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Professional cleaning solutions on ITEX The Carpet Chemist is now offering their newest tried and true product "VET'S TRUST" Pet Odor Eliminator/Stain remover, in 16oz.retail sizes on ITEX.  Als ... more

many @ $19.99

Kirby Vac Refurbished, Ultra G With Attachments & Shampooer Includes 1 year supplies  Shipping is cash ... more

1 @ $750 per 1

12 cans febreze 3 scents. Hard to find scents and not selling many.  ... more

10 @ $48.00

Knockout Carpet Cleaning Omaha Carpet, Tile and Grout cleaning, UPHOLSTERY, furniture fabric, vehicle upholstery and boats cleaning Of, course your home is important to you and you want to keep it i ... more

1 @ varies