Colleen's Sweet Treats

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Colleen Berg, Colleen's Sweet Treats

The Background

While working at a car dealership, Colleen Berg would bring in her homemade treats for the sales team. Friends suggested she start her own bakery, and she made the leap in 2010, creating Colleen's Sweet Treats in a suburb of Chicago.

The Challenge

Starting a new business is a great idea, until you realize no one knows who you are. Colleen had the talent, but she didn't have the cash for marketing to effectively get her name out to the community. Colleen remembers, "I had no extra money to advertise, create brochures and business cards or even get a business attorney. I had lots of needs without the cash to purchase it all."

The Solution

By selling her bakery goods in exchange for ITEX dollars, Colleen has the ability to purchase needed items to build her business and access professionals as her business grows. ITEX members purchased from her and in turn she utilized ITEX dollar with other members to benefit her business. A win-win for everyone!

"ITEX provides me great advertising avenues, which builds my cash customer base, in addition to all the great people I have met in the Trading Community. I also purchase things outside of business needs which my family and I have enjoyed greatly, enhancing my personal lifestyle."

The Results

Colleen proudly reflects on her hard work and help from the great trading members she has met: "As a result of being an ITEX member, I have built a nationwide company, shipping to clients across the country. I now have enough business and confidence to move out of my home bakery and will open a store front in the spring of 2014!

ITEX members who assisted me include an attorney, an accountant, a PR professional, plus several media companies who publish my ads. I have tripled my business in one year because of ITEX. No chance that would have been possible on my own. I cannot say enough about what the Trading Community has done for me and how it has most literally changed my life and helped build my business. Thank you for everything you do to help make a difference for us."

ITEX dollars work. Isn't it time they started working for you?

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