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Total Paranormal Tours - St. Augustine

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Date posted: 20-Sep-2021




This tour covers the most active haunts in the Historic Downtown & the Lighthouse areas+ a forgotten out of town creepy spooky cemetery

Minimum age: 13+

Q: What is the Total Paranormal St. Augustine Tour?

A: It's a fully loaded paranormal night of St. Augustine! This 4.5 hour adventure (with a 15-30 min intermission where guests can refresh themselves and use the facilities) covers the North side of downtown by foot, south-side and Anastasia Island riding in our Shadow Shuttle. The first 2 hours is an introduction to how to investigate the paranormal with your senses and some common equipment. THe 2nd part is about 2 hours riding to and getting out at haunted sites and hearing their stories along with some mini investigation sessions to try out the K2 meter. The guide usually has brought a special piece of equipment along too.

Your night starts at 8:45 pm when you check in with your expert paranormal tour guide. The investigative part of the tour was set up in 2002 by the highly respected and accomplished scholar Dr. Harry Stafford. The first approximate 2 hours of the tour is an introduction to investigating the paranormal with your senses, digital cameras (bring your own), EMF meters and Dowsing Rods. You will embark on a leisurely paced stroll around the +300 year old Castillo de San Marcos, 190 year old Huguenot Cemetery, +230 year old Tolomato Cemetery, and the very old Spanish Courtyard. These sites are very, very active and most creepy. This first part will take about 2 hours. You'll learn about the most interesting evidence of paranormal activity in St. Augustine straight from Dr. Stafford's research. Then you'll have approximately a 15-30 min break to collect your nerves or maybe get a drink so that you are ready for your grim ride to arrive.

The second part of your night starts at 11:30 pm when our Shadow Shuttle arrives.

You will ride through the less traveled dark and quiet south end of town to haunted stops and continue out of the downtown to a forgotten creepy cemetery and also over to the very famous and most haunted and beautiful grounds of the the lighthouse. Your evening with us comes to its end around 1:15 am -1:30 am approximately. If you are staying close to the downtown area, your ride can take you to your final resting place for the night.

Call us Toll Free to reserve: 1-866-266-6641 or dial 904-814-8446


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