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Date posted: 14-Nov-2022

Website Development

If your web guys have let you down, count on Schrock Interactive to pick up the ball and accomplish your goals with precision and professionalism.  Because we provide design, development, and hosting services we are a turnkey solution for all of your web needs.

Websites built with a WordPress backbone give clients the power of a developer without any coding skills. By learning how you identify profitable customers, Schrock is able to develop a WordPress-powered website that transforms internet traffic into actionable leads. How many new customers has your current site generated?

WordPress is a powerful web design/development platform that uses a theme/plugin design architecture to produce beautiful websites. What makes WordPress unique is its marriage of power and grace, helping developers maximize their web potential while still being user-friendly for clients. It’s for this reason that Schrock Interactive builds almost every one of our sites on this foundation.

Under a more traditional structure, the only options for a web design client who wants to make simple content updates are:

1) Throw fists full of money at their web development staff (and wait for them to get around to it),
2) Learn to code so they can update themselves, or
3) Leave their websites alone and never update at all (the most common solution)

We believe that businesses and organizations shouldn’t feel like their websites are held hostage. Once we finish the web design and development of a site, our clients are given the keys and by the magic of WordPress allowed to drive!

What this means for clients is the possibility of a website you can guarantee is always up-to-date with meaningful content. The type of content that drives business and repeat visitors.

Still Not Convinced? Well Consider This…

Imagine for a second you own a local restaurant. You want your customers to be able to visit your website and easily access your menu, specials, coupons, and your phone number to make reservations. Under a traditional development structure, it may take your developer days to post any updates you request so you can kiss your dream of posting the Soup of the Day list goodbye and because of the cost, you rarely update your complete menu. You’d like to run online specials but you’re afraid of being at the mercy of the developers.

With Schrock Interactive web design and development – powered by WordPress – you have the freedom to update content whenever you want so the soup of the day is always accurate and your customers will visit your site more often expecting something new. With increased traffic, you may even be able to increase staff productivity by allowing your website to take online reservations for you so your employees can focus on what’s more important, the customer experience


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