What We Provide


  1. Systems to run your business
  2. Training & operational support
  3. Proprietary web based software
  4. Professional Marketplace Support call center
  5. International brand/service marks
  6. Co-Op program


If you're not happy, we're not happy.

Training - Complete training prior to launch, online educational resources, and tools to train your employees.

Peer Support - Learn from other Franchise Partners at Annual International Conventions or the smaller venue Regionals hosted by the ITEX Broker Association Board of Directors.

Marketplace Support Team - Quick question? Your Marketplace Support Representative is your "Single Point of Contact" for daily issues.

International Brand

Transaction Volume - Our members post millions of dollars in transactions every 4 week cycle that dwarf the activity levels of other such systems.

Teamwork - Franchise Partners, represented by the ITEX Brokers Association (IBA), and ITEX management work together to make ITEX "The Hub for Cashless Transactions".

Co-Op Program - Currently franchisees can be reimbursed up to $20,000* ITEX dollars per year in business development, marketing and advertising costs through our 50% Co-Op Program.

Dominating Brand - Starbucks and McDonald's did it, and now we are doing it with the ITEX Marketplace!