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Technical Writing, Editing And Proofreading.

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Date posted: 31-Jan-2020

TECHNICAL WRITING, EDITING AND PROOFREADING.  No writer or editing specialist on your staff? Your business could benefit from using a writer and editor who specializes in all kinds of writing for: Business, Education, Training, Sales and Marketing.  Extensive experience in business, the publishing industry as well as at the post-secondary level.  Can write the copy for various projects or edit what your staff has written.  She can be that final pair of eyes that makes sure you have crossed the “t’s” and dotted the “i’s” in grammar, punctuation and flow.  Valerie’s involvement in a project means that you will communicate clearly and accurately. Sampling of business projects where she can assist you with writing, editing or proofreading: Procedure manuals, Operating manuals, Newsletters, Brochure, Client info AND Sales materials.

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Dome-Equties, LLC

MJ Winchester
11861 80th St NE
Alexandria, MN 55301
(P) 612.331.2003
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