Directory Information


The Directory Information page lets you control how your business is displayed in the ITEX Member Directory. Your information is controlled through two pieces of information, your Business Description, and the categories you want to be displayed under.

To update your information, click on the green "Edit" button. * Note, if your account is marked as either Franchise Managed, On Hold, or Scrip Only, only your Trade Director can update your directory information.

Update your business description by editing the text in the text box under the label "Description". The description is text-only, so no formatting is allowed except for saving line breaks.

You can add/edit up to 7 categories per location address. To update the category, select main category first, then select the sub category. You can then enter a description specific to that category. This description is optional.
If your account has more than one location address, select each location address to list the category description within the Member Directory.

When finished, click on the Save Changes button. Updates to the Member Directory are performed at regular intervals, so you may not see your changes reflected in the Member Directory immediately.

Directory Listing Flags

  • (FM) - Franchise Managed - This flag indicates all trade business in this category for your ITEX Account must go through your Trade Director.
  • (H) - On Hold - This flag indicates you are not currently accepting ITEX dollars for products and/or services in this category.
  • (SO) - Scrip Only - This flag indicates you only accept Scrip issued by your local office for products and/or services in this category.

Category Listings with a flag of either (FM) or (H) will not be listed in the Member Directory. If any of these flags are present on any category, your directory information can only be changed by your Trade Director. Please contact your Trade Director to make any changes to your directory information.