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Why is there so much buzz around ITEX Mobile?

The revolutionary Invite tool empowers YOU to enroll new members immediately from your mobile device. After their account is set-up, you can instantly make a purchase or sale with them! No other company in our industry has this technology.

When I invite a business to join ITEX, what do they receive?

The invitee will receive an introduction email letting them know you invited them to join ITEX. The invitee has the ability to accept the invitation immediately, and when they do, are instantly provided an active ITEX account!

When I invite a new business, do they have to accept from a mobile phone?

Not necessarily, but they can. We want to make the Invite process as easy as possible for existing and future members. Invitees receive an email asking them to Accept the invitation, which can be accomplished from any device used to access email (desktop, tablet, mobile). Acceptance will redirect the new member to agree to the terms & conditions of an ITEX membership.

Do I receive anything for inviting a business?

Yes, you do! First, you instantly have a new member to do business with. Plus, for each business that accepts your invitation and makes their first cash payment to ITEX, you will have 3 cycles of association fees waived a $60 cash and $30 ITEX dollar value! When four new members accept your invitation, your association fees are waived for a year!

How do I find other members?

The Directory screen on ITEX Mobile is a great way to quickly look for members near you. Tap the Directory icon, and a map will appear displaying ITEX members closest to your location. Members are represented by pins on the map. Click on a pin for more information about that member.

The directory also works well if you are looking for a certain type of member near you. In the filter, type a keyword, and members matching the keyword will be highlighted as pins on the map. If you don’t see any pins, pinch out on your map to show a larger area. If you are searching for a specific business, we recommend searching for them using ITEXpaysm.

Can I make Purchase and Sale Transactions with ITEX Mobile?

Yes, you can make purchases or sales with any members available in the search functionality under ITEXpaysm. Tap the ITEXpaysm icon and a screen will appear requesting information for your purchase or sale. Fill out the fields with the transaction information and tap "Submit." Your transaction will be processed and a confirmation email sent to you and the other member.

I have an older Android/iPhone. Can I still use ITEX Mobile?

ITEX Mobile works best on Apple products running iOS 7 or 8, and Android models from 2013 to present. Some functionality is limited or doesn’t work on older Android and Apple products.

Can I make suggestions about new features or capabilities I would like to see in future updates of ITEX Mobile?

Absolutely! Please send your suggestions to
If you have any questions about ITEX Mobile, please contact our corporate office at 800.277.9722 or

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