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Date posted: 01-Sep-2017

Condition: New

To all our Fellow Brokers and Trade Directors, in case you have not heard, we have been at War with Hurricane Harvey here.  You would have to be living under a rock lately if you did not know..okay, that was to make you laugh.  I am asking you a huge favor, please refrain from requesting anything that involves travel related items, like accoms, car services, etc. at this time we have nothing to provide you or your members.  I would not have sent this, but, I have gotten calls and requests for Hotels, Limo, and restaurants.  Unless your members have family they can stay with or are coming down here for humanitarian reasons, and have a pre-arranged place to stay, we have no rooms.  We have not been able to reach all our members yet, so we can't even offer anything involving repairs, replacement items, etc.  I have had some call me due to having family here and have advised them to check our FB page for updates, services and member updates concerning assistance will be there.  I wish I could do more, but at this time, we are very limited to resources and we are still in a major flood recovery with new evacs going on even today.  Save yourself and your members time and energy, please do not request anything related to travel at this time.  Understand, all Hotels, B & B's, Motels, Inns, are either out of service or over booked to capacity.  Even for CASH.  Not only are we housing our own residents but we have hundreds if not thousands of rescue workers, government agencies, and so on here too.  I will keep everyone advised as to when this may change, but for now we can't help anyone wanting to travel in, or stay here.  We can't even provide accoms for our own right now.  I have no scrip available and all our car services are not in service.  Thank you for your understanding, prayers and patience as we all try to recover from this.

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