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Therapad-Infrared pain relief

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few @ $129.00 / each


Date posted: 06-Sep-2017

Condition: New

Melt away aches and pains with this High-Tech, Far Infrared-Heated Car Pad!

TheraPad proves to be the easy to use miracle cure for eliminating back pain, sciatica and stimulating unbelievable comfort while sitting in your car or in your office chair.(Please note for use in home or office you will need to purchase a 3 Amp charger to 110v adapter sold separately - may be found  on Amazon or similar sites)

 Infrared Heating = Back Pain Relief

How Therapad Works: The TheraPad infrared heating pad is unlike any on the market. All other heating pads use ordinary heat elements that are hot to the touch and heat the surface of the skin.

The infrared heat waves of the TheraPad go (deep) through the skin – through the muscle all the way to joints, bones, ligaments, nerves and blood vessels to eliminate the source of back pain.

But it doesn’t feel hot! Which makes it easier to use for longer periods of time for (continued) pain relief, and it’s more comfortable during the summer.


 Must EMAIL Dave for more information or to purchase.

Retail: $295
Itex: $129 + $29 (cash) S&H

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