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Losing Online Customers to your Competition?

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Date posted: 13-Jan-2019

Are you Losing Customers Online to your Competition?  Or have you invested a bunch of money in a Website that isn't carrying it's weight?  Chances are there's an easy fix for this.  Have you heard of SEO? I ask that question with a little sarcastic tone.  Of course you've heard of it, there are a Million Company's calling everyday trying to sell you and they are all the best.  Guess what?  The majority of them aren't very good.  Does your business website need SEO?  Yes it does.  Should you trust just any company to get the job done?  No you shouldn't.  

SEO is similar to the Olympics or any other competition.  The winners (Or the players that are better than the next) are awarded a ribbon or medal.  With SEO there are no medals or ribbons actually given out, but the better players are awarded in Google's way. Google has a section called the Organic Listings when a search is performed.  This is where the listings rank in the order. The #1 Google Listing is considered the top Organic spot, or in Olympic terms "The Gold"  Second would be Silver and so on.  There's no faking or buying this award, it is earned by great SEO Practices.  Also there is no learn over night methods or a school/College to graduate.

I have been practicing and studying SEO since 2011.  Owning several personal and business sites and practicing different methods on each, over these years of practice I have figured out what sets well in Google's Eyes and have hundreds of #1 Rankings as proof. SEO is a hefty investment, do yourself a favor and don't Squander your hard earned money on sub-par SEO.  Good SEO isn't cheap and if you're being offered a great price chances are after 6 months you'll be starting over and may even have to rebuild the damaged website the so called guru blew up. Websites with bad SEO practices are much harder to optimize correctly the 2nd time around and in some cases must start completely over. 

SEO Packages starting as low as $500 per month.   Give me a call to discuss your options and let's get some online domination fired up for you.

Justin - (509) 808-0787

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