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Hair Loss Treatments - Mario Hachem

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192 @ $29.75 CAD / pack of 10 ampoules



Date posted: 23-Aug-2021

Soy Protein Regenerator of Mario Hachem’
We have 192 packages of 10 ampoules available.

The regular retail price is $45 and is available at an exceptional price of $29.75
for a total of $ 5712 ITEX USD

Soy Protein Regenerator of Mario Hachem’  will prevent a hair loss and stimulate the growth of healthy hair.
Perfect for a spa, a dermatologist, a high end salon or any ITEX office offering a wide range of products to the members.

The product is made in France (the only country making ampoules with double bulbs) and is currently sold in over 20 countries including United States and Canada and has been on the market since 2002.

Client has 192 packages of 10 ampoules
The regular retail price is $45 and is available today at an exceptional price of $29.75
for a total of $ 5712 ITEX usd.
About us:
Abiet Distributions INC. also known as Clinique Capillaire Westmount:
Our company is in business since 1994 and we import over 3000 hair products from 10 countries. Our clients are hair salons, spas, retail stores and pharmacies. We also own a center in Montreal, Quebec Canada specialized in hair analysis and diagnosis using a special scalp magnifying camera and a microscope to examine the hair bulbs. We offer different types of hair analysis to our clients and we sell products adapted  to each hair problem. The Soy protein regenerator of Mario Hachem is one of our best selling items.

Soy Protein Regenerator
Ref 1505 (10 vials of 10 ml-10* 0.34 fl.oz)


Soy Protein Regenerator will prevent a hair loss and stimulate the growth of healthy, beautiful hair, making it stronger and more vigorous.

Every hair has a life cycle: It is born, it grows, dies and is replaced by a new one. On average up to 60 hairs are lost every day. Stress, illness, insufficient rest, pregnancy and other psychological and physical changes can upset hair’s metabolism, and threaten the life source of every hair. The result is limp, fine, fragile hair. To combat this problem, Mario Hachem presents Soy Protein Regenerator which regenerates and energizes the hair. It acts on the scalp, penetrates deep down into the follicle to nourish the root, supplying with it all amino acids, trace elements and vitamins which it needs for cell regeneration. The product is recommended as a regular fortifying treatment to safeguard against the harm caused by variations in atmosphere conditions and air humidity. Strongly recommended for people having a dry scalp.

Usage: Soy Protein Hair Regenerator is recommended for use as an intensive course of treatment in all cases of hair loss. Use on dry scalp  the day before shampooing, or on towel-dried hair right after shampooing. Apply the contents of the vial directly to the scalp. Gently massage into the scalp with fingertips. Do not rinse.



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