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Foot Surgery/Varicose Veins/Podiatry 100% ITEX! Where else can you get this all done via Itex??? Dr. Peter Galati DPM- has been a foot surgeon for over 34 years. The good doctor's focus is bunio ... more

many @ Varies per appointment

Rainbow Small 5/6 Thong Open Toe Fur Flip Flops Flat Sandal Slipper Cute Shoe ... more

42 @ $13.99 / ea

NEW Pink Thong Open Toe Fur Flip Flops Flat Sandal Slipper Slip On Shoe M 7/8 ... more

40 @ $19.99

NEW ... more

1 @ $245.00

1950’s. This ballet dancer is in toe shoes with a long blue dress is posing in a silver metal circular frame. This is a great collectible! Necklace measures 10” Long. Good Condition. Some wear.All Ant ... more

1 @ $39.99 / one

LASER TREATMENT of fungal toenails Are you embarrassed by unsightly, thickened and discolored toenails, especially when walking around in sandals or open-toe shoes this summer? NOW AVAILABLE: ... more

200 @ $299.00 / 2 treatments