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Six Make-up bags
Six Make up Bags Two red ones- 7.5" X 5" $4.50 ea   Two black/gold- with eye lash design 7.5" X 5" $4.50 Ea   Two purple and Black- with heart pattern 7.5" X 5" $4.50 ITEX ea ... more

5 @ $4.50 / ea

Cold Gel Ice MASK Relieves Eye Stress & Reduces Puffiness  Relax and revitalize with these cooling eye masks!  A luxurious and relaxing spa experience can be had anywhere with these ... more

10 @ $19.99 / ea

Expert Permanent Make up
Delray Beach, FL
Sue Nelson Sue will permanently color your lips, eye lids and eye bows, to the color of your choice, with state of the art equipment. PLEASE PAY WITH AN ITEX CHECK. ... more

1 @ Varies