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One Chlorine-Free Mineral Unit For Pools

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Date posted: 17-Feb-2020

Offering ONE Chlorine-Free mineral unit for pools 100% ITEX

Caribbean Clear Inc.
1314 E. Las Olas Blvd.
Suite 177 Ft. Lauderdale, FL. 33301
Tel - 954-600-2444
has been an authorized Dealer of Mineral Purifiers Since 1987
NASA Technology for Cleaner Swimming Pool and Spa Water

The Benefits of owning a Caribbean Clear® Systems
natural minerals are very stable in water and are not affected by:
Water Temperature
Bather load
therefore requiring very little maintenance on your part
Additional benefits.........
Your skin will be smoother
Your hair will be softer
Your bathing suits will not fade
Your eyes won't sting or burn
Your pool surface won't deteriorate
Your equipment will last longer
It's odorless and tasteless

Do you find yourself at the pool store on your days off? Is that "free" water test really free after you leave the store? Did you really get a swimming pool to have a part-time job in the backyard? The Caribbean Clear system requires a two minute test once a week and a trace oxidizer for clean, sparkling, healthy swimming pool water.

According to the EPA, Trihalomethanes pose a cancer risk. It advises that they are formed when surface water containing organic matter is treated with chlorine. Chlorine destroys algae cells by Oxidizing (burning) them....The Human Body is made up of cells.

Fact is......
The body's absorption of water pollutants through the skin by swimmers has been seriously underestimated. The most surprising finding was that for a swimmer, a minimum of 83% and possibly 91% of the chemicals entering the body came through the skin. (Science News 5/19/84 reporting from the May 1984 American Journal of Public Health.)

Caribbean Clear makes it safe, easy and effortless to keep your pool sparkling clear
For a professional consultation on what your system needs call 954-600-2444

Here's how the system works. Originally developed by NASA, a computer control unit sends low voltage to copper and silver electrodes in the ion chamber. It's a know fact that copper kills algae and silver kills bacteria. You test the ions once a week at first and soon becomes automatic.  The ions are not affected by sunlight and water temperature like chlorine. It's completely safe. The electrodes last 2 to 4 yrs. The system is NSF certified and has been used by Disney, Marriotts and YMCA's since the 90's....

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