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Get all your Info Back if you Computer if it crash

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5 @ 1500 Plus



Date posted: 14-Nov-2022

I haven ot scene this service go below $1,800 per unit, this is a great CTV generator. all hard drives can be mailed to Omaha to be recovered! please promotre to your members 


Data Recovery

Schrock Innovations is the only company in the Midwest that can do both logical data recovery as well as physical data recovery in house without the aid of other third party services.

We have invested nearly $70,000 in equipment and training to equip our service center with the needed hardware and expertise to extract your data reliably.  Within our Service Center we have:

  • A Class 100 Cleanroom
  • Full Array of Physical Tools to Conduct Physical Replacement of components
  • Hardware Based Drive Cloning System for PCB Failure Situations
  • 22 Software Suites for Logical Data Recovery

We are not a reseller or an affiliate that sends work elsewhere to be done.  We do it all right here in our 1,800 foot Service Center.


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Nathaniel Kalt

Nate Kalt
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