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Date posted: 19-Feb-2020

Meet LIMO BOB Motivational Speaker Extraordinary and Host to your next event/party  wherever they go, the world stops, looks, and listens!
One day our dream will be to travel the entire USA speaking to all the Juvenile Justices, stopping at all the Children's Hospitals, and orphanages from coast to coast, to give them rides and see the Joy on their faces.  We can’t wait for the tour to begin.
New for 2019/2020 school years:
Limo bob will speak at the schools ~ at each capitol over a 50 week period ~ covering 50 States on the topic of tour. 
Please support us in our campaign against THE BULLY. Do you have a special school by a capital that you want me to speak at grade school or high school let me know ok or I will pick it random.
Here is the go fund me link:
We need your support, please donate for this awesome cause to try and put an end to bullies! Limo Bob has the way.if we all  Do it exactly the Limo Bob way and make the Bully and all others involved to pay and in most cases millions & millions! 
Stop bullies ~ hit them where it counts. In their pocketbooks! Make um pay for it big time! 
                              “FAME FORTUNE POW”
Coming out on amazon ( After the BULLY TRIAL of the Century ) hopefully jury trial will be finished by end of 2019? So LQQKING TO LAUNCH 1/1/2020
Yes, get ready for the greatest tru story ever told in the history of mankind! I’m sure you’ll agree after you see it (on Amazon ~ or hear it yourself on Audio (by limo bob himself walking you down Memory Lane ~ WOW!) would you like a free un-cut ~ unedited version ~ spoken by LB himself in audio   
For If you’d like a copy just email us and say you want a copy of the book,  and we will email you right back a two hour and 55 minute audio version of the true life story. You will be amazed and inspired and shocked but when you walk away from this movie with tears of joy and sadness.
Limo Bob ~ For hire:                  “Limited time only!”
Time to meet the greatest Speaker, Host, Best Selling book author, and TOTALLY VIP special party planning. We do it all! Your wish is our command!  2 time Guinness book world record holder and TV reality star Of his very own show call “Limo Bob” on “TRU TV”
Worldwide concierge services ~ tell us your dream? ~ and we will make it a reality! ~ Dreams do come true! Ask Limo Bob and Bobby J. & Family Blessed!
Words from the LIMO ICON himself:
For I wish to begin my new career and speak about my true life story. To inspire all, To achieve the American dream and keep it going ~ you will be shocked, sad, happy, scared, fascinated, superstardom, a total rush! I still have to stop and pause while I’m reading it. (To re-live some parts was excruciating ~ mentally just to tell the story).
 It’s to much for me to bare to be shocked again. Growing up way to fast. But I made it all happen, life just couldn’t be better! 
If I was to do life all over again I wouldn’t change a thing ~ except for I wished I never trusted as many people as I did beware my friends, be very aware.
R U Ready!
Get the popcorn and tissue to hear my 2:55 audiobook story. (Just send us your email and say):
Text book version will be released After the bully trial of the century: Called “Fame Fortune Pow” 💥 The End!
When nothing but the best will do ~ contact us now ~ come on, send us a text & we will give you a quote, we will come up with greatest  of ideas for your next personal or corporate bash! You got nothing to lose, yet everything to gain.
Don’t forget about my SUPERSTAR son:
MTV Bobby J. was voted top in the five shows ever on MTV!
Also part of the family of stars, is Lb’s wife:
Princess Christi formally the STAR of the “Brides of Beverly Hills.”
Did you know Limo Bob’s grand grand grandfather is Robert Morris who signed the Declaration of Independence George Washington’s dear friend well here’s more:
1.) Grandson to Robert Morris ~ One of the signers of the Declaration of Independence = Robert Strauser.
2.) 2 X Guinness Book of World Record Holder of the longest Limo in the world and for the most exotic Limousine of the world the Boeing 727 Jet Limo.
3.) ICON STATUS in the Limousine world. He became number one in the limousine transportation world where he built rented sold and consulted the Limousine biz world wide. 
4.) TV reality superstar of his own show called Limo Bob on tru tv. And the day they were filming at the international limousine convention at Caesars Palace in Atlantic City New Jersey a show called new money starring Limo Bob featuring the nicest sweetest Bling ~ Bling LQQKING guy. Then the ultimate jealousy happened:
              💥 POW 💥 ~ GAME OF LIFE OVER!
5.) No WAY! ~ it’s not over Until all the victims of bullies say it’s over! As a matter of fact I don’t asked the Lord why me? I simply ask the Lord ~ what’s my newest mission in life God? I’m ready now.
God answered: 
6.) Please join us on the most important journey concerning all our lives and all our children’s lives and their children’s lives etc....
Please Note:

For we have set up a go fund me account so we could suit Limo Bob up as he walks the red carpet into the worlds longest SUV limo. A 10 wheeler monstrosity called the “Roman empire Limousine” tagging along is its trailer loaded with all the anti-bullying merchandising we are going to give away ~ along our 50 state speaking tour to a grade school & a high school @ every capital, of every state in the beautiful USA 🇺🇸! 
Join us, we need your enhancements to the greatest anti speaking tour ever!
Much love, God bless you and yours & World peace!

Robert James (Limo Bob) Strauser

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