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Mourlot #602, original lithograph poster.   Created for a one-man show at the Maeght  Gallery.  Edition of 5000 with text.  Excellent  Condition.  Well framed with c ... more

1 @ $3,150.00

Mourlot #648.  Original lithograph poster  created for a one-man show at the Maeght  Gallery.  Edition of 10,000, excellent condition.   Well framed with convservation ma ... more

1 @ $3,150.00

Block No. 1155, 1964 Lithograph made on transfer paper transferred to stone. This composition was used as the frontispiece to volume IV of the 4 volume edition of "Picasso Lithographs". Run of 3000 c ... more

1 @ $2,565.00

DERRIERE LE MIROIR: MIRO [ COVER - FRONT AND BACK ] Original color lithographs [ 2 ] April 1961 1,500 unsigned impressions Each 15 x 11 inches [ together 15 x 22 inches ] Executed for the art rev ... more

1 @ $1,080.00

Pueblo Bonito
Cabo, MX
Subject: Re: Have on ITEX: Pueblo Bonito Sunset on December 24th   One week of Studio Suites in Pueblo Bonito sunset in Cabo, Mexico, anytime from now until December based on availability Max o ... more

1 @ Varies

Many interior paints for sale by Sherwin Williams.I have 5 - 20 gallons of fresh, new latex inter paint for your home or business project.Polar white, china white, Spatial white, cotton white, creamy ... more

300 @ 50.00 per gallon per 5 gallon buckets

Portland, OR
The NEW Brunswick, Radical and DV8 bowling balls are out. We have a huge shipment coming to my pro shop tomorrow. Special deal to my ITEX friends. All of these new releases are retail but I will ... more