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Date posted: 09-Sep-2020

You will find many videos here if you scroll down:

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People love to watch videos and if those videos deliver information to them about a purchase they are considering, it's like holding their hand all the way to your bank!

Ask any SEO Marketing expert and they'll tell you that athe hottest ticket item out there are the Whiteboard Explainer Videos.  You've seen them used in the movies, as TV commercials, and tons of websites.  These videos are cost effective to produce and exact in information delivery.  Add these to a your weekly blog and social media entries and you'll soon see improved traffic to your site.

The conversion of a prospect to a cliend is the highest ever recorded for types of video producitons.  The reason for this is a simple one and if you're over 50 you'll already know why:

They feature a hand writing relevant information on a whiteboard;  it can be bullet points, it can draw images and all the while a voice is either speaking the same words or talking about what the hand is drawing.  There is sound effects or music or both.  There are images that are being sketched or images that a hand moves onto and off the screen. 

If you are over 50 you'll remember that this is the way we were taught in school.  We listen, write, speak by parroting back what we heard.  That's perfect advertising because the information about the product or service is being memorized!   If the prospect is at all in the market place for what you're selling, they will buy in at least enough to make the phone call.

You can have a whiteboard, explainer video produced by combining several video and audio files as well as the usual hand sketching or writing.  Give me a ring and we'll discuss what I already have in the house that could hold down your costs and promote your products.


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