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This service will provide you with an expert review of your accounting records on a fixed schedule. You will receive a written report outlining issues identified, steps to correct issues and recommend ... more

10 @ $125.00 / Each

This service puts an accountant with 21 years of experience at your finger tips for questions on anything related to accounting, bookkeeping, sales tax, payroll, personal property tax or accounting so ... more

10 @ $125.00 / Each

With this package you get all of the features of the peace of mind package only the limits have moved up to 200 transactions, 200 invoices, and 20 employees. This package also includes property tax pr ... more

5 @ $2,840.00 / Each

This package is designed to not only restore your peace of mind and help you learn more about your business but to also help you grow your business. In this package the transaction limit is 500, the i ... more

5 @ $4,065.00 / Each

Our base package is the Peace of Mind package. This package is designed to give you or restore your peace of mind when it comes to your business accounting needs. It includes bank/credit card reconcil ... more

5 @ $850.00 / Each

Google Ads setup or refinement.Need a Google Ads account set-up?Have a Google Ads account? We can refine it and optimize its performance.research an optimal listing of keyword phrases/keyword concepts ... more

99 @ $995.00 / 1

Tech Support
This service provides software support for all accounting software and associated applications and software. If you have this service and have an issue with your accounting software you will notify me ... more

10 @ $125.00 / Each

Donations needed
Boise, ID
Chrysalis Women's Transitional Living, Inc. Boise, ID 83707 Web: Non Profit Organization 501(3)c needs your tax deductible donations now! YOUR ITEX DONATIONS OF ANY ... more

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