Donating Your ITEX Dollars

Donating Your ITEX Dollars

Posted: 28-Nov-2017

Zig Zigler was one of the great positive thinkers and motivational speakers of our time. In one of his writings he suggested that we make a written list of each of our blessings. Think about your family, work, health, spiritual and financial blessings and write a list for each area. Be a superstar and stretch for at least 10 specific and individual blessings for each one!

Then cross them off one by one as if you had lost them. Once your list is completely gone, write them down again, one at a time, as you newly receive them. It's a great exercise to remember all that we have.

What's this got to do with ITEX?

Ultimately it is about giving thanks. It's about taking a moment to reflect on what we have, not what we don't have. Give some thought to those less fortunate. When making this reflection a reality is a great time to take an action step.

Please consider a contribution to one of the many charities available through ITEX.  Over 100 non-profits have ITEX accounts and they need your ITEX dollars to use to fulfill their missions - feeding the hungry, sheltering the homeless, and guiding our youth.

Just like any other member, ITEX dollar contributions allow charities to save cash while off-setting some of their operating expenses. It's a great thing to support your community and what better way than by using a portion of your new ITEX revenue to do so?  Work with your tax advisor when contemplating such a donation to ensure your company will qualify for a tax deduction.

We have created a list of charities looking or donations this season! Contact your ITEX office to receive the list! 

Happy holidays from ITEX!