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Date posted: 30-Nov-2020


Meet Dr. Elias Goldstein

Dr. Elias Goldstein has been practicing chiropractic for the last 30 years. He graduated from one of the most prestigious chiropractic colleges, Columbia Institute of Chiropractic (New York Chiropractic College) in September 1978. Dr. Goldstein is a member of all local and national associations. He keeps up with the latest advancements in chiropractic medicine. He attends the latest seminars on treatments and techniques used for the most difficult of cases. Dr. Goldstein is a diplomat of nutrition. He is also a certified acupuncturist. Dr. Goldstein has always been active in sports and athletics so he picked this field of healing so he can help others achieve a higher degree of health, wellness and conditioning.

Services We Offer

A chiropractor and/or back therapist can be your best friend. Statistically, most people (25% of the US population!) suffer from some type of mild to moderate lower back pain from spinal injury or just plain wear and tear, which can affect blood pressure, circulation, and heart rate. Recurring episodes are common as is chronic discomfort. Many are afflicted with osteoarthritis, spinal stenosis, and bone spurs. We offer spinal compression, physical therapy, cold laser therapy, and tried-and-true chiropractic adjustments to help you feel better and less stressed in no time flat. Your range of movement can be improved while you experience better alignment. Muscular and joint stability will follow as you partake in a therapeutic routine.

Spinal Decompression

High on our list of techniques is the increasingly popular spinal decompression. It is a new and effective way to treat sciatica, and herniated and degenerative spinal disc disease. There is no surgery or drug treatment required, making it a safe and attractive option for most people. Literally, spinal compression results from bone fragments from a vertebral fracture. As a therapy, it refers to a non-surgical, non-chiropractic method of relieving back pain using a decompression table that helps exerts force slowly and incrementally to the afflicted area (compressed disc). Managed by a computer, the treatment involves alternating periods of force and relaxation to gently pull apart and elongate the spine. The disc heals, returns to normal, and is strengthened against future injuries.

Physical Therapy

We offer many approaches to physical therapy for intermittent back pain. Some types of stretching and repetitive exercise can relieve symptoms promptly. Physical therapy is vital in the treatment of disabled patients and those recovering from spinal surgery. It is often combined with other therapies to promote a better range of skeletal motion and spinal flexibility. As the spine is the support of body weight, it is the focus of a great deal of physical therapy that also involves the limbs and torso.

Sports injuries and the resultant chronic pain are prevalent with males who respond well to specialized physical therapy. Our patients enjoy a major improvement after treatment and can usually return to their normal athletic endeavors. After a round of therapy, a maintenance program can be created to prevent future episodes by strengthening weakened areas of the body.

Massage Therapy

The back, neck, and shoulders are targets for stress, causing tensing of muscles resulting in potential aches and pains. Our program of acupressure and/or massage is the perfect antidote for distress. There are many soothing varieties. Not only does it feel wonderful, but massage benefits overall health and well-being while addressing issues of the spine.

Cold Laser (Low Level Laser Therapy)

If you hate injections and the side effects of medications, cold laser is for you. As an outpatient treatment, it is convenient, pain-free, and cost-effective. For acute and chronic conditions to reduce pain, swelling, and spasms, a device emits non–thermal photons of light to a targeted area below the skin surface from thirty seconds to several minutes.

Chiropractic Care

A licensed chiropractor may utilize any and all of the methods discussed above and they may specialize in a particular modality. With us, you are selecting one who understands your needs and specific physical condition. We interview you carefully in order to decide appropriate options that are gentle, safe, and effective. Our practitioner assesses your condition and establishes a good diagnosis so that a customized program of care ensures a faster recovery and for a longer duration between back pain episodes. We can restore and increase your functionality today with the assistance of our experienced and focused chiropractic care.

Come to us for your back pain needs. We offer a comprehensive state-of-the-art program using the latest technologies and techniques available today. Our knowledge and experience will bring better results for you in the short and long term.

A First Choice Healthcare Systems of Davie is dedicated to helping you achieve your wellness objectives.  We have been one of Davie Fl top Chiropractors for over 33 years.

Spinal Decompression


If you’ve ever suffered from back pain, then spinal decompression may have been recommended at some point. Many people have heard of this term, but are unaware of what decompression is as well as the benefits associated. If you’re curious about how this service can affect you, then read on.

Basic Information On Spinal Decompression

Spinal decompression is a basic term that describes a lowering of the pressure on either one or several pinched nerves in the spinal column. It can be achieved both surgically and non-surgically and may be used to treat a variety of conditions. Some of the common conditions that may benefit from this service are a disc bulge, a disc hernitation, sciatica, and spinal stenosis. There are certainly other conditions that can benefit as well, but these are some of the most common ones.
How Does Spinal Decompression Work?
This treatment is a fairly new technology that is very safe. To understand the procedure, FDA-cleared equipment is used to apply distraction forces to the vertebrae in a manner that is precise and graduated. The distraction is offset by cycles of relaxation. It has the total effect of gently separating the vertebrae from each other, lowering the intra-discal pressure. With time and consistent treatment, the herniated or bulging disc will gently recede. Through the cycles, these treatments promote water, oxygen and nutrient diffusion into the discs, helping them to heal and regain their original structure.
With spinal decompression, a table is used. This table allows for a variety of body positioning options that may vary depending on a person’s needs and condition. It allows for side bending, rotation and extension of the body during each therapy session. The disc and joint problems will occur in three dimensions and need to be treated with precise body positioning to achieve the most rapid and beneficial results.
For treatment sessions, the patient will generally lay on the back or stomach on the table. To help with positioning, there will be a set of straps around the waist and chest area, depending on the type of decompression positioning needed. Most patients enjoy the treatment as it is comfortable and promotes a release of tension. Generally, you may enjoy listening to music or watching a DVD to help pass the time.

The treatment sessions are fairly short and generally take less than an hour for each visit. The number of treatments will vary depending on each person’s response as well as their individual condition. In addition to spinal decompression therapy, a doctor may also recommend specific spinal exercises. These are designed to help speed recovery, and minimize the chance of having further problems, these exercises will help to strengthen back muscles and achieve a healthier state.

Why Choose Spinal Decompression?

As the literal backbone of the body, the spine plays a huge role in health and wellness. Individuals who have chronic back pain have a much more difficult time getting around and enjoying their daily activities. However, much of the chronic pain can be traced back to the spinal column. The continuous strain on the back, damage caused by incorrect posture, or other conditions may be causing damage to the spinal area. When this damage happens, prompt and effective treatment is the best solution. Chances are, this pain won’t go away on its own.
Spinal decompression treatment is a safe option for anyone who suffers from back pain. By working with the body to relieve tension on the vertebrae and relieve any pinched nerves, you can enjoy a healthier, pain-free life. Individual who have had this type of treatment have reported how they have more energy on a daily basis and are not as worried about back pain and tension.
Living in pain is never a good option, but many people are not aware of the benefits of spinal decompression. With the increased availability of these services, it’s a great option. If you’re interested in hearing more about the benefits of this type of therapy, set up a consultation appointment. You can experience numerous benefits from this therapy including a happier, pain-free life as well as being able to enjoy more activities. You’ll be amazed at the effect that this therapy can have on your life, so make sure to pay attention to your spinal health.

A First Choice Healthcare Systems of Davie is dedicated to helping you achieve your wellness objectives.




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