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many @ $475.00 / per month


Date posted: 09-Sep-2020

Offering Social Media Management which includes 2 to 3X per week relevant, written posts and comments. The offer also includes custom graphics with will display your companies contact info.  These graphics can be displayed anywhere else you choose to advertise and market your company which makes this more of an investment, rather than a 'one-off' which sometimes is seen then thrown away.

I will chart your likes and like them back, the whole process is to grow your audience. Searching periodically within groups or businesses and employ this process to grow your community of viewers. Unless instructed I will not be setting up PPC ( pay per clicks) I will keep you informed about any inquiries made via Facebook regarding your products and services.

I hold a double Master's Degree in Writing & Research;  I'm a Screenwriter and Documentary Filmmaker which is why using visuals to SELL your products and services is such a good fit.  (for those of you who are wondering why I do this work when I can write and make movies...well, writing and making movies is not where you make money unless you make it BIG and making it B I G is not as fun as making ART! 

I have many pages you can view to see what sort of posts I provide as well as video production and custom graphics.  I welcome calls from you with your questions and when you tell me a bit about your company I can be a bit more specific.

Entry Level @ 2-3X pw is $475

Here are a few of my pages - these are representing my businesses: (first link is the page & 2nd link is specific page to do with graphics:


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Katy Azar
8215 N. Antietam Drive
Spokane, WA 99208
(P) 509.768.7977
(F) 509.326.0675
Web Site: