Hello Sunshine.

Hello Sunshine.

Posted: 01-Mar-2018

Spring season is upon us. It's time to redo the landscaping, seal coat the drive, check the air conditioner, take the family on spring break vacation, and - we can do it all through ITEX. Well, maybe, but maybe not right now - it is the season you know.

The challenge of "seasonality" exists in the cash world. Sale prices during the off-season, retail during prime time. It exists in the ITEX world - not replacing cash opportunities during prime times with ITEX sales. Seasonality affects the availability and pricing of goods and services for all of us. Seasonality won't change but can be understood and managed, in both worlds.

In the cash world businesses manage seasonality by managing inventory, planning labor for upswings and downturns, and managing cash flow by controlling flexible/variable expenses or taking advantage of off season purchasing opportunities at cost savings. Planning and flexibility are the keys. Not much different in the ITEX world. ITEX sales are incremental to your cash business. (New business that otherwise would not have occurred.)

The ITEX method of payment creates new selling and spending power for you in supplementing your cash business, not replacing it.

This new selling power creates new customers and that's always good for moving inventory or getting more production over time - when it's the right time.

Because of seasonality some selling ITEX members will prefer to primarily move inventory that they have not sold for cash or to fill in downtime. This makes good business sense but also creates the challenge of
understanding the purchasing process when using ITEX dollars.

 It takes planning and allowing for some lead-time. Let your Trade Director know your needs well in

 Take action immediately when ITEX options come up. Seasonality offerings are often limited or
   offered in the off-seasons so you need to act when they're available. Buy What's Available Today!

 It takes some flexibility. The buyer sometimes doesn't control the timing of a purchase, the seller

Take the seasonality out of your business with planning and flexibility. There is a season for everything.