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Date posted: 26-May-2023

Welcome to Peak Pathways L.L.C.

Peak Pathways, L.L.C. provides creative solutions to people problems at all levels. The results for organizations are increased managerial effectiveness, lower staff turnover, improved productivity, sales growth and higher profitability. We do this in a variety of ways that include leadership coaching; accelerating successful leadership transitions; team development; and improved hiring practices.

The purpose of Peak Pathways is to elevate individual performance and strengthen businesses and non-profit groups by providing value creating products and services to the leaders of those organizations. The focus is on leadership development through one on one coaching with individual leaders along with offering tools and processes to help build their teams.

While we are in business to make money, our objective is to provide meaningful and valuable results to our clients that greatly exceed their expectations. We intend to win by helping each person we work with to win also. By approaching each interaction in a joyful and courageous manner we want to help others on the path overcome the obstacles they may encounter on the way so they can reach or surpass their goals.

The Peak Professionals Approach

Self-directed learning and skill development uses a 360 method to encompass all of your resources. We build sustainable, long term skills to not just find a job, but to become a top performer in your profession.

Coaching support, challenge and encouragement including: strategy development; creation of resumes, letters and other documents; industry and company research to obtain verified contacts at the levels and areas you select.

Assessing career related factors including thinking; occupational interests; behavior; personality; emotional intelligence; skills; experience and financial considerations.

Networking assistance to get you connected with others who can provide information and support while searching, learning, discovering and choosing career success.

Interviewing preparation through coaching and feedback including support in the negotiating phase

Transitioning into the new role with Stepping Up Right© coaching for a successful start and building the foundation for a sustainable new career

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