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Date posted: 09-Sep-2020

You've seen them and you probably prefer viewing them and learning from them like most people do.  They are known by many different names: Whiteboard Videos, Explainer Videos, Quick Draw Videos, Video Scribing - whatever the name, because it is all up for grabs, after all, we create the content on the internet.  And as goes the rule, when one of these words it typed into searches more than the other, eventually that ill become THEE key word used to describe this type of video.

Point is, that this type of video production is out gunning all other types of videos.  There are many reasons for this phenomenon and some of these are very primitive - but for now let's just say that it is entertaining, if not relaxing, to have someone drawing or writing a narrative that easily and simply explains what someone is selling.  It's like we learned in school and it was always our favorite teacher that made learning fun. 

Viewing this type of video is flat out fun.  The world of the internet viewers have spoken.  Call me and let's discuss this very rewarding way to promote your business.

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