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Date posted: 09-Sep-2020

Have a book you want to sell?  Bait the hook with a video book trailer.  It's like the trailer to the next feature movie that you see on the cinema screen.  It tempts you to come see the next movie.  You can use a video book trailer to sell your book. The very good news is that you can post this VIDEO EBOOK TRAILER anywhere on the internet.  

It's an established fact that videos can be crafted to sell anything, anywhere, and that Google loves them and owns YouTube the world's free video portal.  That established, why not put videos to work selling your ebooks or other products & services?  I have many video work samples available for viewing.  It seems the world has decided that video is "King of Content".  I'm not sure why ITEX has not yet provided us a place to upload and post our videos but they haven't!  Hope lives on - keep the faith!   BUT I believe it will let me post links to my video portfolio.  There's plenty of research available online which points to the fact that video has become the consumers choice of marketing tools.  If your prospect wants to know about you, about the products & services you offer, they will view your video rather than read a paragraph.

I'm inspired to do this tonight as I've just spent a few hours in LinkedIn viewing what's available for this type of video service - that being video book trailer.  After spending over two decades working at various marketing & advertising gigs in Europe, with emphasis in video production, I made a natural shift into the world of digital marketing and advertising.  I hold a double Master's degree in Screenwriting & Research/ Filmmaking and this is the difference I bring to this ITEX offering.  While looking through many companies now offering video production I see that they lay more emphasis on the technical aspects of video production and relatively less on the creative  side...more on form and less on content.  That is probably just down to a lack of training.  After all, most people now shoot video if only on their phones - but how many know how to make video engaging.

I provide content such as, writing / graphic / video.  Video is your tireless Cyber Employee sent out to work its turf - the internet.  This Cyber Employee will work at what ever task its been set to do, all day, every day - all night and every night!  AND do that worldwide, if you set it to; isn't that marvelous?  It doesn't take holidays or need them!  No sick pay or insurance and never comes in late after a night of high living leaving you with a flagged out, if not laid out employee!  LOL

I have about 250 videos online and who has time to view them...but a few you can view on my

If you just peck around in there you'll find something that will suit what you probably need.  I love this job - I've spent decades doing it and each year in this new age of digital options opens even more doors for creative exploration.  It won't cost you anything to pick up the phone and chat with me about your possible video production requirements.

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