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Date posted: 24-Aug-2021

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Responsive Website Design. 100% ITEX

5 Reasons Why Small Your Business NEEDS a Website

The Internet has evolved to the point where having a credible website is no longer a luxury, but a requirement. Local businesses, even small mom-and-pop establishments, need an online footprint to be relevant and help attract customers. If you already have a website but haven't had it redesigned recently, then you are missing out on being current and effective as things in this space change regularly.

If your company forgoes a website, you’re missing out on a powerful marketing tool. Social media presence is great but isn’t enough. Here are a few reasons why your business needs a website, as soon as possible.

Your Site Builds Credibility

Saying that first impressions are important would be an understatement. If a potential customer sees your social media profile and does not find a website attached, they’re going to get the impression that your business isn’t a reputable source.

Possessing a professionally crafted website gives your business credibility and invites users to do business with you.

Mobile Searches 

When a user does a Google search on their phone, the search engine assumes that the user is out and about, and looking for a business that is close-by. Google favors local businesses when that user does a mobile search. If you have an optimized website that shows off your location, you’re more likely to show up for local searchers.

Your Website is Open 24/7

While your business may have set operating hours, your website doesn’t. It will always be there (as long as you pay for your hosting) to welcome potential customers, no matter the time of day.

You never know when a customer might stumble upon your site, in search of the services you provide.

Your Digital Business Card

Your business’s website is essentially a digital business card. A customer can find your contact and service information whenever they need it.

A website is better than traditional business cards, because when you move or make a change, you don’t have outdated information riding along in someone’s wallet.

Your Competitors Already Have One

A greater percentage of small businesses have a business website, meaning that the chances are very good that your competition is already attracting web traffic. You’ll need a real online presence to stay competitive.

One Last Note

Even if you already have a website, many businesses have outdated ones that potential customers shy away from. The reason being that if the website is not a responsive one your page looks all out of whack. A responsive website will adjust perfectly to fit any media including cellular, tablets as well as desk top computers and keep you looking credible.

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