes:

* 8 Different Newspaper Articles About the ID Pen with Titles Like:

1) Crime Fighting Pens
2) ID Pens Available to Police, Watch Groups
3) Pens Donated To Local Businesses Fight Crime
4) Officers Hooked By Invisible Ink Pens

* 18 Ads for Periodicals -- Includes Artwork and Order Forms

* Front and Back of Postcard Mailing - includes Artwork

* Template for ID Pen Stickers to be used in a variety of mailings



For the last 14 years I've been quietly making and selling pens from my home making $1000s per year. All in all, I've made and sold over a half a million pens. No expensive machinery needed. And the profit margins are huge. I can make a pen for 17 cents and sell it retail for $5 or 10x my money selling wholesale by the 1000s.

I've got accounts that have been ordering id pens pens form me for 14 years. But I only sold them once. And I'll reveal everything I know about this pen business to you for only $297.

I still remember the day when my sister with a condescending voice and a sneered lip said . . . "How are you going to make any money in the pen business?

And now you can learn my all my secrets from my little pen business for only one $297.00 payment and without any ongoing payments.




100% 90 Day RISK-FREE


"You have a FULL 90 days to use this incredible system for yourself and prove that it does EXACTLY what I say it does.

NO fine print, NO weasel clauses, if YOU are not happy I am not happy. I'm sticking my neck out here because I know this works...period!"

Don't delay, this price is for a limited time only! Your ID Pen Business System will be sent instantly after your order is placed.

Click the Buy It Now Button Above

$297 is all you pay. There is nothing more to buy and no monthly fees of any kind.




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