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Foot Surgery/Varicose Veins/Podiatry 100% ITEX!

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Date posted: 06-Mar-2023

Foot Surgery/Varicose Veins/Podiatry 100% ITEX!

Where else can you get this all done via Itex???


Dr. Peter Galati DPM- has been a foot surgeon for over 34 years.

The good doctor's focus is bunion and hammer toe surgery. 


The technique used for the removal of bunions is called "minimal incision"

or mini bunion-ectomy it is done in the doctor's office; no hospital or surgical center.

Patients walk in and walk out the same day

No general anesthetic; local or I.V. sedation may be used.

No pins, screws.

Dr. Galati does not accept diabetic patients.


Dr. Galati is also a Vein Specialist.

Many people come to the clinic for many different reasons. Some people come because of large varicose veins which are painful, inflamed and can be dangerous if not treated. These large veins can lead to blood clots if not taken care of properly. Most of the veins are ugly and unhealthy. Still, others come because of smaller spider veins or the green reticular veins that do not require the ultrasound guided technique. Whichever type of veins you have, be assured that Dr. Galati will treat them and give the best cosmetic appearance and healthiest results possible.


Why suffer needlessly? Help is just a phone call away. 


Call today for an appointment to see Dr. Galati for consultation to discuss your case.


All ITEX members and their families are welcome. Take advantage of these great services via Itex!!!

Call TODAY Then Look Forward to A Brighter Future With Beautiful Feet and Legs.


Ft Lauderdale, FL   33308

Please visit his 2 websites for more info.


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