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How To Sell To Wal-Mart Seminar Home Study

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Date posted: 16-Sep-2017

How To Sell To Wal-Mart Seminar Home Study

Dear Friend,

If you've ever wanted to quickly and easily get in Wal-Mart, make millions of dollars per year, and retire early with more money than you could ever hope to spend...then this will be one of the most important letters you ever read.


Here's why:


My name is Michael Senoff and, as an international business consultant, I routinely interview and consult with some of the richest and most successful business manufacturers, marketers and retailers in the world.


And a few months ago I spoke with a man who discovered a simple way almost anyone can use to get in Wal-Mart and other billion dollar retailers -- even if you're a small company with only one or two employees, and...


Even If You Know Nothing About Retailing,

Merchandising Or Marketing Now.


And in this letter I am going to show you exactly what this secret is...and how you can use it to get your products on Wal-Mart's shelves quickly, easily and without even spending any of your own money.


But before I reveal this man's secret, there are some things you should know about him.


First of all, his name is Joe, and he has 31 years of experience in business marketing and founding and growing companies.


He has also worked closely with billion dollar companies like Kimberly

Clark and BF Goodrich...and has sold over $45 million of his own products to mass retailers like Wal-Mart, Safeway, K-Mart and Target (where he won the "Best New Vendor" award).


And unlike most people who get in Wal-Mart (who usually only get in once -- from pure luck)...


Joe Has Gotten His Products

In Wal-Mart Multiple Times.


Twice without needing any money.


And during our conversation, he revealed some of the little-known ways he used to do it.


For example:


He told me why you should never tell a Wal-Mart buyer your product is "unique" (even if it is) and that it has no competition (even if it doesn't) -- and what you must say instead.


He told me why you should never let one of your sales reps talk to a Wal-Mart buyer...and why doing so will get you instantly blacklisted from Wal-Mart forever.


He told me why even 95% of all the products Wal-Mart buyers like don't make it in the stores...and the one (almost childishly simple) secret of the 5% that do get in.


He even told me why it's almost impossible to get in Wal-Mart if you only sell one item...and how to quickly and easily create an entire line of products from scratch...


Without Spending Any



And that was just for starters.


He also revealed mass merchant tactics he learned while working with and observing billion dollar companies like Kimberly Clark, BF Goodrich, Proctor & Gamble, and Sears.


For example:


He showed me how you can sometimes outsell all your competitors in Wal-Mart by making your product packaging less attractive and "fancy" than your competition.


He explained how mass retail buyers "think." And how saying just a few simple things they love to hear (like how your product will increase the sales of the products around it) dramatically increases your chances of



getting in.


He even demonstrated a simple way of getting in Wal-Mart stores without

even talking to their buyers or putting up with any new vendor "red tape."


And get this:


As incredible as all those secrets are, even more remarkable is what he revealed at the end of our call.


An absolutely "foolproof" way he used to get in Wal-Mart 95% of the time he used it.


And he said you can basically write your own ticket when you know this one secret.


Because not only does it get you in Wal-Mart...but also any other billion dollar retail stores you want -- multiplying your profits through the roof.


In fact, Joe has personally used this secret to get in Wal-Mart, Target, Hallmark, and 20,000 independent stores around the world -- and make tens of millions of dollars.


Anyway, I can't cover everything Joe said in this letter.


But I can tell you how to get your hands on all Joe's secrets above -- plus hundreds more -- at no risk to you and...


Even Free If You



Here's how:


I asked Joe if he would put all his secrets about getting in Wal-Mart in a system anyone could follow.


I said there are people who would love to know his secrets. People with great products perfect for Wal-Mart. People who are looking for that one "big break" that sets them up for life.


Luckily, Joe agreed.


And he created a simple system that reveals ALL the secrets he used to make over $45 million in Wal-Mart and all the other "monster" retailers with a 95% success rate.


Secrets he learned while working as a product manager at Kimberly Clark. While observing multi-million dollar marketing and merchandising tests performed by Proctor & Gamble, Sears, and Kleenex. And while selling millions of dollars of his own products to Wal-Mart, Target, K-Mart, Hallmark


and thousands of retail stores around the world.


And you know what?


No matter how far you matter how many "experts" you talk cannot find many of Joe's secrets anywhere.




Because until now...


Joe Has Never Shared Them

With Anyone.


Here are just a few of the incredible secrets you'll find in Joe's system:


u Five "can't miss" ways to get in Wal-Mart with zero money.


u How to get orders from mass merchant buyers who have already decided not to order!


u How to "read" a Wal-Mart buyer's mind...and know what he's thinking, what he wants to hear and get him almost begging you to let him sell your products on Wal-Mart's shelves.


u An almost unknown way to get your competitors to finance your Wal-Mart ventures for you.


u A secret about Wal-Mart's computer system that keeps most vendors from getting in...and how to actually use it to get your products in Wal-Mart faster and easier than everyone else.


u How to get complete strangers inside Wal-Mart to put in a good word about your products for you.


u Who your "hidden" competitors are in Wal-Mart...and how to use this knowledge to boost your chances of getting in.


u How to get products to sell to Wal-Mart if you don't have any already...and how to get them for little or no money.


u Two "unfair" advantages many companies outside the U.S. have when getting in Wal-Mart stores.


u How to use other people's money, time, resources and manpower to get

your products in Wal-Mart.


This one secret alone can possibly make you a fortune.




Because the fact is it's a lot easier for someone already in Wal-Mart to get a product in...than someone who's not.


And if you use Joe's simple secret for finding and "teaming up" with

people already in Wal-Mart...


You Can Get In Quickly, Easily

And With Little Or No Money.


u How to compete with billion dollar companies selling in Wal-Mart. (Joe used this secret to knock 3M out of Wal-Mart for three years...and stole a big chunk of their market share in the process.)


u The one thing you must never send a Wal-Mart buyer...even if they ask for it. (Don't worry, they won't screen you out for not sending this in. But they probably will screen you out if you do.)


u Why Wal-Mart is reducing the number of vendors they buy from...and how to use this fact to get your products in Wal-Mart faster and easier than everyone else.


u A secret way to use the UPC code on your product package to start a part-time "side business" that could make you more money than selling in Wal-Mart.


u How to make sure your products fly off the shelves in Wal-Mart...without needing any help from sales associates, advertising or brand awareness.


u How to double your sales in Wal-Mart each year...without doubling your customers.


u Three incredibly profitable current trends (you can tap into today) that can massively increase your chances of getting rich in Wal-Mart.


u How to use an ordinary chair and a piece of scotch tape to test the strength of your product packaging. (This is free "insurance" you can use to protect your products from reckless UPS drivers and shipping dock workers.)


u Why you should always let a child or teenager read your product

instruction manuals.


u The "big secret" to getting your product on an end cap or at the checkout stand. (It's almost impossible not to get a flood of sales in these two spots.)


u How to "create" new merchandising space out of thin air in mass retail stores...and be the only person who gets to use it. (Joe used this secret at Target and his profits soared.)


u A secret way of getting tens of thousands of dollars worth of newspaper advertising...


For As Much As 95% Off.


Here's a fact:


One of the best ways to drive thousands of additional customers to your product in Wal-Mart is with full page ads in major newspapers.


And Joe reveals a secret way (he learned from a billion dollar direct marketer) to get quarter page ads, half page ads and, yes, even full page ads in major metropolitan newspapers (read by hundreds of thousands of potential customers) for pennies on the dollar.


And guess what? Almost nobody knows how to do this. And those who do never share it with anyone.


u How to use your phone line and a single sheet of paper to get media reporters raving about your product to millions of people around the country!


u Five simple and proven ways for international manufacturers and exporters to get in Wal-Mart. (Including how to show your product to Wal-Mart buyers if you live outside the United States...How to bypass all the new vendor requirements...How to become a direct importer to Wal-Mart...And how to sell to Wal-Mart even if they have no stores in your country.)


u How to get other people to sell your product in Wal-Mart and do all the "work" for you.


u The single most important statistic (not your sales) you can quote to a Wal-Mart buyer. (You can sometimes get in on the strength of this one statistic alone.)


There's more. A lot more.


Such as...


How to make your product "theft-proof"...The secret of getting paid by Wal-Mart every 10 days (instead of every 30 or 60 days)...How to get mass retailers to spend their money to advertise your product for you...And how to...


"Ethically Steal" Products

Already Successful In Wal-Mart.


This is easily Joe's most powerful secret.


Maybe you don't sell a product that is right for Wal-Mart. Or maybe



you simply want to add more products to your existing line.


Well guess what?


All you need to do is find a hot product already making money in Wal-Mart...modify it (using Joe's simple instructions) to make it better than the original...and then add it to your product line.


It may sound sneaky (and it is) but it's by far the easiest and most immediately profitable way to get in Wal-Mart ever discovered. It's also one of the "best kept" secrets of some of the richest and most successful mass retail vendors in the world.


Best part: It's 100% legal and ethical (it's actually how Joe got the "Best New Vendor" award from Target). And it lets you quickly create a solid money-making business from scratch.


And you know what?


You can do the same thing just as easily and logically as Joe does when you use this tactic.


Anyway, those are just a few of the incredible secrets in Joe's system he calls:


"Wal-Mart Gold"


And having this system is like having the answers to a test before taking it.


It tells you everything -- from "A to Z" -- you need to know about getting in Wal-Mart and other mass retailers.


Plus, you get it all in an easy-to-understand, step-by-step system explained in a way that assumes you know nothing about the subject now. With no needless "fluff" or untested theory.


In fact, the secrets in this course has been carefully tested, perfected and proven to work for real products in real Wal-Mart stores.


And check this out:


Joe's incredible system isn't the only thing you get.


You also get six additional interviews...


With Some Of The World's Richest...Savviest...And Most

Respected Experts On Getting In Wal-Mart.




A multi-millionaire who sells over $200 million worth of flowers to Wal-Mart, SafeWay, Albertson's and dozens of other giant retailers per year.


A former Wal-Mart Human Resources Director who Wal-Mart's PR department calls the "foremost expert" on Wal-Mart's buying and selling culture. (He even wrote a best-selling book on the subject and worked directly with Sam Walton).


A high-paid consultant who's specializes in helping businesses get in Wal-Mart and other billion dollar mass merchants.


The web master and advertising director of "F.I.T.A." -- an international trade organization on the Internet.


Here is a small sample of the secrets on retailing, merchandising and getting in Wal-Mart revealed by these world-class experts:


u A secret way of making money in Wal-Mart without even selling your products in their stores!


u A simple way of "out-selling" a competitor who sells the exact same product at the exact same price you do.


u How to make money selling your product in Wal-Mart...even if you don't make a lot of sales. (This is one of the many "hidden" financial benefits of getting in Wal-Mart.)


u Why Wal-Mart buyers use both sides of every piece of paper they write on...and how to use this information to get your products on Wal-Mart's shelves.


u A secret "clause" in Wal-Mart's public relations policy that can quickly get your product in their stores.


u How to use "global warming" and other environmental topics in the media to get your product in Wal-Mart. (This bizarre strategy works for

almost any product you can imagine.)


u How to "think" like Sam Walton did...and why this will explode your chances of getting your product in Wal-Mart.


u How to quickly and easily get in Wal-Mart by "teaming up" with your local Wal-Mart's store manager. (And completely avoid talking to Wal-Mart buyers yourself.)


u The one foolish thing most companies do to get thrown out of Wal-Mart before they even show their product to a buyer.


u When always having the lowest price can actually hurt your chances of



getting in Wal-Mart.


u Two simple words that can make almost any importer successful selling to Wal-Mart.


u An "innocent" question you should ask Wal-Mart buyers that will help you get in almost 100% of the time.


u How to make out like a bandit in Wal-Mart stores by "modifying" your products for the tidal wave of retiring, cash-flush baby boomers.


u How to "stack the deck" in your favor and know exactly what a Wal-Mart buyer wants to hear from you...before you even meet with him!


u The absolute cheapest country in the world to manufacture your products. (And nope, it's not China, India or Mexico.)


u The main difference between Wal-Mart buyers and Target buyers...and how to use this information to make more money in both stores.


u The single most important thing you can bring to a meeting with a Wal-Mart buyer. (This has nothing to do with your company or product.)


And that's just for starters.


These bonus interviews also show you why honest and ethical businesses have a huge advantage getting in Wal-Mart...What to do if you're nervous about approaching Wal-Mart with your product...How to give yourself an immediate "edge" over your competition before talking to a Wal-Mart buyer, and much more.


Okay, what you've read is just a sample of the exciting information you get with Joe's simple system and these bonus interviews.


Your system includes 29 audio CD's (over 14 hours of instruction) and the written transcripts -- in case you want to highlight and underline as you follow along. The entire course is designed so anyone can learn it fast...and be ready to use the information in just a short weekend.


And that's about it.


If you're serious about getting in Wal-Mart and other mass merchants, driving your sales through the roof, and securing your financial future, then this system can change your entire life.


One day you're doing "business as usual"...and the next you're overwhelmed with orders from Wal-Mart, Target, and other mass retailers from around the country.


Instead of wondering how you're going to grow your business or increase your sales each year...your biggest "problem" is managing all the money


pouring in.


And when you want to will be in the rare position to sell your business and possibly...


Walk Away With A Multi-Million

Dollar Payout.


Happens all the time.


Many savvy investors and entrepreneurs will pay a fortune for a business already successful in Wal-Mart.


Does all this sound good to you?


Well, before you get too excited, there are a couple things you should know.


First of all, Joe's system really is easy to follow and simple to learn.


But if you try to get creative or "modify" Joe's system in any way, it will not work.


And secondly, it's expensive.


Joe spent over 20 years and millions of dollars in expensive trial and error learning all the "ins and outs" of getting and staying in Wal-Mart. And he can teach you his secrets in just a few days and with none of the frustration.


But it's not going to be cheap.


The price is one payment of $975 plus shipping and handling.


Which is a drop in the bucket compared to the money you can make in Wal-Mart and other mass retailers.


But you don't have to take my word for any of this.


Because if we hear from you today you can...


Use This Powerful Information



Here's how:


I will send you the entire system to examine for 45 days.


If you don't agree Joe's system is everything I described in this


letter and more...I will buy the system back from you.


No hassles and no questions asked.


And don't worry about "rush" shipping it back, either. Just call me within 45 days and that will be good enough.


But you must hurry.


This offer will not last long. So the only way to make sure you get your hands on this system is to try it right now.


Here's how to order:


Simply FAX or mail the enclosed order form. Or, for fastest service, call my office at 1-858-274-7851 and leave the following information on our secure 24-hour order line:


1.) Your full name


2.) Your address (shipping and billing, if they are different)


3.) Your credit card number and type (i.e. Visa, Mastercard, etc)


4.) The security code on your credit card (the three numbers on the back)


5.) Your credit card expiration date


6.) Your phone number (in case there is a question processing your card.)





Remember, you get to use everything for 45 days risk fee. That takes

all the pressure off you, and lets you try everything free if you choose.


If you have any questions, call me personally at 1-858-274-7851.







Michael Senoff



P.S. When you order "Wal-Mart Gold" today, you will also get two free bonus CD's you can keep even if you return the main system.


These free bonus CD's reveal 68 additional distribution channels (besides mass merchandisers) you can profit from -- no matter what you sell or who you sell to.


And believe it or not, in some cases you can make more money using one or two of these "alternate" channels of distribution than you can selling in Wal-Mart. Some of the secrets on these free bonus CD's include:


u How to advertise your product on TV to millions of people for less than $300.


u How to use your local post office to quickly flood your business with new customers.


u A secret way of using an "ugly" website to quickly and easily sell your products.


u How to sell your products on the Internet...without needing a website.


u How to cheaply sell your products on the #3 traffic ranked website on the Internet.


u A secret way of using the Better Business Bureau to sell more of your products.


u How to legally use tele-marketing to people on the U.S. "do not call" list.


u And much more.


The secrets on these free bonus CD's are fast, simple, and, in most cases, don't cost a lot of money. To get your 45-day "Wal-Mart Gold" test drive and your free bonus CD's call 1-858-274-7851 anytime, day or night.


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