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many @ $898.00 / package



Date posted: 20-Jun-2022


Florida Adventure vacation for up to 4 people $898.00 ITEX Includes 4/3 nights in Orlando and 3/2 nights in Fort Lauderdale + $100 towards tickets to any Orlando theme park  OR a 7 day economy car rental. You have 18 months to travel anytime you choose. 

You must qualify to purchase this highly discounted package because you must take a  90 minute resort tour. That is why this package is 70% off. You save $1000 for 90 minutes of your time. You may choose to take advantage of an OPTIONAL 3/day 2 night cruise to Grand Bahamas’ Island too. The cruise is included Free just pay port charges and tax of 149 p.p. cash when you make your reservations!!!  Call Frank at 954-565-7766 between 2 pm and 8 pm  mon. thru Fri. EST.

YOU MAY LOOK AT ACOMODATIONS AND PROMOTION AT FLORIDA-PROMOTIONS.COM                                                                                       

What is a 7 NIGHT Florida Adventure for up to 4 people worth to you? THIS IS YOUR vacation form to FAX to 954-565-8866.  

*********   You MUST attend a 90 minute timeshare presentation on the first morning of your 8/7 nite vacation.  You also receive the 7 day economy car rental or $100.00 towards Disney txts  and the 3/2 night Bahamas cruise.

 This Vacation is $898.00 ITEX is good for up to four people. ALL ROOM NIGHTS CAN BE BOOKED CONSECUTIVELY AND USED AT THE SAME TIME  (can be split up TOO) .        Includes:4 days / 3 nights in Orlando at  the DAYS HOTEL BY WYNDHAM CELEBRATION and 3 days / 2 nights in Fort Lauderdale at the cypress creek Sheraton and conference center or the equivalent if not available.

The 3 day /2 nights GRAND BAHAMAS Cruise for up to 4 people makes this an 8 day/7 night vacation. Cruise MUST be booked at the same time as resort stay. PORT CHARGES and TAXES are NOT payable on ITEX and are due at the time of Booking your travel Date.

 You may book both locations and the cruise, in any order that you prefer. Both locations and the cruise can be booked consecutively.  There are no refunds and travel must be completed within 24 months of purchase. You can Fly into Orlando and end in Ft Lauderdale or vice versa. Since the port is between them, most people book the cruise in between Orlando and Ft. Lauderdale. you can also pick up the car rental in Orlando and drop it off in FT.lauderdale or vice versa.You may also purchase this package as a gift and give to anyone you want. We sell them for gifts everyday and they are also transferable.

 TO PURCHASE this 8 day/7 night trip for up to 4 people: Print This Page…Fill in your information and fax to 954-565-8866


You will receive your Email purchase confirmation # within 24 hrs of the time after this request is received and processed. Mini Getaways has been an ITEX member for 25 years in good standing and has sold hundreds of these vacations.

You MAY  book your trip anytime and have 24 months  to use this package FROM YOUR DATE OF PURCHASE, however we recommend that you BOOK your dates in 3 months in advance if requesting holidays or dates when schools are closed. IT IS ALSO EXTENDABLE FOR ANOTHER 24 MONTHS THRU US FOR $449.00.

NAME ______________________________________ ITEX Account name _____________________________________

ITEX account# ____________________________________________________________________________________

My ITEX Brokers Name ____________________________________ broker’s ph#_____________________________

 my phone  #______________________________

email address-__________________________________________

By signing this form I agree to have my ITEX account debited for the amount of the package I have indicated below. I understand that all travel must be booked  and used within 18 months of date of purchase. I understand that PORT charges and TAXES are NOT payable on ITEX and are my responsibility to pay ONLY if I take the  cruise at $149.00 cash per person. It is payable to the resort when you make your reservations. YOU do NOT have to take this cruise in order to enjoy the land based travel to Orlando & Fort Lauderdale and receive the 7 day car rental OR $100 towards theme park tickets.   

 X___________________________________________________________ (Buyer must sign and fax to 954-565-8866

 _____ I wish to buy __ @ $898.00 ITEX    for up to 4 people. CC INFO REQUIRED FOR SALES TAX OF 66.85.

 _____ I understand that I must book and travel within 18   months from date of purchase.

_____ I understand my email address is recommended and I will be sent an email within 1 day of purchase to access the resort website and VIEW my trip.

 _____ I understand I MUST book my trip on the phone.                

  TO BUY these additional adventures fax to Frank at 954-565-8866.


ADVENTURE Paintball: Experience one of America's fastest growing sports!! You haven't played ball until you've played Paintball!! Pure Adrenaline!! Exciting and fun!! Included in this fun filled package, each pass includes all day use of playing fields, (inside or out in Orlando), paintball gun, training, face mask & goggles AND INSURANCE. Locations are: Ocala, Orlando, W.PALM BCH., Tampa, FL; Los Angeles, CA; Atlanta, Ga. Call Frank today for any more information and to order your fun Paintball Certificates!!each ticket for 2 people is $40. minimum of 3 tickets. and a maximum of 20 tickets. you can use them 1 at a time or all at once.

----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ADVENTURE Comedy : tickets to  N.Y.' s  most famous comedy  club............COMIC STRIP LIVE in Manhattan on the upper east side and home to famous comedians such as Seinfeld, Eddie Murphy  etc.  Tickets admit 2 people, are valid anytime and are valid for 13 months. Each ticket for 2 people is $30. MINIMUM OF 4 TICKETS AND A MAXIMUM OF 10 TICKETS PER PURCHASE.  They must be  used 1 ticket at a time. RESERVATIONS are REQUIRED. They are transferable and can be given to anyone. 


Great for Birthdays, anniversaries, employees, Holiday gifts, GREAT FOR ANY BONUS OR GIFT OR WHATEVER, etc.,


Can Be Purchased In Large Quantities, at a Deep Discount, for Premiums To Be Given Away As A Free Gift.                                           

Call Frank at 954-565-7766 between 1 pm and 7pm  Mon. thru Fri. EST                                                                                          

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