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R - 606 3-Layer New Improvement Chef Knife, Steel

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Date posted: 27-Mar-2021

Condition: New

MASTER GRADE 3-layer stainless steel knife is the only knife that was built using TRIPLEX TECHNOLOGY. MASTER GRADE has laminated a thin layer of a very hard high speed stainless steel HRC 65° (about as thick as a business card) with two layers of soft steel about HRC 5°. It is designed to reduce resistance as the knife cut through the food. So, you have the advantage of the blade edge staying sharper 10 times longer than any other knives in the market.

R - 606 3-layer NEW IMPROVEMENT Chef Knife, Steel Handle.

Blade size: 7.0" X 3.0"

Handle size: 4.3"

Detail Description:

The new improvement chef knife combines best of French knives (light weight but not easy to slicing) and Oriental knives (easy to slicing, dicing, and mincing but too heavy and too big to handle) together to create the easy and comfort to use also very easy to sharpening. This 3-layer blade designed edge will stay sharper 10 times longer than any other knives in the market.

Our recommendation is to buy two of this knife. The professional Japanese cooks usually own two sets of knives, which they use alternately each other day. After sharpening a carbon-steel knife in the evening after use, the user normally lets the knife 'rest' for a day to restore its patina and remove any metallic odor or taste that might otherwise be passed on to the food.

If you purchase more than one. You will received freight break, each additional only $10 for shipping.

Please pay freight via PayPal, our AC# If we are not received your payment within 7 days, we will cancel your order and can't issue any refund to you. thanks.

Combine shipment available please contact us via email.

We only carry high quality tools, all tools made in Taiwan.

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