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Why ITEX Works!

Stacy wants to purchase printing from Bill.
However, Bill doesn't want to advertise with Stacy.
The ITEX Marketplace solves the problem!

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The window washer, Ben, is interested in buying advertising in a local newspaper. He contacts Stacy, the newspaper owner and ITEX Member!

Window Washer
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The hotel happily checks in Dr. Frank and his wife. Susan, the owner, uses the ITEX Dollars from Dr. Frank, and other guests to pay for the window cleaners she has hired to wash the hotel windows.

Hotel Owner
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Susan also needs dental work, so she books an appointment with Dr. Frank.
Members can buy and sell to anyone in the Trading Community.

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The local owner of a community newspaper, Stacy, purchases printing services for her quarterly publication using ITEX Dollars.

Newspaper Owner
ITEX - Connect. Trade. Save.

Dr. Frank, the Orthodontist, contacts his local ITEX office, who helps him find a hotel for a weekend getaway using ITEX Dollars.

Orthodonist / Dentist
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The printer, Bill, accepts ITEX Dollars from Stacy, creating a new sale. He doesn't have to purchase from Stacy, so he banks the ITEX dollars.
Later he decides to surprise his wife, buying her a beautiful bouquet of roses using some of the ITEX Dollars, received from Stacy.

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Today the florist, Wendy, takes her daughter to the Orthodontist, Dr. Frank, to get braces, which she is paying for with ITEX Dollars.

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