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Date posted: 18-Mar-2020

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Following the Human Gene Map!

Imagine for a moment that you were offered the chance to know every gene mutation that you and your family have in your DNA.

Story  Dr. Mario Kambouris Phd   


Our genetic material defines every aspect of our life, right from the definition of our physical features to our “gifts”, our disadvantages and our susceptibility to disease. Although more than 99% of human DNA is identical among all people, it is the remaining 1% that makes us each unique. These tiny differences are called mutations and define our differences with other people. Mutations in our genetic material make us unique, give us special abilities and advantages, but also create barriers and cause increased susceptibility to diseases compared to general population.

Predictive Genomics

The key of reading, reacting and responding to our DNA lies in Predictive Genomics. This is the field of medicine that deals with the detection of mutations in our DNA and the use of this genetic information to make a relative prediction, regarding the physical condition of individuals or their risks to disease. Identifying these mutations is a precious tool which can help us to try modifying the risks or enhance our abilities by applying the appropriate for each individual medical, nutritional and lifestyle recommendations.




Predictive Genomics DNA Testing

The Predictive Genomics DNA Testing is based on the detection of gene mutations which are - to every extent possible - specifically selected to fulfill the following criteria:

Relevant: The mutation exerts direct influence over the biological system of interest and directly relates to traits, symptom clusters, or disease. The biological effect of the mutation is clearly documented in the scientific literature.

Prevalent: The mutation is relatively common in the general population. These DNA changes are also known also as polymorphisms, representing the gene variants (alternative forms of the genes). Every attempt has been made to exclude mutations with less than 1% population frequency.

Modifiable: The effect of the mutation can - to a significant degree - be modifiable by appliance of the appropriate measures and corrective actions. These could be Medical, Pharmaceutical, Nutritional, Environmental, Life-Style, Training guidelines.

Measurable: The impact of corrective actions that can modify the effects of the mutations is measurable -with the passing of time after applied - by laboratory assays when possible.

Based strictly on scientific evidence we have designed a group of DNA tests, each focusing on a specific field of interest: Health & Medical care, Obesity and Weight Management, Anti-aging, Sport Performance.

Test results can be the guide which allows a more personalized approach to a person’s health status, fitness and in general to well-being. Thus we are able to serve the goal for a Predictive, Personalized and Preventive approach in the most efficient way.



Wellness & Health

Our Wellness & Health DNA Test detects mutations in certain genes which affect susceptibility to common, multi-factorial diseases for which prediction and prevention are of undisputed value. Also it detects mutations in genes that control drug metabolism and nutrient (food) metabolism, affecting the body’s response to them.

The individuals tested will be provided with vital information about their personal genetic susceptibility to certain disease, in order to prevent or delay the onset of disease with the appropriate medical intervention, the appropriate drug therapy, the appropriate diet, and other general lifestyle changes.



Weight Control Management & Nutrigenomics

Weight Control Management & Nutrigenomics DNA test detects mutations in certain genes which affect susceptibility to weight gain and consequently to obesity. Also it detects mutations in genes that control nutrient (food) metabolism and susceptibility to diseases, affecting not only the body weight but also your general health.

The individuals tested will know their personal genetic profile relating to the cause of excessive weight gain, so that they can take appropriate measures and achieve efficient weight loss and maintain a normal body weight. Moreover they will know whether it is necessary to use appetite-suppressant medication for an efficient and permanent weight loss and also their personal needs for “proper” nutrition and physical exercise.


Anti-Aging & Beauty

Anti-Aging & Beauty DNA Test detects mutations in certain genes which affect skin aging. It also detects mutations in genes that control nutrient (food) metabolism and susceptibility to diseases, affecting not only the appearance of the skin but also general health status.

By learning about their genetic profile of the individual tested, we can recommend appropriate preventive measures to delay the onset of aging and the formation of wrinkles.

We provide with personalized information about genetic nutritional, so that individuals can protect their skin from many factors that are responsible for aging, and manage them in the most efficient way.


Athletic & Sports Performance

The Athletic & Sports Performance DNA Test detects mutations in certain genes which affect physical condition, regarding endurance capacity, speed and strength, but also susceptibility to injuries. Moreover, it detects mutations in genes that control nutrient (food) metabolism and affect sports performance, general physical condition and the risk of suffering from certain conditions (e.g. hypertension) during training and exercise.

By learning about their genetic profile, individuals tested can discover their personal, inherited advantages in order to make the appropriate choice of sport and improve their athletic performance and general physical condition. They will also find out their personal genetic barriers, in order to avoid sports that require abilities in which they are genetically “weak”. We can also provide with information as to how an athlete (either professional or amateur) can adjust the training program to give emphasis in fields which require extra here for video

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