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50 @ $24.00 / dozen



Date posted: 28-Jan-2023

Local Customer just pay one fixed S/H of $7 for up to 4 dozens or $14 for 8 dozens.

Out of State Members including Canada: $7 Shipping & Handling Per dozen,

Shipping Cost will be $5 per additional dozen .

Definition of Decenarios

Decenarios have ten knots and can be used as Rosaries. In Spanish custom, they are for celebration of births, first communions, and religious weddings. They have become extremely popular, stylish and trendy accessories! Decenarios also make wonderful gifts or special event and party favors! Decenarios are one size fits all, unisex and can be worn on the wrist or the ankle! Decenarios are said to bring good luck and each color has a meaning, please refer to meaning to all colors below!

White: Friendship, Purity; Green: Health, Ambition, Go-Getter;Yellow: Energy, Increase Creativity; Red: Love, Passion, Courage;Pink: Consolation, Romance;Brown: Concentration, Stability, Strength ;Grey: Wisdom, Faith;Orange: Success, Attraction, Happiness;Light Blue: Reconciliation, Health, Tranquility;Dark Blue: (Self) Confidence, Knowledge;Purple: Inner Strength, Control, Luxury;Light Purple: Romance, Nostalgia;Black: Balance, Power, Elegance;Rainbow: Immense Beauty, Promise, Hope

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