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How To Make A Fortune With E-Mail System

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Date posted: 16-Sep-2017

How To Make A Fortune With E-Mail System

Who's In Your Corner When It Comes To Writing Effective Email That Sell?

Sensible Pricing

One time payment of $297. Easy to afford, no per-month charges, no extra costs, no nickel-and-diming or download fees. So, order now! It won't cost any extra.


You are in luck!

Because not too long ago I Interviewed Ben Settle, the world's number one E-mail writing expert and got him to answer over 130 of the most important questions regarding how to make a fortune with e-mail. I have 10 mp3 downloadable recordings of what I think is the best information on the subject.

And now you can STEAL these recordings for only $297

Without e-mail, my business would be non-existent. E-mail marketing is the only way I choose to make money online.

And if you'd like to ramp up your sales by as much as 100%, 200%, even 300% (or more)... using simple little emails you can type out in 5-10 minutes (or less), then this special $297 offer is one you don't want to miss.

Ben Settle has been my go to copywriter for the last seven years. He's written sales letters for me and e-mail copy that has sold thousands and thousands of dollars of products.

He's the most serious student of copywriting that I've ever met.

One time, he read one book on copywriting 23 times!

He's also a high paid direct response copywriter and email marketing specialist.

Some of his clients have included Ken McCarthy (7-figure email marketer, and Internet marketing "pioneer")... Mike Dillard (multi-million dollar info-marketer who also has consulted Robert Kiyosaki's website team)... and Captain Chris Pizzo (world leader in the hyper-competitive self defense niche).

He's also currently re-writing emails for CarbonCopyPro -- one of the Internet's biggest marketing education and resource companies.

Anyway, why is this important for you?

Because Ben and I have created a 10 part audio interview series revealing the his most profitable email secrets know to the marketing world.

And (for now) we're releasing them to you for only $297.00


You'll get the easy to download audio mp3 files and the online play buttons with typed transcripts in PDF format. Don't worry, if you don't know how to download a file, you can just go to the link I send you and press a play button. It's simple as pie.

Each PDF transcripts can be read online, or you can simply download and print them out.

You'll own the answers to 135 of the most wanted to know questions on the subject of how to make a fortune writing emails.

Each question was selected from a pool of over 500 questions asked by my marketing students.

How To Make A Fortune Email System Detailed Interview Descriptions Below:

1) Don't Just Get Your Emails Opened. Get People To Search For Them In Their Inboxes

Very few people are looking for informative articles in their email boxes anymore. That may have been big in the early part of the 21st century, but now there are millions of places on the Internet people can go to find content. And since everybody has a personal favorite, you may want to save yourself the frustration and stop trying to compete.

Still, you've got to give people on your list a reason to open your emails. And the best way to do that is to make your messages so much fun, people will actually look forward to getting them - and won't even mind that you're selling them stuff.

And in Part One of this Q-and-A section, you'll hear the best way to do that - by taking personal stories from your life that will convert into sales.

You'll Also Hear. . .

  • The kind of emails that deliver value - what gets opened, what gets sales, and how to make sure you have what it takes
  • A simple trick that will keep your emails out of the junk folder
  • A five-second exercise for finding stories from your everyday life that you can use in your emails - even if you think you have the most boring life ever
  • How to use stories to build credibility and "bond" with your list
  • Exactly what you need to do every day to become good at writing emails
  • The only length your emails should be - any shorter and you're not hooking them in, any longer and you're losing their interest

When it comes to email marketing, you're always selling. Not every email will have a call to action, but they will all help you build trust and credibility, bond with your audience, or promote yourself.

And in this audio, you'll hear how to take the kind of strategic approach to your content that will keep your email list interested, connected and searching for more.

Part One is 27-minutes and includes an accompanying Download and Printable PDF transcripts

2) The Art Of The Rush Limbaugh Email

Email marketing is a dynamic medium. What works today might not do much tomorrow. So it's important to keep things a lot like Rush Limbaugh. Rush wouldn't nearly be as popular if he sounded like everyone else, or if he talked about the same stories, jokes and headlines over and over again. And neither will you.

In order to make money, you have to stand out from the other 20 emails sitting in your client's inbox at any given moment. But that doesn't mean you have to give away valuable stuff for free, or that you can't constantly be selling. And in Part Two of this Q-and-A session, you'll hear what works to set you apart from the rest - without ever having to go the "constant freebie" route.

You'll Also Hear. . .

  • The simple, one-sentence secret to persuasion - do this and you won't need any Black Hat or NLP stuff
  • The 3 ingredients that make up the perfect email
  • The do's and don'ts of attention-grabbing words, benefits statements, swipe files and whether or not you need to keep your email stories real
  • A trick for writing copy that makes it so easy, you'll never stare at a blank page again
  • The 2 email lists you should join today if you want to see examples of effective email marketing in action
  • The real reason you should never use the word "now" in any of your emails - and exactly what to say instead
  • Clear and straight-forward advice for getting over the fear of failure - it's easier than you think

When it comes to email marketing, a lot of experts will tell you that you have to give away a bunch of valuable stuff for free before you can "earn the right to sell" to your list later.

Don't listen to them. In fact, you'll actually be doing your list a disservice if you don't sell to them often. and right away.

But in order to do that, you have to keep them entertained in the process. And in this audio, you'll hear what works to do it.

Part Two is 30-minutes and includes an accompanying Download and Printable PDF transcripts

3) The Do-It-Yourself Guide To Managing Your Lists

Everyone on your list is different. They look different, act different, have different interests, desires, dislikes, and bank accounts. It can sometimes seem like there's no way to know who will respond to what, or how to manage their responses. So in Part Three of this Q-and-A section, you'll hear the smartest ways to manage your lists using auto-responder-techniques that will help you split, segment, and keep track of every client, and every lead.

You'll Also Hear. . .

  • The ins and outs of the 3 most popular auto-responders - which ones are easy to use, how to use them, what you can expect to pay, and what kinds of lists they're best for
  • Exactly how to use an auto-responder to track, segment and split your list - and how the top moneymakers generally segment theirs
  • Why you may want to pare down your list so you have a "lean-mean" ATM machine, and the best strategies for doing that
  • Quick and easy ways to test your list and your price points
  • The scary side of the "free auto-responder" - and 2 free options that will actually work
  • The ugly little secret about being considered "spam" - and how to minimize your chances of receiving that label
  • The best place to go to get one-on-one, personal help setting up auto-responders and email marketing - and how to NAME YOUR OWN PRICE to get it! (Even if you're so low-tech, you hardly know how to turn a computer on)
  • The art of the daily email - how to use it to gain credibility and make more money
A lot of people get hung up on conversion rates or un-subscribers, when none of that matters. You can really only judge your email marketing by the money you make.

And in this audio, you'll hear how to manage your lists so you make the most (and easiest) money possible.

Part Three is 31-minutes and includes an accompanying Download and Printable PDF transcripts

4) Getting Action From Your List: How To Create Movement And Responses

Like most anything in life, when it comes to email marketing, timing is everything. But that "right place, right time" will be different for everyone on your list because they're not all sitting at the computer when your email comes in. That's why it's possible to send out the same exact email more than once, and get different responses each time.

But there are strategies you can use to analyze your list and increase your action. And in Part Four of this Q-and-A session, you'll hear how you can easily use a daily email to do that including:

  • A simple phrase to add to the end of emails that will let you know exactly who's alive and paying attention
  • The biggest red-flag to look out for that should tell you people aren't even getting your emails - and a simple way to test that theory
  • The only known ways to create and capitalize on sub-lists
  • How to stay on the "safer spot" of all the Gmail accounts on your list. an especially important move now that email services are getting smarter and smarter
  • The email that got a world-famous copywriter's attention (and endorsement to his list) -- and other door-opening opportunities a daily email may get you
  • How to run two different emails in the same day that will help you "earn the right to sell" on the second one
  • Why you should ALWAYS be testing the times you send out your emails and how to use timing to set your emails apart from the other 30 ones in any random inbox
  • How to gauge your email responses to know if your competition is on your list - (spying on your stuff and copying your moves)

A big part of creating movement and action is in getting to know your list. And sending out a daily email will definitely help you do that.

So, don't be afraid to send one out. With the methods outlined in this audio, you won't be seen as the "run-of-the-mill" marketer. You'll actually be the highlight of many people's day, and they'll look forward to opening your emails. and taking action on your offers.

Part Four is 21-minutes and includes an accompanying Download and Printable PDF transcripts.

5) How To Be The "Welcomed Email"

If your neighbor's house is on fire, and you knock at their door to tell them about it - even if it's 2:00 in the morning - you'll be a welcomed guest at their house. And that's the way you have to think about your email marketing. In order to be the welcomed email, you have to help solve a problem that your list is currently suffering from.

But being the "welcomed email" doesn't mean you can't (or shouldn't) aggressively promote to your list. As long as you're talking about their problems and are in their world, you can't go wrong - no matter how many emails or promotions you send out. And in Part Five of this Q-and-A session, you'll learn some strategies for writing the types of emails that do that.

You'll Also Hear. . .

  • Why you should never believe any "hard-and-fast" rules about email marketing, and examples of how to test your list to find out for yourself what really works
  • The best way to get people onto your list fast, and other tips for increasing that all-important subscriber rate
  • The little-known (and often-overlooked) times of the year for email marketing that currently get some of the greatest results for most any promotion
  • How to easily create and post audio interviews if you don't know the first thing about anything technical - and a few simple ways to format interviews for flow and interest
  • How to use a daily email to land "big name" interviews
  • The one surefire way for making a creative product that's almost guaranteed to sell to your list

Most people worry about un-subscribers, when they shouldn't. There's really no way around them when you're promoting to a list - and the only thing that really matters is profit.

Still, there are key strategies for minimizing un-subscribers while maximizing profits. And in this audio, you'll hear how to do that. by being the welcomed email.

Part Five is 23-minutes and includes an accompanying Download and Printable PDF transcripts.

6) Key Strategies For Keeping Things Interesting. And Efficient

Think about those little variety-pack boxes of cereal. They're so popular because people like having something different every day. They like colorful, fresh "open-me" packaging that makes their day fun. That's the way your emails should be - they should take people on a little adventure, and make them wonder just what you could possibly be up to today.

But that doesn't mean you have to spend a huge chunk of your time writing. In fact, there are strategies you can use that will help cut the creative process in half. And in Part 6 of this Q-and-A session, you'll hear all about them - including where to find the best topics for emails that will have you writing them in as little as 20 minutes, subject lines and all.

You'll Also Hear. . .

  • Exactly what to do to get experts to spill their secrets in an interview -- and what you can expect to happen if you go too far and ask a question they don't want to answer
  • The 3 best ways to develop an email list and make money FAST using only audio interviews - even if you're currently at square one with no list and no products
  • 5 can't-miss places to find the best subject lines in a hurry - and a few real-life examples of how to piggy-back on the popularity of current events and holidays
  • The one and only instance when you'll ever want to take your time writing an email
  • How to create a useful swipe file for all your subject lines - using only a spam folder and a cut-and-paste tool
  • The only kind of tracking that's worth it
Keeping things interesting is the key to success when it comes to email marketing - because if you bore someone even once, you could lose a customer for life. But that doesn't mean you have to overanalyze every sentence. You just need a plan. And in Part 6, you'll hear how simple that plan can be.

Part Six is 23-minutes and includes an accompanying Download and Printable PDF transcripts.

7) List Building 101: Creating A Snowball Effect

When it comes to list building and traffic, it may only take a few good strategic moves to cause the kind of snowball effect that can instantly transform a business. Every email you do or article you write will have more power than you think, if you run them correctly.

And in Part 7 of this Q-and-A session, you'll hear how to repurpose your content and make the kind of strategic moves that will build your list quickly. Although it can be a time-consuming process if you're doing it yourself, there are shortcuts that will make the process much easier. And you'll hear all about them including. . .

  • 5 of the hottest, most proven ways to get the best mileage out of every e-zine article
  • How to use joint ventures to make money on the front-end AND grow an email list in the fastest known "snowball effect" way possible
  • A quick "idiot's guide" to finding content for Youtube and iTunes that will quickly drive traffic to your site
  • Everything you need to know to compile a collection of your emails or articles and repurpose them into an eBook or opt-in gift
  • The truth about viral url list-builders and why you should never, ever buy a list or spam anybody
  • A real-life example of how to ethically swipe a headline and email - and turn it into your own
  • The almost fool-proof way honesty can be used as a sales tactic - especially in today's skeptical society where everyone has been conned or scammed
  • Exploding the myth that a "free opt-in" gift is the best way to build a list and what you can do instead
Growing your list is all about showing up and doing something. It's about finding opportunities and making things happen because there's no hotter list than your own. And because small moves can cause a significant chain reaction, getting started is by far your most important step.

Part Seven is 20-minutes and includes an accompanying Download and Printable PDF transcripts.

8) How To Make Money On Even The Smallest Of Lists

Many people think they'll only be able to make money if they have a humongous list, when size actually doesn't matter very much at all. It's quality. Even if you only have a few hundred people on your list - if they know you and have opted in to receive your emails - that's worth much more than a list of 60,000 or more that have no clue why you're emailing them.

And in Part 8 of this Q-and-A session, you'll hear how to maximize your marketing and make the most of your list, no matter what the size.

You'll Also Hear. . .

  • How to get a good response rate without "yelling the loudest" or making outrageous claims and obnoxious emails
  • Why you shouldn't worry about Facebook or Twitter killing off your email marketing
  • The perfect one-two punch your emails need to have - that will make them an almost unstoppable force
  • All the details about the business possibilities that can come from selling your skills as an email writer (once you're good at it) and how much you can expect to pay for a good writer if you choose to outsource
  • The surprising opportunities service providers (like painters and plumbers) can do with email marketing to expand their businesses while making extra money on the side
  • Why you'll never, ever want to worry about spam filters when you write your first draft and a simple test to run when you're finished that will let you know where you stand
  • The dark truth about "safe lists" and why you may want to stay away from them
If you run your email campaigns right, you'll not only be keeping your prospects entertained you'll also be proving your worth to them. And that kind of honest marketing is going to make you more money than blindly emailing hundreds of thousands ever will. And in this audio, you'll hear how to do that.

Part Eight is 20-minutes and includes an accompanying Download and Printable PDF transcripts.

9) Where To Find A Never-Ending Supply Of Story Ideas

You don't need to stare at a blank page and wonder where your next story idea is going to come from. And you don't need to be a genius to figure it out either. If you know your market - read the forums, stories and problems they're having - then you'll never have to create an email from thin air again. You'll just be organizing, compiling and polishing up what's already around you.

And in Part 9 of this Q-and-A session, you'll hear how to do that along with some of the best places to go to find ideas, headlines, and whole stories - just waiting for you to adapt and make your own.

You'll Also Hear. . .

  • The little-known (but highly effective) way to use your PayPal account to create a marketing list
  • The sneaky little way to personalize a canned "cut and paste" response and make it look like you just typed it out
  • How to run the numbers - and knowexactly how much you can invest in order to get the response rate you need
  • Why you should never worry too much about writing a bad email, even if you send out a horrible, regrettable one
  • The exact headline of the email that got the best response rate yet
  • The most profitable ways to use freebies as incentives
  • The one idea that will grow your joint ventures and referral rate faster than any other method
  • Debunking the myth that your emails need to be 80% content and 20% offer - and the percentages that really work

When you first start writing, you're going to fumble and make mistakes. But the more you write, the more you'll be training yourself how to write - and how to keep your antennae up for good story ideas.

Part Nine is 34-minutes and includes an accompanying Download and Printable PDF transcripts.

10) Once You Become An Expert At Email Marketing. It'll Be Like Typing Out Money Whenever You Need It

So many gurus get email marketing wrong - probably because they can afford to make as many mistakes as they want. But Ben writes emails for a living, so he's had to learn what works - and not just in theory. And what he's learned is amazing.

He's learned that there's actually a nuance and a formula to putting offers in your emails that won't make you sound phony. He's also learned how to keep story ideas flowing - where to look, how to look, and how to recycle old content so it's current and fresh. And much more. And you'll hear all about Ben's methods in this audio. From writing subject lines to writing the body and putting in links, with Ben's course, you'll have step-by-step guidance the whole way through.

And in Part 10 of this Q-and-A session, you'll hear all about that course along with the email marketing principles that work for any business.

You'll Also Hear. . .

  • The 8 different "no-sweat, no-brainer" ways to write emails - telling stories is just one of them
  • All the details about Ben's "30-day challenge" that will have you writing your first 20 emails in no time flat - while looking forward to doing it!
  • The "can't miss" way to hire yourself out as an email copywriter - and exactly what you can expect to earn
  • Exactly who will benefit the most from Ben's email course - (It isn't for everyone, so find out if you might be a good prospect)
  • The quickest way to stop agonizing over email subject lines once and for all
  • Exploding the myth that you need to spend months studying before you'll be ready to write your first email - and the surprisingly short amount of time it will take you

Your unique personality, mannerisms, and voice are a huge reason people buy from you, so you're going to want to make sure they stand out in all your emails. And that's one of the best things about the way Ben teaches email marketing - it's a systemized and user-friendly approach, but you won't sound like anybody else when you're done. And in this audio, you'll hear all about it.

Part Ten is 16-minutes and includes an accompanying Download and Printable PDF transcripts


Download, play and listen to or read the transcripts to all ten parts (135 Questions Covered ) of The Ben Settle How To Make A Fortune Email System.

Then study and use Ben's techniques and you'll gain an understanding about the one of the most powerful life secrets known to man. How to create winning emails.

And now you can get all of this training it for only $297.00 without any ongoing payments.


The second I get your order...

I'll e-mail you your download link where you can download and play everything.

If you have any questions at all, feel free to call me at 858-692.9461.


Don't delay, this price is for a limited time only! Your Ben Settle's How to Make a Fortune With Email System will be sent instantly after your order is placed.

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