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Hi I'm  Dawn Dalyce Enterprises. I'm a UC Davis Master Gardener.  I offer many types of plants, cuttings, seeds.  I love growing succulents, I grow blueberries and strawberries, and bla ... more


Hi.  I'm  Dawn Dalyce Enterprises.  Be sure to save my name and number  209-596-3330 and text me your name and what you're wanting I don't answer calls not in my contact ... more


Savannah kittens
Santa Rosa, CA
Savannah -Rat Hunter. 3 mo.old female. ... more

1 @ $500.00 / 1

Savannah kittens
Santa Rosa, CA
Savannah kitten 3 mo.old ... more

1 @ $1,000.00 / 1

Savannah kitten
Santa Rosa, CA
Black female Savannah 3 mo. old kitten  ... more

1 @ $1,000.00

We have a piano rebuilding company.   One of our clients is offering this beautiful art case grand piano to us, and we have decided to make it available 100% ITEX.   It is in amazingly good ... more

1 @ $40,000.00 / 1