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Date posted: 01-Jan-2018

How To Legally Close The Deal Using Binding Agreements Without The Pain And Expense Of An Attorney

From: Michael Senoff

President, J S & M Sales & Marketing Inc.

San Diego, CA.

Thursday 11:31 a.m.


Dear Friend,


There's no doubt about it. Being a deal maker has to be the most exciting kind of business in the world.


And when it comes to setting up deals. Most people are clueless about how to get things off the ground. Most people are scared of getting screwed in the deal. And so, more often than not. They let piles of money slip through their fingers...

Most people are skeptical about entering into a deal and "partnering" with another business.


Firstly, they want to be 100% certain their reputation will not be hurt by doing a deal with another business.


And secondly, they want to be certain they won't be cut out of their share of the agreed profits.


What about you? You want to make sure you're cut in on your share, right? Sure you do! You want your deals to go down smooth, don't you? You want to do everything within your power to make sure each party sticks to their end of the deal.


As simple as this may sound in theory, in reality it's not.


That's why the most overlooked (yet crucial) moneymaking secret in the world can get all parties to "shake hands on the deal." Because, unless this happens. No matter how potentially profitable the deal. No matter how "air tight" your plan may seem. No matter how important your partner is. It won't matter a dime. If  you can't "seal the deal in writing" with all parties involved.


What To Do?


Well, what most deal makers do is bring in an attorney to write up legal contracts that can be used to bind every party to their verbal agreement.


Sounds good in principle. But, it's ugly.


Think: Have you ever screwed up a deal because somebody "froze" right when you handed him or her a hefty legal contract? Has a potential client suddenly gotten nervous about signing their name to a legal agreement that they don't understand?


This has happened to all of us. And if it has not happened to you yet, it will. I promise. You work away prospecting for clients; you breeze through with a flawless presentation. Everything is looking great. And then. SLAM. The legal contract scares the prospect, and they run for cover. never to be seen or heard of again.


Who can blame them?


Don't you suddenly get nervous about signing your name to something you don't fully understand? Don't you back away with the excuse you need some time to think it over. need some time to talk with your partner?


You see, not only will a business attorney charge you a fortune to put together a legal agreement, he'll do his best to turn his agreement or contract into a document thicker than the Bible.


If you've ever had to deal with an attorney, you will come to understand that he is.


A Deal Killer!


The truth is, lawyers seem to have a certain fetish about killing the deal.


Why? Who knows? Maybe it's because they are trained in how to find problems. Not solve problems.




But, what if you could "bypass" all the "deal killers" and set up lucrative deals on your own?


What if, you never again had to be at the mercy of an attorney?


What if, you already had a very simple, one or two page pre-written, fill-in-the-blanks agreement that outlines the roles and responsibilities of all parties to the deal in plain talking English and that is bullet-proof in court.


Wouldn't that be great?


Well, not only is it great, it's now a reality!


You see, I've finally assembled a collection of legal agreements that will make setting up deals on your own and getting all parties to legally "shake hands" fast and easy. It's called:


"The $10,000 Ultimate Contract &

Business Letter Agreement SystemÔ"


Here is a brief list of the agreements included.


· Agreement For Licensing An Old Product To Create A New One


· Barter Letter Agreement


· Barter Letter Agreement For Personal Services


· Contingency Marketing Letter Agreement


· Copywriter Agreement


· Intellectual Property Rights Agreement


· List Use Letter Agreement


· List Usage With Contingency Fee Agreement


· List Rental Agreement


· Marketing Consultant Retainer Agreement


· Non-Disclosure Agreement


· Productivity Enhancement Agreement


· Agreement For Creating A New Profit Center


· Referral Fee Agreement


· Simple Letter Agreement


· Consignment Letter Agreement


· Authorization To Negotiate Letter


· Permission To Use Copyrighted Material Letter Agreement


Conservatively speaking, it would cost you at least $10,000 if you hired a lawyer to write these contracts and agreement letters from scratch.


But wait, that's not all.


What makes this package different (and infinitely better) than any other pre-written legal agreements is the detailed instructions you'll get on exactly WHEN and HOW to use each document.


This is more important than you realize!


For example, you'll learn:


· The difference between a contract and agreement! (Not 1 in 100 business people know this. And it's hurting them financially. Not to mention the fact that. If you use the wrong one you're flirting with financial disaster if ever the deal goes sour!)


· Exactly when and how you should write your agreements! (This is sure to surprise you - don't ever write another legal document until you've got this down cold!)


· How to keep your agreements simple! (Forget everything you've ever been told this is the only instruction you'll ever need!)


· How to make sure all your agreements are enforceable! (Shockingly, most agreements would never hold up in a court of law - once you're armed with this bit of info, you'll never have to worry about being "financially raped" by the legal system!)


· Negotiating tips so you'll always have the "upper hand" so you always get what you want. by making the other party feel like they've won!


· How to get your agreements signed and delivered electronically - particularly useful if you are doing long distance business deals! (Must have know-how if you want to join the elite ranks of "International Deal Maker" and go after the BIG money!).


· A little-talked about technique for finding and hiring an inexpensive or even. free lawyer! (You won't find this in any book on the shelves of Barnes & Noble or any other place on the Internet!).


The truth is, if you're truly serious about becoming a "player" in business, putting together hugely profitable business deals, while garnering a reputation that causes other serious players and investors to do business with you. You're going to have to become that rare person who knows how to.


Seal The Deal!


I can't guarantee that you'll become that person, but you can increase the odds by owning "The $10,000 Ultimate Contract & Business Letter Agreement SystemÔ".


It's the "close, " and it's the most crucial part of the deal. If you want to operate from a position of power and get paid on your deal-making efforts, keep reading.




Ö You'll never have to deal with another lawyer who wants to overcharge you for contract work


Ö You'll immediately start to become known as a "go-to guy" who can get things done quickly and without unnecessary fuss - the word will get out, and other savvy and influential business people will be drawn to you


Ö You'll never have to fear being screwed out your share of the deal - you'll have "bulletproof protection" that will hold up in any court of law in the land


Here's what's likely to happen (sooner rather than later) if you don't prepare right away: You set up a deal work your guts out for months long days, sleepless nights and when you've done most of the work, and you're within an inch of collecting your money. BAM. You get SCREWED!




Why put yourself through that kind of heartache?


You should have on your side what many consider to be: THE ULTIMATE PROTECTOR AND ENFORCER OF POWER AND CONTROL IN ANY BUSINESS DEAL!


And get this:


I'm so confident that "The $10,000 Ultimate Contract & Business Letter Agreement SystemÔ" will make you back at least ten times its cost the first time you use even one of the agreements, I'm going to put my money where my mouth is and insist you...


Pay Nothing Now!


Yes, you heard right. I'll send you the entire package digitally downloaded right to your computer so you can check it out at your leisure for a full 30 days - that's a whole month - for FREE.


If after that, you haven't made back at least ten times the cost of the package through the business deals you make, just call me and say you're not happy. and.


You Will Owe Nothing Else!


Here's how it works: I will not charge your credit card until after 30 days from your order. And you can cancel it at any time.


If you decide to keep it after the FREE 30-day period, you will still have a full 365 days (an entire year) - from the date of taking possession - to put the contracts and agreements to real life use and profit from them and you'll be fully covered by my money-back guarantee.


If you aren't convinced that "The $10,000 Ultimate Contract & Business Letter Agreement SystemÔ" is everything I've said it is a no-guesswork, easy-to-use, fill-in-the-blanks "deal maker not breaker". after trying it for a full year, then I insist you let me know you're not happy and you get an immediate and full 100% refund.


I'm removing every last ounce of risk or excuse you could come up with not to at least take a FREE "test-drive" of the "The $10,000 Ultimate Contract & Business Letter Agreement SystemÔ". That way I have to trust you instead of you having to trust me.


So, How Much?


Well, remember how I said earlier that if you were to have a lawyer create all those letter agreements and contracts, it would cost you at least $10,000? That's extremely conservative. Call any contract attorney and get a quote for a simple business deal and you'll be shocked at a price.


Maybe you've got money to waste, or you like lawyers. But, I suspect not.


I suspect, like any entrepreneur you want to move fast making things happen to make money with the minimum amount of hassle. If so, you owe it to yourself to jump on "The $10,000 Ultimate Contract & Business Letter Agreement System" right away!


I could easily charge thousands of dollars for this information and still deliver the greatest bargain of your life.


However, I'm not going to do that.


If you order today, you can have "The $10,000 Ultimate Contract & Business Letter Agreement System" for a ridiculously low dollar amount of $297 ITEX


Heck, most lawyers would charge this amount just for the time it takes them to make you a cup of coffee!


That's why it is a steal when you consider the amount of legal work that it would take for you to "go it alone" and get a lawyer to create all those agreements from scratch.


But you must hurry!


I'm only "playing around" with this ridiculously low price just to get some more testimonials on my files. In a short while, maybe tomorrow, the price is going to shoot up to as high as $695 (or more).


So don't wait. There's nothing to think about anyway, because I will send it to you right now, digitally downloaded to your computer, without cost or obligation, to "test-drive" for FREE for 30 days, and you'll still be covered by my money back guarantee for a full 365 days. Remember, you won't be charged unless you decide to keep it after the 30-day "test drive."


Simply go to e-mail to be immediately taken to the online secure server, where you will be asked to fill out your name, address and credit card details.


Best do it RIGHT NOW before it's too late!



Michael Senoff


J S & M Sales & Marketing Inc.


P.S. #1 Become a Master Deal-Maker right now and start profiting from "The $10,000 Ultimate Contract & Business Letter Agreement System" in as little as 5 minutes.


P.S. #2: If you "walk away" from this offer now - just be WARNED: It only takes ONE deal to go bad to cost you tens of thousands of dollars. and probably bankrupt you. Seriously, not getting "The $10,000 Ultimate Contract & Business Letter Agreement SystemÔ" - right now - is like going skating alone on the thin ice, without a single person within miles to help you if you fall through the ice and are only minutes away from freezing to death. Just for the peace of mind alone, I think you'd have to be crazy not to jump on this offer right away!


Fax your trade draft and e-mail address to Fax 858-274-2579 for $297 total, and I'll get your contract and letter of agreements guide to you at once.

Or call 858-274-7851 ask for me Michael Senoff



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