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Date posted: 16-Sep-2017

Jim Camp Master Negotiator Interview Series $297

Sensible Pricing

Easy to afford, no per-month charges, no extra costs, no nickel-and-diming or download fees. So, order now! It won't cost any extra.

I Repeat -- $297 is all you pay. There is nothing more to buy and no monthly fees of any kind. This is NOT all the same stuff that you can find on my site for free.


Jim Camp, author of "Start with No and No: is the inventor of Decision-Based Negotiation. Since 1987, over 100,000 people have used his negotiation training and management system in more than 500 multinational organizations in a diverse array of industries to complete thousands of business transactions totaling over $100 billion.

Camp has been featured on CNN, CNBC, numerous radio shows, and in The Wall Street Journal, Fortune, Harvard Business Review, Fast Company, Inc., Cosmopolitan, San Francisco Chronicle. Camp has taught his negotiation methods in nine countries on three continents.

Are You A Wimpy Negotiator? If You've Ever Lowered Your Price Or Lost A Hot Prospect, This Negotiating Training Could Change The Way You Close Deals. Forever

When you hear the word "negotiation," you probably picture a feel-good, give-and-take, win-win agreement. But that kind of thinking usually leads people to make compromises in their heads before they even reach the negotiating table, essentially screwing themselves out of a good deal before word-one has even been spoken.

But that doesn't mean you have to take a hard-line to be a good negotiator. In fact, it's just the opposite. And once you learn a system for active negotiations, you won't ever have to worry about what to say at any bargaining table again (whether business or just day-to-day life) because it will all come naturally.

And in this nine-part master negotiation audio training, you'll hear how to learn the art of negotiating from who I believe is the world's number one negotiating trainer, Jim Camp.

The Jim Camp Master Negotiator Interview Series Detailed Interview Descriptions Below

You'll be able to immediately download the Jim Camp Master Negotiator Interview Series which includes:

1) Part One: How To Escape The "Mind-Field"

Confidence is everything. If you let fear and worry dominate your mind before a meeting by telling yourself things like, "They'll probably think my fees are too high for my amount of experience," you'll end up compromising your whole negotiation - including your integrity. Every decision is based on an emotional vision. So you have to find a way to get into your adversary's vision and become an integral part of it. And in Part One, you'll hear how to do that. You'll also hear.

  • Why coming across as a stumbling, bumbling "nice guy" may give you a leg up at the negotiating table
  • The seemingly harmful (but deal-killing) statements most people make that could be costing them millions of dollars every time they say them
  • How to apply negotiating techniques to cold calling that will put prospects at ease and help you get through to decision makers
  • Simple ways to bring an end to challenges and objections by essentially making every "no" look like a "yes"
  • How to use the system to "get in the zone" and close every deal on auto-pilot
  • The one best way to stop sounding needy and desperate during a negotiation - even if you ARE needy and desperate.

Part One is 42-minutes and includes an accompanying 48-page transcript containing both Part One and Part Two

2) Part Two: Avoiding The Objection Trap Is As Simple As Leaving All "Intellectual" Information At Home

Jim has never given a PowerPoint presentation on his whole 40-year career and doesn't plan to either. Why? Because once you start presenting intellectual information in a negotiation, you're opening the door for objections. Instead, you want to create a vision. But because this is your adversary's view and not yours, you should only be concerned about questioning and listening - and never "presenting."

And in Part Two, you'll hear how to do that, along with...

  • The one and only time you should walk away from a negotiation - and the outcome likely to happen if you do
  • Why you'll never hear Jim use words like "power," "leverage," and "advantage" - and what drives a successful negotiation
  • How to create a "vision of pain" in your adversary and how to use that to negotiate a beneficial conclusion for yourself
  • The most certain way to set an agenda that allows your opponent to see the value of what you're offering
  • The four primary variables that affect the outcome of every negotiation

 Most people walk into a negotiation and just start presenting. They think they'll be able to convince the other person that they need whatever they're selling. But it usually doesn't work that way.

So be prepared to throw out everything you've ever learned about negotiations and keep an open mind because this audio is likely to change the way you make agreements in all aspects of your life.

Part Two is 39-minutes and includes an accompanying 48-page transcript containing both Part One and Part Two


3) Boiling It Down To The Basics: How To Get Started The Right Way

Little kids are great negotiators. Problem is, as we get older the fear of failure sets in, and it becomes harder and harder to get out of that mindset. But it's not impossible. Every brain on the planet makes decisions in exactly the same way. So once you have a system in place, you won't need to worry about negotiating anymore. You can just relax and know that you won't be cutting your price, sweating out a compromise, saying the wrong things or even worrying about the outcome - because you'll perform every negotiation the right way. and on autopilot.

So in Part One, Jim uses the first 25 questions from students to break down his system to its most basic level to give you the solid foundation you need to start mastering every agreement.

You'll Also Hear...

  • How to recognize when you're falling into the "mindset of fear" and how to get out fast
  • 5 quick-start steps that will take you through even the toughest of negotiations
  • The attitude-trap you won't want to fall into because it instantly builds barriers and puts people off before you even open your mouth
  • What you need to know about "hiding the ball" in a negotiation and when to use that strategic device
  • The one correct attitude you should have for a successful negotiation (Believe it or not, it has nothing to do with being positive or negative)
  • Exactly what Jim calls the "greatest waste of resources" and how to stop yourself from falling into that worst case scenario

You can't win or lose a negotiation. And you can't convince someone to do something. This system isn't about manipulating a negotiation; it's about mastering it. And Part One will help you get rid of any preconceived notions you have about the process, so you can start right where you need to be - at square one.

- 36-minute audio, 13-page transcript


4) Managing Raw Emotions and Fear

You can't be weak or timid in a negotiation, but you can't be aggressive either. Aggressiveness gets gobbled up too. So what do you do when you're bubbling over with natural anxiety, fear, desperation, or an all-around lack of self-confidence? That's where having a system in place makes all the difference.

And in Part Two, Jim answers questions 26-79 from students about managing fear while staying focused and calm during a negotiation.

The good news is, Jim, says people who aren't naturally assertive make great negotiators once they know the system. In fact, it may be a good thing not to be overly confident. And in this audio, you'll hear how to make your emotions work for you. You'll also hear...

  • The most complicated piece to the negotiation puzzle that must be determined before you sit down to any negotiating table
  • How to create a "vision of failure" in gatekeepers that will have them believing it's in their best interest to let you through to the decision-maker right away
  • The one and only way to rebound once you've shown you are timid, weak, or needy
  • How to use the "three-plus" rule to uncover mistruths and misdirection, peel back the onion, and get to the psychology of any sticky situation
  • Exactly what to do when an adversary is being overly aggressive or deceptive
  • The no-pain way every negotiation should end

Unfortunately, you can't just "wing it" when it comes to confidence, but that doesn't mean there's no hope. And in Part Two, you'll hear how to end your fear of failure and take control over your emotions - no matter how intimidated you are.

- 53-minute audio, 22-page transcript


5) The Meat And Potatoes Of Negotiating Success: Creating The Vision You Need

Jim is always on. During a negotiation, he's not worrying about his presentation. He's busy running research about his adversary - by listening, probing, taking mental notes, and learning. Too many people forget to do that and instead become so busy trying to "show what they've got" in 20 minutes or less that they end up frustrated. And wondering why the negotiation failed again.

If you can get into the world of your adversary, you can integrate yourself into their vision. And that's a huge part of a successful negotiation.

But to do that, you have to stop thinking win-win. According to Jim, that mindset only makes people feel like they need to win at any cost (and that cost usually comes at your expense). So in this Q-and-A interview, you'll hear Jim answer questions 80-96 about the mindset that works to create the vision you need. You'll also hear...

  • What Jim describes as "the giant negotiating secret weapon" - Master this and you'll master negotiation
  • How to make multiple "one-bite-at-a-time" mission statements to help you stay focused during every aspect of your negotiations
  • Key strategies for taking care of the problems that could be holding you back- like pricing, past performance, whatever - and end them for good
  • How to prepare the all-important checklist that will guide you through every turn, like a personal negotiation-GPS
  • The critical nuances to "three-plus" that could make or break how effective it is
  • How Jim does his research on a client - and it doesn't involve your run-of-the-mill, easy-to-acquire website searches
  • A word-for-word script to use if a seemingly impossible impasse happens during a negotiation

A great talk starts when you stop living in your world and start becoming a part of your adversary's. And in Part Three, you'll learn how to do that.

- 32-minute audio, 13-page transcript


6) How To Stop Compromising Once And For All

Even if you're thinking, "I will NOT compromise this time," you will - if the only tool you have in your negotiating toolbox is the mindset of "give and take." You have to train your brain not to make assumptions or compromises, but it's not easy because a flawed win-win mindset surrounds us.

Think about it. What happens to businesses when the economy tanks? Margins get slashed because owners assume they need to compromise their agreements in the field. Then because profit margins are smaller, they ask employees to take pay cuts. And the employees likely will - because they also have a mindset of compromise. It's a vicious cycle.

But it doesn't have to be. And in Part Four, you'll hear Jim answer questions 96-126 from students about how to create the only mindset that works.

You'll Also Hear...

  • How to get in the habit of using what Jim calls a Blank Slate mindset instead of the usual "Ivory Tower" win-win one
  • Exploding the "tactic" myth - why tactics never work in a negotiation and what you should be doing instead
  • Exactly what to do with your body posture and voice that will instantly ease tension - while giving you the appearance of having "relaxed confidence"
  • A real-life look at three-plus in action - with examples of how to use it to bring out your adversary's vision
  • When and how to confidently throw out the "first offer" in a negotiation without worrying about being shot down in flames
  • Exactly what causes 99% of all challenges faced at the negotiating table and how to be prepared for whatever comes up

 Having a win-win mindset is like being stuck in a sad little fishbowl full of compromises and "tactics." Because you can't get anywhere with it, this kind of mindset only costs you money, opportunities, and growth. And in this audio, you'll hear how to get out for good.

- 40-minute audio, 16-page transcript


7) The Only 3 Things That Matter In A Negotiation

If you believe your adversary has "power" in a negotiation, you're setting yourself up for failure before you've even begun. That kind of mindset will only generate a self-induced, fearful emotional state. And you'll be worrying for nothing too.

According to Jim, there is no such thing as power in a negotiation. Or leverage. And believe it or not, he says the price is never a factor either. In fact, it doesn't make a difference what you're negotiating; there are only three things that matter - vision, opportunity, and decision.

And in Part Five of this Q-and-A section, you'll hear Jim answer questions 127-147 from students about how to create that kind of essential elements for every niche, including . . .

  • How having a system will beat back any "tactic" your adversary may try to throw at you
  • Exactly what to say to a competitor if he flat out asks, "So. is this going to be a win-win agreement?"
  • Negotiating advice for job seekers along with a quick story about how Jim got one of his negotiating students twice the income he was currently receiving
  • Why you probably won't want to tell your adversary that you can increase his profits - and examples of what to say instead that will actually help them visualize the money

In order to have a successful negotiation, you have to stop worrying - about power, fallback positions, and especially compromise because none of that matters. But the good news is - with Jim's system, you'll be able to relax and know you're ready for everything that comes up

- 28-minute audio, 10-page transcript


8) A Foolproof Way To Avoid Failure

Jim says that whenever he's called in after a failure, he can usually attribute it to a lack of mission and purpose. It doesn't matter how great you think a negotiation will go, or what industry you're in - without mission and purpose; things will go wrong. But it's not enough just to have those things in place. Both your mission and purpose have to be well thought out, clear, and step-by-step. You also have to make sure they benefit your adversary.

So in this audio, you'll hear Jim answer more niche-specific questions from students about how to create success in joint ventures, contingency deals, research, audio interviews, and more.

You'll Also Hear . . .

  • The one simple question to ask that could get you past a gatekeeper right away - Jim asked it, and got one of his clients in to see Lee Iacocca
  • How to have the highest price and still be in the running (even for one of those "the cheapest bid will get the contract" web auctions)
  • The top 4 ways to create skin in the game using what Jim describes as "the key to the money"
  • A word-for-word script to use when a potential client asks, "Okay, so how much is this going to cost me?" that will take the pressure off the price
  • How to use Jim's system in your personal life - and negotiate insurmountable debt, rent, and other cost-of-living staples
  • How to make the only kind of contingency deal that's worth it

Having an active mission and purpose is critical for negotiating success. But you can't just create a vision for yourself; you have to create one for your adversary as well. Show them that you understand their problems and challenges, and they'll be compelled to dig into the opportunity you're giving them. And in this audio, you'll hear how to make that happen.

- 38-minute audio, 14-page transcript


9) Jim Camp's Most Important Case Studies

- 59-minute audio, 40-page transcript



Download, listen to or read the transcripts to all nine parts (420 minutes of expert training, 174 Questions Covered) of the Jim Camp Master Negotiator Interview Series. Then study and use his techniques and you'll gain an understanding about the one of the most powerful life secret known to man. How to negotiate winning agreements.

And now you can get all of this training it for only $297.00 without any ongoing payments.


The second I get your order...


I'll e-mail you your download link where you can download and play everything.

If you have any questions at all, feel free to call me at 858-692-9461.


$297 is all you pay. There is nothing more to buy and no monthly fees of any kind.



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