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Foster Love
Foster Love was established in June 2020. It´s a boutique where children in foster care and their families could shop the latest trends in a welcoming, unique, boutique-like setting where merchandise ... more

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Tigers Eye: Tiger’s Eye provides protection against negative energies and creates a shield of safety. It enhances courage, self-confidence, and determination, empowering individuals to overcome challe ... more

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Green fluorite possesses strong healing and cleansing energies, clearing negative energies, blockages, and emotional traumas from the aura and chakras. It connects with the heart chakra, promoting fee ... more

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Green Aventurine Tower
North Olmstead, OH
Green Aventurine:Green aventurine, one of the most commonly found varieties of aventurine, possesses comforting and heart-healing qualities. It can be used in malignant conditions to promote greater h ... more

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Every Kid Swims Our Mission is to empower foster and at risk youth through surf therapy programs and mentoring. Your generous donations are greatly appreciated. ... more

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Rainbow Obsidian Skull
North Olmstead, OH
Rainbow Obsidian: Rainbow obsidian protects against negative energies and psychic attacks by forming a shield around the aura. It grounds and balances energy, fostering stability and centering the min ... more

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Druzy Agate Sphere
North Olmstead, OH
Druzy Agate Sphere: $75Druzy Agate: Druzy Agate enhances the energy of other crystals and gemstones, making it an excellent companion for crystal healing and energy work. It amplifies the effects of p ... more

1 @ $75.00 / Each

A Family For Every Child Contact: Madeline Broedel 1675 W 11th Ave Eugene, OR 97402 [P]: (541) 343-2856 [F]: (541) 343-2866 Email: Web: http://www.afamilyforevery ... more

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Our Mission To foster a healthy community by offering great food prepared and served in a graceful manner to anyone who walks through the door. Gourmet Pizza, Salad and Soup ... more

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PAPOUS MOUSE INC Ruskin, FL Papou’s Mouse, Inc. is a 501(c)(3) organization committed to fostering a relationship between families fighting with childhood cancer and survivors of childhood cancer. A ... more

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Small Amethyst Sphere
North Olmstead, OH
Amethyst enhances meditation, intuition, and psychic abilities, allowing individuals to connect with higher states of consciousness and spiritual realms.Furthermore, it provides protection by creating ... more

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Obsidian Cat
North Olmstead, OH
Obsidian: Obsidian provides strong protection against negative energies, psychic attacks, and harmful influences, serving as a powerful shield for the aura and creating a barrier against negativity.Ob ... more

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The Apex Services threefold mission: to effectively and efficiently provide exceptional products, services, and comfort to its customers, to maintain a lean organizational structure that enables each ... more

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Member needs donations today! Would you please help? This Charity is just wonderful giving their support to families fighting childhood cancer. Just reply to this email with the amount you would like ... more

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Donations needed
Boise, ID
Chrysalis Women's Transitional Living, Inc. Boise, ID 83707 Web: Non Profit Organization 501(3)c needs your tax deductible donations now! YOUR ITEX DONATIONS OF ANY ... more

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Needing 15 Donors to Help Replenish their food pantry, baby items & much more! Help them REACH their Goal! Looking for 15 donors @ $2000 ITEX each ONE HEART FOR WOMEN AND CHILDREN has seen over 110 ... more

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SanAntonio, TX
Location:EVOLVE: 502 Embassy Oaks No. 103 SATX 78216 Order Day Passes here ->: What are Interactive Mirrors? The mirrors provide interactive guided classes ... more

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Unleash Your Potential: The Haamee Method - Empowering Personal Growth, Career Transformation, and/or Business Successhttp://www.insightoutinstitute.comEmbark on a transformative journey with Hami Saf ... more

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