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Selfie Loop Cell Phone Mini Advertising Invention

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1000 @ $2.90 / 1 case/1000 Units


Date posted: 01-Nov-2017

Condition: New



Up for grabs 1000 Selfie Loop Cell Phone Holder Invention Branded With Your Logo. . .

Only $2995 100% ITEX  You Pay Only $29 S&H Plus Tax

1000 Branded Cell Phone Loops @ $2.90 each


* FREE Art Work

* FREE 4X6 Backer Card

* FREE Set Up

* FREE Color Printing

* FREE Assembly

*$29 CASH for Shipping

For more details go to

The Selfie Loop has never been offered on ITEX Before.

This is a short-term offer and will NOT last Long

This listing is for 1000 Selfie Loops Branded with your logo.


Will ship anywhere in the US for $29.00 

100% ITEX. Call Mike 858-692-9461

Here's a simple patent pending invention that will leave you saying, "Why the heck didn't I think of that!"

The Senoff Loop is a practical cell phone accessory that enhances your touchscreen experience. Senoff Loops are so simple to use; everyone will enjoy them!


By just inserting your finger through the Smart Loop, you can comfortably hold AND operate your touchscreen with one hand, while gaining full mobility of your thumb to work your display without the fear and frustration of dropping your phone.


You'll enjoy a new experience of texting, gaming, photographing, browsing, and reading on your phone. All with one hand!

The Senoff Loop securely sticks to the back of your personal electronic devices, yet can be easily and cleanly removed.

The Senoff Loop is protected by design patent applications, one utility patent pending application and one provisional patent application for its releasing mechanism.

The Corporate Gift, Your Customers, And Employees Can Use!

Logoed key chains, pens, magnets, and coffee mugs are so old school ! Give your employees something new and exciting!

For your next corporate event, give Senoff Loops designed with your exclusive logo. It will be the most useful gift your clients and staff have ever received.

The Senoff Loop offers unlimited promotional advertising and branding opportunities with full color, photo quality, high-resolution graphics.

The Senoff Loop is lightweight, waterproof, thinner, more solid, more portable, and less expensive than any product of its kind on the market.

The Senoff Loop is the lowest profile device of its kind, measuring only 1/16 of an inch thick, so you can seamlessly slip your phone into your back pocket. 

Call or text me at 858-692-9461 or by email at  




Now you might expect to pay as much as $5 - $10 in retail stores for a cell phone accessory of this quality and utility.

But because I am the sole manufacturer and 100% owner of this invention, the price of each cell phone loop is not $10, not even $5.

During this Introductory Offer, you'll pay only $2.90 for each!

And here's your Introductory Offer . . .

1000 Branded Cell Phone Loops @ $2.99 each


* FREE Art Work

* FREE 4X6 Backer Card

* FREE Set Up

* FREE Color Printing

* FREE Assembly








If You Can Dream It, We Can Print It . . .

If you can dream it, we can print it on your custom Senoff Loops.

From simple black and white art to high resolution stunning color.

Imagine branding your loops with art, photos, logos and more.

It's all within your grasp.

Here are a few ideas to get your creative juices going.

To learn how Senoff Loops can jump start your business, request a custom quote, get in touch with our fast and affordable design team or receive free samples, call us at 858-692-9461.









PEEL: Peel the blue protective liner away from the Senoff Loop, exposing the Senoff Stick Pad. Do not touch the stick pad.


STICK: Orient the loop so that the loop runs top-to-bottom of your phone, not across. Some people like to place the loop at an angle. We recommend straight up and down for the most comfortable grip.

Position your Senoff Loop over the desired area, then press and hold for 10 to 20 seconds to secure.

The Senoff Stick is a fascinating material. It's flexible, clear, strong, removable, repositionable and retains its sticky properties use after use. Unlike VHB, permanent tape or glue, Senoff Stick won't damage your device or case. But it's strong enough to hold your Senoff Loop securely to your device.

The Senoff Stick Pad adhesive will be at 100% in three hours. If you choose to use the Senoff Loop before the stick pad becomes 100% effective, please do so with care.



PRESS: Press down on the outer side of the loop over the moon cut out to reveal the U-Shaped Loop edge.


LIFT: Pull the U-Shaped Loop up and insert your finger. Or for a looser fit, simply bend the loop all the way back, making the loop looser. You control how tight you want the loop on your finger. Fold the loop down flat when not in use. The Senoff Stick pad will hold the loop securely in place but not so securely that you can't get the loop out and up again.


BEND : Bend the loop all the way back SLOWLY from the crest of the loop.


USE: Insert your first or second finger into the loop



Call or text me at 858-692-9461 or by email at













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