Strength in Numbers

Strength in Numbers

Posted: 22-Jan-2018

ITEX is made up of over 20,000 members who are serviced by over 60 offices. The success of the network is based on the strength of the owner/operator of the franchise and their personal service to their local member base, supported by the national network.

ITEX is the largest barter network in the country.

The advent of trading networks since the early 1960's has created a whole new dynamic for the business owner, allowing them to reap the rewards of trading without the high risks associated with doing so directly with other businesses or individuals.  Increased opportunities to sell one's service, buy others services, and legitimately account for transactions.

It's not uncommon for some businesses to be a member of more than one trade exchange.  Fee structures are very similar, benefits vary, customer service and professionalism vary greatly and the fiscal soundness of the networks is significantly different.  As with any vendor or investment, a regular review of the return on your trade exchange value proposition should take place. If the exchange is not helping to accomplishing your goals, be proactive to get it on track.

The relationship with a trade network is a two-way street.  As a "participating member", the trade network has an obligation to service your needs and create trading opportunities. The member has an obligation to share information with the exchange that will help them service those needs.  Like any other investment, in order to capitalize on all of the benefits of a trade exchange - new customers, conserved cash, and enhanced lifestyle - it's imperative upon the member to investigate the trade exchange they're working with, get the service they require, establish that the network has their best interests in mind (not just motivated by commissions on transactions) and then, most importantly,  work to maintain a relationship with your Trade Director to mutually reach your goals.  As part of a network, support it.