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Date posted: 19-Sep-2023

Top Reasons You Need Creations On-Hold!


You spend a lot of money each year on advertising (Yellow Pages, Radio, TV, Billboards). They're all great mediums to get the phone ringing, but when a prospect finally calls, what do they hear? The old adage that . . .


You never get a second chance to make a first impression never rang so true.


Like it or not, you WILL place customers on-hold! What customer's don't like is waiting in total silence. They're thinking, did I get disconnected; should I continue to hold or hang-up? (We've all been there). Customers judge your company based on their contact experiences with you, whether it be on the telephone or in person. You'd never allow an awkward moment of silence in a business meeting, so don't give your customers the silent treatment on-hold.


If you think the radio on-hold will do just fine, THINK AGAIN! You have no control over what your callers hear. Don't subject them to controversial political views, demeaning jocks, jokes in poor taste or worse . . . an Ad For Your Competitor! In case you didn't know, playing the radio is illegal, unless you sign two Licensing Agreements, one with BMI, and one with ASCAP. Don't think you won't get caught and when you do, you'll pay a hefty Copyright Infringement fine.


The time your callers spend on hold is an invaluable opportunity to market directly to a captive, interested audience your customers or (potential customers). After all, they called your business, not a competitor's.


On Hold Marketing has proven itself to be one of the most
Powerful and Cost Effective marketing tools for one very simple reason, IT WORKS!


Creations On-Hold, Inc.

Contact: Teresa Fisher
Phone: 1-800-685-5808
Fax: 1-866-437-0745

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