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Date posted: 09-Sep-2020


Whatever your needs are, when it comes to having content on your webpage, or posts added to your social media, or maybe you have a campaign you want to run but have no content for it - call on me. I can help.I hold a double masters degree in writing and research.I create original content when you can use to pull traffic to your website or to your social media. All you have to know is that the digital devices that read and direct online traffic, do not read images or video; they read words and those words must be keyed in to what you do.Video is King of Content because a hugh percentage of people prefer to watch an informative video that is brief and entertaining. They want this video to save them time and it's now listed among very impressive statistics that CEO's will watch a video to help them decide on a purchase rather than read a page or two about what you are selling. These reports also illustrate that folks will read after they view a video IF the video hooked their interests.I also produce video - and I produce the most popular video that there is now called by several names: Whiteboard Video, Explainer Video, Scribing Video OR it is sometimes called a Quick Draw video. Now when you publish these to the internet WITH the script then you have the best content money can buy.



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Katy Azar
8215 N. Antietam Drive
Spokane, WA 99208
(P) 509.768.7977
(F) 509.326.0675
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