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How To Count Cards And Win Big Like A Vegas Pro

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Date posted: 16-Sep-2017

How To Count Cards And Win Big Like A Vegas Pro

Learn How To Count Cards Like This man. He claims to have made over $230 thousand dollars in less then three months until he was banned from the world's top casinos. Hear his story now

Want to learn How To Count Cards?

It's every gambler's dream to sit down at a blackjack table, count cards and immediately win so much money they throw you out of the casino. That's happened to Ryan more than a few times. Turns out, casinos don't like it when you beat them, especially when you do it counting cards.

And card counting is actually easier than you think. You don't need a degree from MIT to make a ton of money. Ryan's been doing it since he was old enough to gamble and he's made hundreds of thousands of dollars along the way. And in this interview you'll hear all about his system.

According to Ryan, It's easy to learn How To Count Cards. Even though counting cards is a numbers game, there's really no complicated math involved. In fact, he says the average 6th grader could "beat the casino" using his techniques because there's really only about 15 things you need to memorize, and after a little practice, those 15 things come second nature.


Part One: You'll get the easy to download audio mp3 file where Ryan is full of wild memories about how he and his friends have wreaked havoc on casinos. And in Part One, you'll hear a digital audio interview about two of his most exciting nights, along with a few success stories from his gambling students.

You'll Also Hear Tips From His System Including . . .

* Why you should never play with emotion - even when it feels like you're on a roll

* How to "maintain your percentage" by not over-betting or under-betting

* What kind of a bankroll you need to get started

* Why you'll want to practice at home before you go out for the real deal

* Why playing in teams is easier and more profitable, but what you'll need to watch out for

* A surefire sign that the pit boss is on to you

Ryan's techniques may also come with a few perks. You'll also hear how Ryan and his friends have earned "high roller" status more than a few times using his techniques - with everything including a penthouse suite!

More On How To Count Cards? OK. You'll Also Hear...

* Tips on how to throw off security with strategic betting

Examples of how amateur gamblers have blown it by not knowing how and when to play the odds

* Some of the tactics pit boss's have used to try to outsmart Ryan and his friends and how they were outsmarted themselves

* Examples of the kind of money Ryan has won in a single night

Even though counting cards isn't illegal, you don't want to get caught during your count. Casinos will throw you out if they suspect a count going on by you, and then your fun is over.

Ryan has had this happen to him many times, so he knows how most casino security systems work.

And his seminars include tips on how to avoid getting caught.

So if you've ever wondered what it's like count and to learn how to count cards and take the casino's money for a change, this is the interview for you.

Ryan is a professional gambler who can teach you everything you need to know about counting cards and beating casinos. You'll be surprised how much you can make when you take the "luck" out of gambling, and play the odds instead.

You can count and count like a Vegas pro with some practice.

Part Two - Fourteen (14) digital online video training modules (more than 3 hours!):

* Introduction

* Advantages and Disadvantages

* Why Card Counting Works

* Basic Strategy

* Insurance Bet

* How to Count Cards

* The True Count

* The Kelly Criterion

* Putting It All Together

* Deviations

* Casino Countermeasures

* Team Play

* Mistakes People Make Playing Blackjack

* Advanced Play


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